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Ema Onigah

No, he is not Sakordie! They Call Him Ema Onigah

Our 9th feature on ZoneOut Sessions, Season 4, is one of Nigeria’s dopest lyricists on the rise, Ema Onigah. Find out why we named him “The One-Touch Lyricist”.

Now dey wanna know d occupation dat b giving me d money and d fame dat i b getting every now and then.
So maybe u can know d kind of person dat i be, so wen i tell dat im Mr.onetouch, u go wan b my friend.
Charlie I no b obidi, charlie I no b sarkodie, but I go b d niggah wey your ghana bae go wan dey friend!

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Sorple Explodes Lyrically on ZoneOut Sessions

Wordplay time!
The Intellectual Bully, Sorple, lyrically explodes on this episode of ZoneOut Sessions.

If you featured me, when I’m done, they’d think I featured you.
Do it three times in a row, hat trick on you.
You so dumb I’m getting bored cus I’m tired of tricking yo.
Cus tho your pride is outta this world,
Your sense is middle school.

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Keizy Sugarh

Our very first femcee of ZoneOut Sessions Season 4 is Keizy Sugar. Enjoy her one of a kind session on FreeMe TV.
I’m still on a row
Cooler than ice
And I think you should know that the Future is bright
I’m a Beacon of Hope
How many things you think say I go do
How many times do I have to tell you
You put me on FREE.ME
And see me on TV

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We kickstart ZoneOut Sessions Season 4 with K-Sly.

The rapper’s lyrics all point at one thing – Knowledge.
~Excerpts~ from K-Sly on ZOneOut Sessions Season 4
It’s okay to fall sometimes, pick up yourself re-strategize and relaunch attack. And watch your success give your haters a heart attack.
Don’t cut ’em slacks. If you try to reach out they never holla back.
But when the table turns they go on Twitter for a follow back.

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Rise of a New Queen Kong? Tizzy on ZoneOut Sessions

Tizzy has a ream: to join the league of revered and celebrated Femcees in Nigeria and beyond. The youngin’ delivers an absolutely indigenous performance on today’s edpisode of ZoneOut Sessions, spicing up her purely Yoruba lines with parables! The young lady spits her bars with impressive flair and finesse and maybe the Lil Kesh and Olamide feature she imagines isn’t so far off.


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Just Moses Spits Fire on ZoneOut Sessions [Video]

Our feature on today’s episode of ZoneOut Sessions, Just Moses, bares it all as he drops very inspiring and articulate lyrics. For someone who felt strongly the absence of his father while growing up, he has used this platform to voice out the fact that despite all odds, he made it.
Can you relate? Drop your comments below.

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2016 #HenessyVSClass winner ‘Holyfield’ is the feature on today’s episode of ZoneOut Sessions. After his much-celebrated win of the high-profile 2016 rap-battle series, Holyfield seemed to go ghost.


In this performance, he tells us exactly what he’s been up to, and what happens behind the closed doors of Nigeria’s music scene. So, no, its not all glitz and glamour.


Holyfield tells the story of his struggle so far, his pain and his disappointment. He tells a story so catching, you sit up and pay attention. Produced by: SynX

Watch: Holyfield on ZoneOut Sessions


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Today’s ZoneOut Session is quite an unusual one. ZoneOut Sessions Veteran, ‘Patogen’, returns for another performance on the 6th episode of FreeMe TV’s ZoneOut Sessions, Season 3, and this time it’s a love-inspired rap!


The prolific lyricist pays homage to his dream woman, giving us a very graphically detailed description of the parts of her of which he’s most fond. This performance is a special dedication to all the dark-skinned beauties out here!

Produced by: Andre Vibez / Mixed&Mastered by: SynX

Click: Patogen’s ZoneOut Session


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Rapper/producer/all-round bad guy, Tey Chaplin seems quite determined to prove a point: He’s got bars for days. He started 2017 with a bang, releasing his 7-track EP ‘Duality’ and most recently, was given a chance to ZoneOut with FreeMe Tv. Some people are not exactly fans of his delivery, many have gone far enough to call him an ‘IJGB’, but what we can’t argue with is the fact he’s pulling quite a few punches with his punchlines. In his ZoneOut performance, he makes a reference to an ex that we think is quite shady of him, click to find out what:

Tey Chaplin