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YouTube is set to launch Official Artist Channels that bring together all artists’ contents from different YouTube channels into one place. The channel automatically programs their music catalogues on two new shelves, including music videos, songs, and albums.

Music is hugely popular on YouTube and artists with VEVO-branded channels are among the most-followed channels on the platform. Now, YouTube is about to consolidate the millions of subscribers to VEVO’s channels — as well as those on “unofficial” artist-related channels — under a single account for each artist.

An Official Artist Channel is not a new channel—it’s a new layout that can be used on any channel that’s owned and operated by an artist, their manager or their label. The sections on an official artist channel will include Featured Video, Artist-Curated content, Channel Layout, Official Music, Albums, and customizable sections.

As an artist, what does this mean for you? According to YouTube, uniting your subscribers under one channel means you have more reach to promote your latest releases. It also gives you (and your team if you’ve got one) control over your presence and the opportunity to engage directly with your fans through YouTube features like community posts, mobile live and ticketing. Anyone who has had a chance to use both platforms will definitely agree that YouTube is more user-friendly than VEVO. 


VEVO Channel for Artist

VEVO channels will still be accessible via the advanced channel filter in search, and they will also be available if a user is specifically searching for the Vevo channel. In addition, if an artist has only a Vevo channel (and not an Official Artist Channel), the Vevo channel will still appear in search.


Official Artist Channel

As a user, if you’re currently subscribed to an unofficial artist channel, you will soon be subscribed to their Official Artist Channel and your subscription to any unofficial artist channels will become inactive. The Official Artist Channel is a single destination that gives you access to an artist’s full body of work, so you’ll now receive notifications solely from the official artist channel whenever new videos are uploaded or when an artist wants to send a message to their fans.

The roll-out of these channels will begin taking effect on the platform in coming weeks.

How to get an Official Artist Channel

To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, make sure you already have a YouTube Channel that’s owned and operated by you as an artist, your manager, or your label, and have at least 3 music videos on YouTube. YouTube will contact you as soon your channel has been upgraded to an Official Artist Channel.

Watch out for more updates!

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Make Money on YouTube

YouTube Monetization

What compels most creators to create is rarely the money. It’s the thought of making something for the world to enjoy. But ironically, that puts them in a great position to actually make money in a content-obsessed world.

While the hard part for many businesses is getting and keeping their audience’s attention, most YouTubers have already figured that bit out. All that’s left is to get creative—to channel the entrepreneurial drive to explore ideas—with how you choose to monetize your passion.

Just like being an Instagram influencer or a blogger, your audience might unlock your earning potential, but it’s the creation of multiple revenue streams that help you actually make money. However, let us focus on how to make money without veering off the YouTube Platform. 

Inasmuch as YouTube keeps tweaking its algorithm when it comes to monetization, there is a need to understand that unless your channel is “Monetized”, you will not earn a dime from YouTube. Your views count or subscribers do not make you money on YouTube, rather it is the ads that run on your videos that bring the money.

So, if you have, say, 1 million views on a particular video and your channel isn’t monetized, you cannot make any money. You have to be a YouTube Partner to be eligible to activate monetization on your channel. The YouTube Partner Program lets creators monetize their content on YouTube. Creators can earn money from advertisements served on their videos.

Here is how to activate monetization on your channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, select your account icon > Creator Studio
  3. In the left menu, select Channel > Status and features.
  4. Under “Monetization,” click Enable.
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to accept the YouTube Partner Program Terms.

Below is an example of a channel that is enabled for monetization.

Status and Features

Once your monetization is enabled, you’ll notice a green “$” next to your videos in the “Video Manager”, indicating whether it’s been enabled for monetization, which you can click on to access the monetization settings for each video.

A monetized video means you can earn money from the video when it is watched. 

NOTE: For channels that are yet to meet the new monetization eligibility threshold set by YouTube, there is still a way for you to retain your monetization without hitting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watch time. Find out in my next post!

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Have you ever found yourself mindlessly flipping through a Buzzfield article chock-full of photos and GIF files wondering how on earth such perfect specimens of hilarity are generated from your favorite videos? Thanks to YouTube‘s new GIF creator, you can finally be the genius in the drivers seat. Using the new feature, you can grab clips of a video you’re watching and turn it into a silent mini clip that plays on a loop. AKA – a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). 

Using the GIF tool is easy. Simply sign into YouTube, find the video, hit the share button and select the GIF option. From there, sliders are available to help you select the preferred part of the video for your GIF masterpiece – text can be added above and below at this stage as well. Final results can be emailed, embedded, or shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.

