What is Digital Distribution?

Digital distribution is the method by which your music is distributed to various digital music stores which then sell downloads of your  music on mobile phones, laptops, desktops and/or any other number of portable music devices. Where a traditional distributor would ship out your physical album to stores, we will distribute digital copies of your music to stores such as iTunes, YouTube, MTN Music +, AmazonMP3, VEVO, Spotify, etc.

Major digital music stores such as iTunes require artists and labels to use an approved digital distributor such as Freeme Digital to make their music and content available in their stores.

How it works?

Freeme Digital offers the best service, and the best deal in the business. As an artist, you’ll pay a small upfront administration fee to open an account to get your music into hundreds of online stores including iTunes, MTN Music Plus, Spotify, Deezer, and Amazon. We also get your best quality videos on sites like VEVO and YouTube so you can make money. We make selling your music on these and other platforms straightforward.


Sign in or create a FreemeDigital account, submit your contents and artwork and your music can be distributed all over the world. You’ll get your music heard, reach new fans and keep 100% of your music ownership rights. Sign up today—it’s fast and easy.


As a FreemeDigital Music Distribution artist, you maintain complete creative control. You decide when you’ll release new music, what your fans will hear and how you’ll market it. And Freeme Digital offer advice and tips that could help your creative process, grow your fan base and get your music out there.

How will I be paid?

We pay our artists by way of Direct Bank Payment, Cheque or PayPal, the global leader in online payments. It is free to sign up for and regardless of which account type you create (personal, premium, or business) it will cost you nothing to receive money from us as we cover all transaction fees.

How often will I be paid?

We disperse payments to our Artists and Labels once a quarter. Each music store is different and they all have their own payment intervals (monthly, quarterly, etc), however, once we have received payment from a music store, we will then pay you at the end of the next quarter for the previous quarter’s sales.

Will I be able to see how many songs have been downloaded?

Yes. You can log into your Dashboard and view detailed reports of your sales figures for the previous months.

How much does it cost for your service?

To distribute your music, we charge an annual setup fee of N15,000 for each album submitted for digital distribution and N7,500 for singles (ITune & SoundCloud only) after which you have to renew for us to continue distributing your music. After that, we pay you 60% of the royalties received from the respective music store. There are no hidden fees.

For example: If iTunes sells one of your songs for .99 cents. They would pay us .70 cents, and we would then pay you 60% of the .70 cents.


  • If you submit a single-track album that has a track that exceeds 10 minutes in length, it is classified as a full album and you will be charged the standard N15, 000 setup fee.
  • If you submit an album with multiple tracks that exceed 10 minutes in length, we charge an additional N3, 500 per each track that exceeds 10 minutes in length.

How can I keep track of the number of download my music gets?

It’s important to see the data so we offer two kinds of reports to keep track of your success: Weekly iTunes Sales trends reports and detailed monthly music sales logs from our store partners to help you make informed business decisions.

What music stores can you get my music into?

Currently, we offer digital distribution to all of the major music stores locally and internationally including:
iTunes (All World Stores)
MTN Music +

Google Play
Sony Music
xBox Live
Beats Music


and many more…

While iTunes and MTN Music Plus continues to have the predominant share of the music download market, Freeme Digital is always in negotiations to provide even more distribution to other major online music stores local and international to maximize our artist and label’s sales.

How long does it take for my album to be made available online?

Once you have uploaded your album’s assets (i.e.: Audio Files and Cover Art), it normally takes 1-10 business days for us to encode the audio, process the cover art, and digitally distribute all of the album’s metadata to iTunes and the other music stores around the world. From there, each music store’s time frame is different.

Currently, we are seeing albums appear in the iTunes music store within only 24-48 hours of delivery. The other music stores can take up to around 1-6 weeks. This delay is due to each music store’s own unique ingestion queues and processes.

I don't have a CD of my music, can I still have my songs digitally distributed?

Yes. You may digitally distribute any of your music even if you have never had a CD printed. You will simply submit an album via your Dashboard at Freeme Digital or visit our office and then upload the audio files and cover art.

Do I lose ownership of my music?

No Way! By utilizing our distribution service, you allow us to digitally distribute your music until you terminate the agreement. We do not take ownership of the music, but only help facilitate the process of spreading your music digitally around the world.

What if my album contains cover songs? Can I still use your digital distribution service?

In order for us to distribute a cover song (i.e: A song you didn’t write) you must purchase a license from the owner or administrator of the song in order to use it on your album.

How long will my album or single remain distributed?

Your album and single will remain distributed in the music stores until you choose to terminate the distribution for your content from within your Dashboard at Freeme Digital. We will automatically renew your subscription on a yearly basis where applicable or let you know when it’s time to renew!

Do you offer any volume discounts for large catalogues?

If you are a label or an artist with more than 10 titles in your catalogue, please contact Customer Service regarding our volume discounts.

Do I have to have a UPC or Barcode to have my album digitally distributed?

Yes. UPCs (Universal Product Code or Barcode numbers) are required by every major music store. It is the universal method by which various companies and organizations are able to uniquely identify a product. If you do not currently have a UPC for your album, we can provide you with one for FREE during the album submission process.

Is there a phone number I can call to talk with someone at Freeme Digital?

We regret that the nature of our business as well as our incredibly discounted rates do not allow for us to field a full scale call centre for questions pertaining to our digital distribution service. You are free to contact the number in the Contact Us section but calls will be answered on a customer service availability basis. Questions can be submitted via the “Contact Customer Service” links located on our homepage or from within your Dashboard at Freeme Digital. Once an inquiry is received, a representative from Freeme Digital will e-mail you back.

