What types of audio files can I upload?

You can upload .wav or .mp3 files (.wav files are recommended for posterity since they are not compressed and offer the highest quality possible to encode into the various formats for each music store).

Audio files must conform to the following industry standards:
– 2 Channel Stereo
– 16 bit
– 44.1 kHz sample rate

What are the Cover Art requirements for an Album?

Cover Art Requirements:

Dimensions should be at least 600 x 600 pixels at 72 dpi (1500 x 1500 pixels recommended).

Image must be square (i.e. 600×600 not 672×600)

Cover Art should not be pixelated when viewed at its normal resolution or it will be rejected. Do not convert from a lower resolution file to meet the requirements or it will be rejected by the music stores.

File format must be .jpg (JPEG)
Cover Art for Album
Cover Art CANNOT contain information normally found in the liner notes such as:
-track listing
-biographical information

Twitter facebook
-contact information
-Website links
-Production notes/credits

Cover Art CANNOT contain any time or date related information (ie: Release Dates, etc)

Can I ship you my album for encoding instead of uploading my audio files and cover art?

Absolutely. Get in contact with us directly to discuss how to get your content over to us. Alternatively you can upload your audio files and cover art via your Dashboard at Freeme Digital.

Can I submit a Single?

Yes, you can submit a single (i.e.: An album containing only one track).

Please note that since “singles” are still albums, they still require their own UPC (Which we can provide during the album submission process) as well as unique industry standard cover art.

Can I submit a Ringtone?

Yes, you can submit a Ringtone.

Please note that Ringtones also require their own UPC (Which we can provide during the ringtone submission process) as well as unique industry standard cover art.

Only one ringtone can be submitted at a time. If you have multiple ringtones that you wish to have distributed, you must submit each one individually and each requires its own UPC.

Unlike Albums and Singles, Ringtones are only distributed into the iTunes Music Store and Telco music stores such as MTN, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo (As most of the other music stores do not offer Ringtones to their customers).

The cost to submit a Ringtone to iTunes is N2,500 and free to MTN and other telcos.

Ringtones are sold in iTunes for $1.29 (Foreign iTunes Stores may vary depending on the territory).

*Please note that currently iTunes does not support the sale of Ringtones in Germany or Ireland.

Can I submit an Audio Book?

Unfortunately, no.

If you wish to have an Audio Book distributed, you should contact Audible.com as they are the sole distributor of Audio Books for iTunes and other music stores.

Can I provide my own ISRC codes for my album's tracks?

Yes. During the album submission process, you will have an opportunity to submit your ISRC codes for each of your album’s tracks. If you do not have ISRC codes for your tracks, our system will automatically generate them for free during processing.

Can I set the street date / release date for an album or single?

Yes. During the album submission process, you will have an opportunity to set the release date for your album or single. Please note however, that while iTunes and AmazonMP3 are very quick in ingesting albums (Normally only a few days), many of the other music stores can take several weeks, so even though you may choose a street date, it’s entirely possible that the album will not appear in some of the stores until they complete their own processing and ingestion.

If you are choosing a street date in the future (Rather than just having the album or single go live as soon as possible), we suggest setting the street date at least 7 days out to give time for iTunes and Amazon MP3 to ingest the album.

Can I submit an Album under the "Classical" genre?

The music stores have placed extreme restrictions on the Classical Genre (i.e. Pre-20th Century Composer based music) and therefore we DO NOT support the distribution of this genre.

Can I offer a track for free in the music stores?

Unfortunately, you cannot offer a track for free in the music stores.

The music stores do not allow tracks to be made available for free in their stores (or they would not make any money).*

*Sometimes music stores do offer tracks for free in their stores as promotions, but this decision is solely determined by each music store’s editorial departments and is normally reserved for high profile / top billboard artists.

Can I submit Karaoke albums or tracks?

The music stores have placed extreme restrictions on Karaoke albums and tracks, therefore we DO NOT support the distribution of this type of content.

My album has been delivered to iTunes but my Dashboard is showing that it is being reviewed by iTunes. What does this mean?

