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Music Sense - Press Release

Ever wondered what your Press Release should be like?

Regardless of what musical content you are putting out; whether a new single, a music video, an EP or even an album, it is always proper to have a press release, for the purpose of announcing your latest release to your audience in a way that will capture their attention, help understand the content better as well as call them to action. To achieve this, you have to masterfully put out a formidable press release. However, not many know what exactly should be in the press release and how to write one. Here are a few essentials that would help you write a good press release.


STYLE OR GENRE: For knowledge sake, a genre is the categorization of a content as belonging to a particular style, so long as it is artistic. Although; not really a thing in this side of the world, probably because no one wants to be limited to a particular style, but then, including and describing the genre of your music into your press release(s) help your audience know what to expect from the song. Stating and describing the genre of your music helps, in a way, to inspire your audience to listen to your music.


HI-RES PHOTO: One of the most important items that should be included in your press release is a photo that depicts or represents what the content is about – a cover art. The best practice is that the photo must be hi-res. One of the advantages of having a hi-res photo is that it gives you a professional front – which would help build credibility- and it encourages patronage.


RELEVANT INFOS COME FIRST: When writing a press release, it is advised to write the most important info’s first. The truth is, not many will read past the first few lines of your press release, and if you are lucky, your audience could go the length of reading the first paragraph. One of the best practice is that your first paragraph graph should be able to answer the; who, what, when, where, why, and how of your content. Take advantage of the first few lines.


KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE (KISS): Learn to keep your press releases short. The longer your press release, the faster you lose your audience. Make your info’s as brief, yet specific, as possible.


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Harri Best - Juru

Harri Best – Juru

JURU literally means shake your tail Or dance on interpretation. So the song title is self explanàtory really. It’s strictly one for the dance floors. Here is more to know about the artiste below… Harri Best was born Harry Adewale Adetokunbo Moradeyo in the Uk to Nigerian parents. He studied at the Lagos Baptist Academy secondary school and went on to West Ham college London, where he studied business technology before embarking on a couple of courses in Music management. Like the common cliche, it was apparent from childhood that music was going to play a very important part in his life. Luckily his parents had an amazing and diverse record collection from James Brown to Ebenezer Obey, IK Dairo, Fela Kuti, Victor Uwaifor, Sunny Ade and much more diverse music.

Harry quickly developed a taste for old-school classic music. Along the way, The Jacksons, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Terence Trent Darby to name a few became major influences. Harri while in secondary school started a 3 piece group with some friends and as a teenager released some independently funded singles in the United Kingdom. He also toured some European nations like Sweden, Holland, Germany, Scotland, playing in clubs for a period of years. In later years, he had a hit in Europe with a reply to Olu Maintain’s classic, Yahooze. The song was called “No more Yahooze” and had modest success in Nigeria too. It was the first time Harri delved into Afro Beats, living behind his comfort zone of funk, pop and soul fusion. He has since gone on to release a few Afro beats tunes such as Talantolo,I love you mama Africa. Song release date is 3rd August 2018.

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Shaggyblaq ft. Big C - 4 Ur Luv

Shaggyblaq ft. Big C – 4 Ur Luv

After the success of Alubarika, Shaggyblaq is back with two hit bangers ‘BÀBÁ ÓLÓWÓ’ and ‘4 ur luv’.
Shaggyblaq a fast-rising act and a student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He successfully combines Dancehall and Afro Pop to bring in a whole new sound. Shaggyblaq teams up with Big C as they deliver this song, titled “4 Ur Luv”
Listen, download, enjoy and share

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RockyTwiz - Elevation

RockyTwiz – Elevation

Young music head Rocky Twiz comes back with his first EP titled Elevation after the success of his last single Bounce featuring Emiwizy.

Rocky Twiz does good Trap music but on this EP he delves into other genres of music. Sit down relax and enjoy good music from the Elevation EP. Support the young to grow.

Track Title:
1. Next level ft Aamen, Razzee
2. Money and Fame
3. Limouzine ft Aamen
4. M.I.H ft Razzee
5. Busy Brain
6. Sure Thing ft Teddy Banty
7. Pullover ft Aamen

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Jahonze ft. I-Cent, TOA - Light Up Naija

Jahonze – Light Up Naija

JAHONZE is a recording artist and music lover from Edo state, Nigeria.  He started music at an early age of 7 through the children choir to adult church choir. JAHONZE officially started his music career in Italy with ‘More Life Man Liveth’, produced by an Italian producer ‘Flavio’.
After recording mind-blowing success with his previously released tracks, top music collaborations and deals with top Music groups and record labels across the globe, Johonze has come through with another major single that will blow your minds away. This one is titled ‘ Light Up Naija’. He features ‘I.CENT’ and ‘TOA’ on this one. Enjoy.