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While YouTube is still the king of the online musical video stream, it looks like Spotify is gaining ground, a development that might mean more money to songwriters, artists, labels and publishers alike.

According to Billboard, the on-demand streaming marketplace has risen by 50% in 2014. This means that Spotify has delivered about 413 million streams this year so far as compared to 274 million in 2013.

Spotify’s market share in the streaming market has gone from 22% to 33% this year while YouTube’s has decreased from 66% to 58%. That said, 91% of all on-demand streaming traffic is from these two services.

One of the more interesting aspects of YouTube’s market share is that it can fluctuate greatly depending upon the posting of a hot new video. For instance, there was a large spike in activity in August when Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” were released. In fact, “Anaconda” now holds the Vevo record for most views in 24 hours at 19.6 million global views.

With the introduction of YouTube’s new Music Key streaming service next year, you have to wonder whether the market share numbers will increase at Spotify’s expense instead of the current trend. Then again, there’s always Apple Beats that can change the equation yet another way when it’s released in full in 2015.

One thing is for sure, the music streaming market will continue to be one of the most interesting aspects of the music business next year.


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Since his breakout hit “Gangnam Style” debuted in July 2012, it has become the most watched video on YouTube to date, scoring over 2.1 billion (that’s billion with a ‘b’) views. While this feat is staggering in itself, Google posted a nugget on YouTube’s Google+ page on Monday about this accomplishment, saying that it’s been viewed so many times they’ve been required to “upgrade” the video site’s backend. When YouTube was first designed, it was never expected for a video to exceed 2,147,483,647 views because of how the counter software was originally coded. “It’s like a car odometer,” says YouTube spokesperson Matt McLernon. “Once it rolls over the last nine, it resets.” He said the company thought 2 billion would be enough and it wasn’t.

Exactly how did Google know they were in need of an upgrade?

A few months ago, they noticed Psy’s view count would eventually hit that number and require a behind-the-scenes tweak. If they didn’t do anything, in this case, the number would’ve remained static in the counter underneath the video, but YouTube would continue to keep an accurate count of views in a separate location. Google updated the entire site’s counter software, making it so a video can now register 9 quintillion views – or a total of 9,223,372,036,854,775,808. “It’s like we went from a two-door coupe to a stretch Hummer,” McLernon says.

YouTube and Google did do something to mark the occasion: If you go to the YouTube Page where “Gangnam Style” lives and put your cursor over the play count, the number spins through the view count in the way a mileage counter on a car would.

Along with being a catchy song – after all, it was still in the top five YouTube most watched video  – Psy’s YouTube channel has bumped his other tracks into stratospheric numbers as well. Earlier this year, he released “Hangover,” a collaboration with Snoop Dogg, and it’s been viewed over 162 million times since June 8. “This is what happens when the whole world can play something at the same time,” McLernon says. “And when one video brings you to a channel, you often go and watch other videos.”


Source: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy



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A revolution is soon to erupt within the music industry globally and Nigeria should be ready to partake in it.YouTube’s importance as a distribution channel and discovery platform of musical contents is undeniable. Most of the top viewed videos on YouTube are mostly that of artistes and record label channels. Recently, YouTube made its strong connection to the music industry and the listening habits of their users official; they launched a separate music streaming channel along with a beta version of their own music subscription service.

YouTube Music home page, similar to the home page, shows users the music videos recommended for them, along with the most popular music videos and playlists by genres. YouTube Official blog also promised full-length albums in high quality to be uploaded through YouTube Music for users’ listening pleasure. The page can be accessed through a web browser, as well as on YouTube’s mobile app for both Android and iPhone.

However, users wishing to enjoy free tunes on YouTube will run into a familiar inconvenience—advertisements, an expected trade-off for the video network to afford streaming rights for high-quality audio.

For those wishing to have an uninterrupted music-listening experience, YouTube has launched a beta version of a paid music subscription service called YouTube Music Key. A starting monthly fee of $7.99 (expected to rise to $9.99) guarantees users an ad-free listening experience, along with offline access and a subscription to Google Play Store. Sadly, YouTube Music Key beta is only available to the network’s “biggest music fans” by invite only, as stated on the official blog, with the wider service later.