Do you offer any additional services?

We offer the following additional services that can be purchased during the album submission process:
UPC Generation
Barcode Graphic Creation
Nielsen SoundScan Registration
iTunes Digital Booklet
iTunes Ringtones

Music Video Submission to major TV networks such as MTV Base, Trace, Soundcity

Promo/PR Services

Graphic Design Services

Much more

Can I get a Media Player for pasting on my website(s)?

Yes. Once your album has been distributed, you’ll have access to HTML code for pasting the iTunes Media Player on your own website(s).

iTunes Media Player Example:

iTunes Media Player Sample

My content is currently in the music stores with another distributor, but I want to use Freeme Digital. How can I transfer my content to Freeme Digital's Service?

Unfortunately, there is not a way to simply “transfer” your content over to Freeme Digital if it is already in the music stores by another distributor.

You would have to terminate your agreement with your other distributor, at which time (depending on your agreement with them) they would then issue take down notices for your content. You could then create an account at Freeme Digital and submit the content via your Dashboard at Freeme Digital and we would deliver the content again to the music stores.


  • Why can’t I use more than one digital distribution company for my album?

Just like in the physical world, there can’t be more than one music distributor bringing the same album to the same store. Otherwise, when the album sells, how would the store know which distributor to pay?

We will never prevent you from doing anything you want with your music.

For YOUR sake, though, please note: If you sign two digital distribution deals with two companies that will both be sending the same album to iTunes™, Rhapsody, etc – this will hurt you, because the retailer will usually remove the album completely until you decide which distributor has the exclusive right to be selling that album through them.

  • Will you tell me when my music is up on their site?

We wish we could. Almost none of these companies let us know when your music is active! We’re surprised and disappointed at this, and hope it will change some day. But for now, we don’t know when your music is active on their site.

  • Why should I avoid generic track titles?

Track titles can’t be overly generic. They must have a unique name. For example, don’t name your tracks Beat 1, Instrumental 2, Track 3, etc. This doesn’t help your fans identify your track in their music library, and can be confusing. It’s important that each track be called something that helps your fans know the music is yours!

What is Shazam?

Shazam is a music recognition service that has an app available on every major mobile platform. The Shazam app uses a fingerprinting technology to identify pre-recorded music from a variety of sources, including radio, TV, film, and more.

  • What type of music does Shazam recognize?

Shazam will only recognize pre-recorded music that has been delivered to their service (like when you sign-up for Freeme Digital!). It will not recognize live performances, humming a tune, etc.

  • How much do I get paid through Shazam?

Shazam is strictly a music recognition service & does not have a retail experience. They do, however, provide links back to the iTunes store when available to create a purchase opportunity for artists.

What is a Cover Song?

A cover song is your recording of a song that you didn’t write

… assuming that song had previously been released in the Nigeria or anywhere in the world

… with consent of the copyright owner (the songwriter/publisher)

Examples: You recording your version of a P-Square Shekini or a Davido song, or a song you have to pay the copyright owner to create copies of.

Do I need to own the rights to the music I’m selling?

Yes. You must either own the rights or be properly authorized to sell the music on behalf of the copyright holder.

How can I earn revenue from YouTube?

There are two ways you can earn revenue from YouTube.
1. Monetizing your songs: With Freeme Digital’s YouTube Monetization Program, we’ll make sure YouTube identifies ANY video that uses your music — and we’ll make sure you get paid a share of the ad revenue.
2. Monetizing your YouTube channel: When you monetize your channel, you are able to make money off the videos you upload directly to your channel (whether or not they have your music). This does NOT monetize your songs across YouTube, meaning that when you monetize your channel, you are NOT making money from videos uploaded by your fans or other YouTube users.

Why should I have Freeme Digital help me monetize my music on YouTube?

We make it easy, and there’s no charge to get started (besides your initial Freeme Digital signup fee).

No need to set up another account: you’re already distributing your music through Freeme Digital!

You keep 100% of the ownership rights to your music. We just help you collect ad revenue for the usage of your music — ANYWHERE on YouTube.

You earn money when other people use your music in their videos, something you cannot do on your own.

How do my songs and videos generate revenue on YouTube?

All the money is generated by ads on the videos. You’ll earn money from an ad on your video if someone:

  • clicks the text or banner ad
  • watches the entire commercial, or at least 30 seconds of the commercial (if it’s longer than 30 seconds).

Do I still own all my rights?
Absolutely. You always keep 100% of your rights. We just help you get paid and take a commission!

How do I know if I qualify for YouTube monetization?

Do you own the rights to the master recording and the composition (lyrics and melody)? If so, you qualify. In other words, you can’t monetize cover songs. But otherwise, you’re all set!

I’m already collecting ad revenue on my own YouTube channel. Will you now take a commission on that?
If you are already making money from monetizing your YouTube channel, Freeme Digital will still collect revenue for the videos that contain your songs that are a part of our YouTube monetization program. You can do one of the following things:

  • Keep things simple and let us take over the management of ad revenues for your YouTube channel. There are no payout thresholds to meet when you go through Freeme Digital.
  • Have Freeme Digital “whitelist” your channel. This will allow you to continue collect revenues directly from your channel while giving Freeme Digital the ability to collect ad revenue whenever your music appears in someone else’s video.
  • Opt-out of Freeeme Digital’s YouTube monetization program. However, this will remove your music from YouTube’s Content ID system that enables you to make money off of other videos on YouTube that are using your music.