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    Payper Corleone - ZoneOut Sessions

    Payper Corleone | ZoneOut Session

    This episode of ZoneOut Sessions features one of Nigeria hottest rappers, Payper Corleone. The rapper who made his ZoneOut Debut in Season 3 is back spitting fire as performs a rap cover of Olamide’s latest single, Kana featuring Wizkid. Was he Dope or Not?

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    Ema Onigah

    No, he is not Sakordie! They Call Him Ema Onigah

    Our 9th feature on ZoneOut Sessions, Season 4, is one of Nigeria’s dopest lyricists on the rise, Ema Onigah. Find out why we named him “The One-Touch Lyricist”.

    Now dey wanna know d occupation dat b giving me d money and d fame dat i b getting every now and then.
    So maybe u can know d kind of person dat i be, so wen i tell dat im Mr.onetouch, u go wan b my friend.
    Charlie I no b obidi, charlie I no b sarkodie, but I go b d niggah wey your ghana bae go wan dey friend!

    Remember to vote “Dope or Not Dope”.

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    Sorple Explodes Lyrically on ZoneOut Sessions

    Wordplay time!
    The Intellectual Bully, Sorple, lyrically explodes on this episode of ZoneOut Sessions.

    If you featured me, when I’m done, they’d think I featured you.
    Do it three times in a row, hat trick on you.
    You so dumb I’m getting bored cus I’m tired of tricking yo.
    Cus tho your pride is outta this world,
    Your sense is middle school.

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    Ivan The Terrible is Reborn – ZoneOut Sessions [Video]

    BondGrounded Promotions‘ star and one of the new cats on the rap block ‘Ivan Edd‘ is FreeMe Tv’s guest on this episode of ZoneOut Sessions. International Edd, as he calls himself, presents quite a picture: multiple piercings, packed-up hair and an uncommon sense of style, the rapper’s persona brings one word to mind: different. His rap delivery is as well quite different, as he employs a mixture of English Language, Pidgin English and Igbo to delver a very simple message: You’ve never seen this before!
    We don’t know if he’s name Ivan after the historically infamous Ivan The Terrible, but there are some that would definitely say that his flow is ‘sick’ and his bars are ‘wicked’.
    ZoneOut Sessions

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    Boogey ZoneOut


    The album art for his EP ‘Incognito’ is a dead giveaway: this is NOT conventional rapper. Boogey is very well known among hip-hop circles as having absolutely no chill.

    Boogey ZoneOut

    We were all witnesses to the drama with his former label Aboriginal Records, but it is quite evident that that has not stained his flawless delivery in the slightest.

    On this episode of ZoneOut Sessions, Boogey goes all out in his lines and in his lyrics, dropping punchlines in every sentence.

    Boogey ZoneOut

    Click to watch his performance: Boogey’s ZoneOut Session

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    Week 10 on your darling ZoneOut session we have S. Dizzie a promising talent from the the stables of Wild Life Records in an epic rap freestyle on the streets of Lagos. Enjoy this young talent whose hunger for the game will surely take him places.

    FreemeTV ZoneOut Session is an opportunity for talented artistes to enjoy more exposure in the music industry.



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