What Your Business Can Learn from YouTube’s Evolution as A Social Channel

Here are three lessons brands can take from the rise of YouTube as a music platform:

1. Young audiences can define a market

A survey conducted in 2012 shows YouTube as the most popular source of music for teenagers, with older media like radio and CDs trailing behind. For social media and online marketing, user engagement is everything. A critical mass of users signing up or leaving your service for your competitor can make or break your brand. And the one user group social media analysts watch the most are teenagers: their love of Instagram made the networks’ user base double in less than a year, and their preference for social media as a source of news put newsrooms around the world in a panic for their future. Behaviors and habits of the young and broke often shape a market, so don’t ignore the needs of a younger customer. Teens can make a single target employee into a social media sensation overnight, so you should not ignore their needs and interests in your online marketing efforts.

2. Put your customer’s needs first and profits will follow

Despite the copyright battles and numerous opportunities to monetize on their active users, YouTube remained free to use. And now, some say that if a fraction of YouTube Music users converts to the paid streaming service, YouTube Music Key, the service will quickly outperform veterans such as Spotify and Rdio in the field. Nothing good is free for long, but you have to prove your worth to your clients before introducing a charge for your products or services. YouTube’s music offering is well-positioned to demonstrate how a free platform model can generate real profits.

3. Never underestimate Google

The 2006 acquisition of a one-year-old YouTube was one of Google’s biggest buys at the time. Now the video-sharing services reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network, according to YouTube’s official blog. If you’re in the streaming music business, you learned firsthand not to underestimate the search giant’s power. For good measure, maybe also brush up on your SEO knowledge and update your Google + profiles. And while you’re at it, why not learn a thing or two from Google’s new marketing training app, Google Primer.


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After much anticipation, YouTube has just announced the launch of its subscription streaming service: YouTube Music Key. YouTube Music Key, available in the US and 6 European countries, will let subscribers listen to ad-free music (including full albums in high quality audio) AND watch music videos — even when offline — for $9.99/month .

And YOUR music (and “Art Tracks” videos) could be available on YouTube Music Key soon! As a Freeme Digital artiste, your albums and singles will be delivered to YouTube Music Key. We will also deliver to YouTube high quality album art videos, or what YouTube calls “Art Tracks” which play audio while displaying an image of your album cover. These videos are available not only to Music Key subscribers, but also as ad-supported content accessible for free on YouTube.com. Ad revenue from these videos will work the same as any other video on YouTube.

Revenue for streaming activity through YouTube Music Key will be paid to you by Freeme Digital – that’s getting money yet again from streaming. Well, before we get into the stuff that’s available for paid users, YouTube has made some changes that are available to EVERYONE — not just Music Key subscribers. For instance, on both YouTube.

com and the YouTube app for iOS and Android, you will now see a home (and top-level tab) for music that displays your favorite music videos, recommended music playlists, and more. You’ll also be able to stream full albums in high quality audio and view an artist’s discography on YouTube.

As a Music Key subscriber, all of these listening and viewing will be ad-free, and content will keep playing even if you lock the screen, start using other apps, or disconnect from the Internet. Oh, and they’ll throw in a subscription to Google Play Music too, giving you access to 30+ million songs. For now, Music Key is in beta testing, and users will be invite-only. For more info, check out the site for YouTube Music Key.


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Young talent O’Deal drops the official video to his debut song, “Are You Ready”. The artiste, signed to King’s Family Records teamed up with popular music video director, Catalyst of 35170 Inc to make the simple and nice video. Characterized by a couple of pretty girls flirting with the young singer, the video immediately hits you as simple, straightforward, and cool.


Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.13.07 AM



Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.35.25 AM


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Earlier in the week, the brand new single from superstar singer TILLA, “Caro (OMG!)”, was released to a very resounding reception from fans and critics alike. Aquila Records isn’t sleeping on the hype as it today officially releases the visuals for the hot and banging single Caro!
The video was shot by ace director Clarence Peters‘ Capital Dreams Pictures on location in Lagos, Nigeria.
In other news, Tilla will be performing at the Mavin Concert in Manchester on Tuesday 21st October and London onThursday 23rd October.


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Man of the year, Phyno, releases the video to one of the tracks off his album, “No Guts No Glory”. The track titled “Nme Nme” is a contemporary highlife tune with properly delivered lyrics by the Penthauze artiste.

The video, shot and directed by Clarence Peters of Capital Pictures is a video flick comprising mostly two beautiful scenes. A live band playing on a rooftop with Phyno as the lead singer, and a studio scene that brings the native feel to the video. Simple but cool video.

nme nme 2

nme nme



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