When we deliver albums and singles to iTunes, most content goes live in their store within only a few hours (or on its street date that you choose). However, a small percentage of content is randomly selected by iTunes staff to be reviewed manually by them for quality control. This manual review is to ensure that your content conforms to their guidelines and does not violate any of their standards.

Unfortunately, when content is flagged by iTunes for review, it will take additional time for your content to go live in their store since an actual human will be reviewing your content and its metadata. The time frame for their review averages around 1-10 days.

Once iTunes completes their review process, your content will go live in their store.

*Freeme Digital has no control over the timing and speed of this review process.

Why can't I can't I find my songs on iHeartRadio?

Finding content in iHeartRadio can sometimes be frustrating because due to the way they manage and provide their data in their search results it’s possible that an artist may not be able to be found even if that artist’s content is in their database. The reason being is that the way iHeartRadio works is by using similar artist data that is provided to them by 3rd parties like AMG (All Media Guide). If iHeartRadio doesn’t have enough similar artist data, a station will not be able to be created and the customer will not see that artist in the search.

iHeartRadio uses a few 3rd party data companies including the Echo Nest, Rovi, AMG, etc. in order to try and come up with around 40 artists with similar music styles. Those artists are whose tracks are going to play inside the station. So there is a possibility that lower level artists will not have the ability to have a station created at first, but their tracks DO have the possibility to end up in another artist’s station.

iHeartRadio is not an on-demand service (Though sometimes it feels like they are when you search for a specific artist), so customers won’t be able to search for an artist and then play any song they want. Customers will only be able to create a radio station that plays seed artist tracks and other similar artists to them. However, iHeartRadio continually sends those artists without a station through the 3rd party companies services to try and have one created. This can normally take some time and is totally dependent on those 3rd parties.

Will customers be able to purchase individual tracks on an album without having to purchase the whole album?

Yes. Customers will be able to purchase individual tracks on your album without having to purchase the whole album. However, in cases where a track exceeds 10 minutes in length, some stores will flag the track as an “Album Only” purchase which would require the customer to purchase the entire album in order to download that specific track.

We are not able to flag tracks on an album as “Album Only” purchases.

Can I offer my Album or Single as a Pre Order?

Yes. However, the only two music stores that currently support this are iTunes and Google Play.

During the album submission process, you can select the Pre Order option. Once the album has been delivered to iTunes and/or Google Play and has passed iTunes/Google Play Quality Control it will be made available as a Pre Order in their store.

Pre Order Requirements:

  • You must set your Album’s or Single’s street date at least 14 days in the future.
  • You MUSTselect a Wholesale Price Tier for iTunes where the total album’s wholesale price is NOT less than the sum of the total track wholesale prices. Otherwise, iTunes/Google Play will not allow the item to be made available for Pre Order in their store and it will simply go live on its street date like a normal album submission.


Please note that by offering your album as a pre order on iTunes or Google Play, customers will be able to listen to Previews of the audio before its street date. If you don’t want customers to be able to listen to the Previews of the album before its street date, do not select the Pre Order option. Any Pre Orders that take place will be reported as being sold on the album’s street date in the monthly reports.

Once my Album or Single has been distributed, can I modify its price in iTunes?

Yes, you can modify the wholesale price in iTunes* once every 3 months via your Dashboard at Freeme Digital.

You have the option of selecting the Wholesale Price** tier for either the Album as a whole or for each individual track on the Album. The Wholesale Price is the price that iTunes will pay when your content sells in their store and the Retail Price is the price that the customer pays iTunes when they purchase your content. The Retail Price is solely determined by iTunes.

You can also set a Start Date for the price modification to take effect as well as an End Date. Album level prices will take effect on the Start Date that you provide and will revert back to the previous Album price tier on the End Date that you provide. It’s very important to note that the Start Date and End Date only apply to price modifications at the Album level and will not effect the Track price in any way. Track prices take effect as soon as possible and have no bearing on the Start Date or End Date.

*Currently, iTunes and Google Play are the only stores you can modify your price in. The option to modify your content’s pricing in AmazonMP3 is coming soon. The other music stores use default pricing based on the number of tracks and cannot be modified.