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YouTube is set to launch Official Artist Channels that bring together all artists’ contents from different YouTube channels into one place. The channel automatically programs their music catalogues on two new shelves, including music videos, songs, and albums.

Music is hugely popular on YouTube and artists with VEVO-branded channels are among the most-followed channels on the platform. Now, YouTube is about to consolidate the millions of subscribers to VEVO’s channels — as well as those on “unofficial” artist-related channels — under a single account for each artist.

An Official Artist Channel is not a new channel—it’s a new layout that can be used on any channel that’s owned and operated by an artist, their manager or their label. The sections on an official artist channel will include Featured Video, Artist-Curated content, Channel Layout, Official Music, Albums, and customizable sections.

As an artist, what does this mean for you? According to YouTube, uniting your subscribers under one channel means you have more reach to promote your latest releases. It also gives you (and your team if you’ve got one) control over your presence and the opportunity to engage directly with your fans through YouTube features like community posts, mobile live and ticketing. Anyone who has had a chance to use both platforms will definitely agree that YouTube is more user-friendly than VEVO. 


VEVO Channel for Artist

VEVO channels will still be accessible via the advanced channel filter in search, and they will also be available if a user is specifically searching for the Vevo channel. In addition, if an artist has only a Vevo channel (and not an Official Artist Channel), the Vevo channel will still appear in search.


Official Artist Channel

As a user, if you’re currently subscribed to an unofficial artist channel, you will soon be subscribed to their Official Artist Channel and your subscription to any unofficial artist channels will become inactive. The Official Artist Channel is a single destination that gives you access to an artist’s full body of work, so you’ll now receive notifications solely from the official artist channel whenever new videos are uploaded or when an artist wants to send a message to their fans.

The roll-out of these channels will begin taking effect on the platform in coming weeks.

How to get an Official Artist Channel

To be eligible for an Official Artist Channel, make sure you already have a YouTube Channel that’s owned and operated by you as an artist, your manager, or your label, and have at least 3 music videos on YouTube. YouTube will contact you as soon your channel has been upgraded to an Official Artist Channel.

Watch out for more updates!

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Freemedigital Distribution Partners



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  • YouTube is included for free

*YouTube will be 60% due to the complexity and specialized nature of the service and the advantages Freemedigital’s partnership offers.

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Sultry songstress Ezi Emela turns it up a few notches for her new single “Confam It” which is set to light up the dance floor with a hard hitting base and cheeky lyrics.

With renown music producer “Omeiza” on the beat, this song is tipped to be an anthem for the ladies, bringing the question all women want to ask when that particular guy begins to “speak all that grammar”.

Her single “Broken” released in April this year, was well received, with the beautiful lyrics verbalising a time she felt lost and vulnerable.

confam it 1 confam it 3

confam it 5


Ezi now plans to lighten up the mood and give us all a hit banger to finish off our summer with. Working with talented producer Omeiza on both of these tracks, has allowed Ezi to showcase her vocal ability and where she’s heard to be powerful, sultry and playful.

Promoting the “actions speak louder than words” proverb on her new track ‘Confam It‘, Ezi hopes to give her fans an insight into her sassy personality. The song has been highly anticipated since it previewed online with music lovers and at the Afrobeat Live show hosted by DJ Abrantee earlier in the summer.

confam it 2 confam it 4


Ezi Emela is committed to giving the fans the music they want to hear.

Speaking recently to ABN TV, Ezi said:

I love Afro-pop, but I also love other genres, so I’m going to definitely try and merge them together.”

Check out her official new single “Confam It” and stay tuned as she guarantees more fabulous music this year!


Ezi Emela – Confam It [Lyric Video]


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From the stables of K-Live Hitpromo Entertainment comes the long awaited video to their flagship artist Nflane who has done nothing but brought a stunning performance to a Chris Malonda directed video “Bolojo” featuring another adept artist Flashy.



Bolojo has been a street anthem and enjoyed massive airplay across medias, radios, and blogospheres. K-Live left no stone unturned with this amazing visuals ranging from the beautiful ladies, the incredible dancers doing the twerking and of course a dope delivery from Nflane representing the African “Ankara”.
Enjoy the video and follow on twitter @Nflane




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