How can I earn revenue from YouTube?

There are two ways you can earn revenue from YouTube.

  1. Monetizing your songs: With Freeme Digital’s YouTube Monetization Program, we’ll make sure YouTube identifies ANY video that uses your music — and we’ll make sure you get paid a share of the ad revenue.

2. Monetizing your YouTube channel: When you monetize your channel, you are able to make money off the videos you upload directly to your channel (whether or not they have your music). This does NOT monetize your songs across YouTube, meaning that when you monetize your channel, you are NOT making money from videos uploaded by your fans or other YouTube users.

Why should I have Freeme Digital help me monetize my music on YouTube?

We make it easy, and there’s no charge to get started (besides your initial Freeme Digital signup fee).

  • No need to set up another account: you’re already distributing your music through Freeme Digital!
  • You keep 100% of the ownership rights to your music. We just help you collect ad revenue for the usage of your music — ANYWHERE on YouTube.
  • You earn money when other people use your music in their videos, something you cannot do on your own.

How do my songs and videos generate revenue on YouTube?

All the money is generated by ads on the videos. You’ll earn money from an ad on your video if someone:

  • clicks the text or banner ad
  • watches the entire commercial, or at least 30 seconds of the commercial (if it’s longer than 30 seconds).

Do I still own all my rights?

Absolutely. You always keep 100% of your rights. We just help you get paid and take a commission!

How do I know if I qualify for YouTube monetization?

Do you own the rights to the master recording and the composition (lyrics and melody)? If so, you qualify. In other words, you can’t monetize cover songs. But otherwise, you’re all set!


I’m already collecting ad revenue on my own YouTube channel. Will you now take a commission on that?

If you are already making money from monetizing your YouTube channel, Freeme Digital will still collect revenue for the videos that contain your songs that are a part of our YouTube monetization program. You can do one of the following things:

  • Keep things simple and let us take over the management of ad revenues for your YouTube channel. There are no payout thresholds to meet when you go through Freeme Digital.
  • Have Freeme Digital “whitelist” your channel. This will allow you to continue collect revenues directly from your channel.
  • Opt-out of Freeeme Digital’s YouTube monetization program. However, this will remove your music from YouTube’s Content ID system that enables you to make money off of other videos on YouTube that are using your music.

When will I see results?

Well, YouTube has billions of videos — so it can take up to a few weeks for them to identify all the videos that use your music and index them accordingly with their Content ID system. Once they are indexed, YouTube will start running ads on those videos.


What if my music appears in a YouTube video that is embedded on someone’s website or social media profile?

YouTube will still place ads on the video and you will still get paid a share of any ad revenue generated by that video.

Do I get paid every time someone watches a YouTube video with my music in it?

You get paid when someone clicks on the ad, so technically, no. You don’t get paid for the views of the video. You get paid if someone clicks an ad or watches a commercial before the video. That being said, the more views a video gets, the more ad revenue it will generate.

How much money will I make?

YouTube ads are similar to Google ads. It’s essentially an ad-placement auction. The amount you earn for each clicked ad, while small, will vary according to a number of factors, so it’s difficult to make predictions. The bottom line is this: the more people who watch videos that use your music, the higher the probability of clicked ads. The more ads clicked, the more you earn.

What percentage does Freeme Digital keep?

Freeme Digital keeps only 40%. You earn 60% of the total revenue generated from the usage of your music on YouTube.

When will I get paid?

YouTube reports ad revenue quarterly. If you’ve earned money, we’ll pay it to you the following Monday.

Why did I get a message saying that Freeme Digital is claiming my song on YouTube?

The warning you may be seeing in your YouTube channel is appearing because YouTube knows that Freeme Digital is authorized to collect ad revenue for any videos that use your music. You own 100% of the rights to your songs; you’ve just granted us the license to help you monetize your songs on YouTube.

Why did I get a notice from YouTube telling me I don’t control the rights to my own videos?

YouTube’s content ID system finds every video on YouTube that uses your music, including videos in your own channel.

That’s why you’ve received a notice like this:

Your Video may include music that is owned by a third party.

Your video is available and playable.

Here are the details:

“YOUR SONG”, sound recording administered by: Freeme Digital

If you’d like Freeme Digital to collect ad revenue for those videos, just click the “acknowledge” link next to the video.

Can a content creator who put my song in their video block the ads on that video?

Nope. It’s your music — and you deserve to be able to monetize your songs on YouTube. If they don’t like ads on their videos, they’ll have to remove them from YouTube.

I’ve found videos on YouTube that use my music. Should I have them taken down?

No. With Freeme Digital’s YouTube Monetization Program, you make money for the usage of your music on ANY YouTube video. In fact, you should encourage more of your fans to use your music in their videos on YouTube.