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Latoria Bassey

Don’t let her size fool you, Latoria Bassey is a livewire!

The official backup singer for 2Baba Latoria Bassey goes all out on this performance, belting a combo of 2Baba’s ‘Rainbow’, Davido’s ‘If’ and The Weeknd’s ‘I Feel It Coming’ and was that a sprinkle of Adekunle Gold we heard there? Hold on to your seat, issa whirlwind!
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85% Stop Watching Video If It Takes Too Long To Load [YouTube]

Remember those “great” videos that you posted? Have you looked at them lately? Do they load quickly? Do they start off strong? Are they any good? They better be all of these things or you are wasting your time, according to a new survey.

image from www.thatericalper.com