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    Rolay Bondo - The Female Montana | Zoneout Session

    Rolay Bondo – The Female Montana

    This week’s feature on ZoneOut Sessions, Rolay Bondo, is definitely one to watch. The Femcee drops subtle punchlines that get you hooked right from the start. Was she Dope or Not? Take the poll at 2:01.

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    Pells on ZoneOut Sessions

    This episode of ZoneOut Sessions features Pells, the lyricist on a Mission.
    Now I’m in your face blowing something dope from the vape
    I was Cesar on the planet I was running with the apes
    When my mum said son go
    I had to get it pronto
    Y’all left blue balls crossing over like Alonso
    I knew they wasn’t ready they ain’t cooked this good

    Was his session dope or not?

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    Ema Onigah

    No, he is not Sakordie! They Call Him Ema Onigah

    Our 9th feature on ZoneOut Sessions, Season 4, is one of Nigeria’s dopest lyricists on the rise, Ema Onigah. Find out why we named him “The One-Touch Lyricist”.

    Now dey wanna know d occupation dat b giving me d money and d fame dat i b getting every now and then.
    So maybe u can know d kind of person dat i be, so wen i tell dat im Mr.onetouch, u go wan b my friend.
    Charlie I no b obidi, charlie I no b sarkodie, but I go b d niggah wey your ghana bae go wan dey friend!

    Remember to vote “Dope or Not Dope”.

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    Sorple Explodes Lyrically on ZoneOut Sessions

    Wordplay time!
    The Intellectual Bully, Sorple, lyrically explodes on this episode of ZoneOut Sessions.

    If you featured me, when I’m done, they’d think I featured you.
    Do it three times in a row, hat trick on you.
    You so dumb I’m getting bored cus I’m tired of tricking yo.
    Cus tho your pride is outta this world,
    Your sense is middle school.

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    Lefty Rap Session on Freeme TV’s ZoneOut

    Self-Acclaimed rapper of 2018, Lefty, is here to prove to you why his rap is nothing short of a classic.
    I put my soul in this shit I pour my heart on these beats
    Evangelism I’m tryna preach the words to the streets
    And so I spazz out
    With flows that end droughts
    like the Power situation in Naij I black out

    Was he convincing enough?