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Ever heard a new song (on radio or any music streaming platform) and something about that song sounds familiar? May not necessarily be a cover of an old song, but perhaps it used a well-known bass line, kick pattern or even repackaged into a new arrangement – much like how Olamide did with his “Anifowoshe” song, originally written by K1 The Ultimate. Even though it might be subtle or unnoticed, so long as there is a traceable semblance, it is called SAMPLING.

Music Sampling is simply the act/art of reusing specific portion(s) of a sound recording in another recording. These may include; melodies, lyrics, instrumentals / beats or rhythm. It is the process of incorporating a portion from a previously recorded song into a brand new song.

If adequate permission or clearance isn’t granted before use, the act of sampling can subject a creator to potential liability for copyright infringement; hence, it is advised that adequate approval or permission is sought before us. There are two(2) major types of clearance/permission. These are;

  • Clearance from the copyright owner of the Song (from Music Publisher)
  • Clearance from copyright owner of the Sound Recording (from Record Company)

The positives that go with music sampling can not go unnoticed. Among which are; the flexibility it offers musicians when making music, it encourages innovations as well as generating interest in the original content. Our take is this; the positive features accompanying the creative aspect of sampling outweigh any negative repercussions, as long as copyright infringement can be avoided.

Watch this space for more enlightenment on Music Sampling…

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Sequel to our previous posts on Brand Awareness, here are a few more tips on how to up your game with regards to your personal brand as an artist. Your brand should be considered as a bigger part of who you are and what your music is. It should be respected and nurtured just like any other valued artistic element. Artist branding is about taking your music and channeling its energy through a consistent visual style and identity.

Here are a few ways you can improve/build your brand as an artist:

Create a consistent brand identity:

Get yourself some eye-catching graphics and art cover that you can use as your promotional materials for your website and social media accounts. A strong brand identity can help to develop a strong brand awareness. If you want your music to be recognized, you need to have an eye-catching brand to help you be instantly recognizable and stand out, and if they look cool, people will be more willing buy things that have your brand logo on them like a shirt with your brand logo on it.

Create something your audience will love:

To truly have a lucrative career, you must create music the audience wants to hear. To be successful in this, you need to act as your own CEO so people don’t think you are being pushed around. Creating a strong and unique brand is very essential to help channel your passion in finding the right sound, genre, image, and target the right audience for the music you create. Your music brand is no different than any other, so it’s vital that you do adequate market research to know how to satisfy your audience.

Engage with your audience:

Build relationships online by commenting on others’ posts, asking questions about your followers to learn more about them, sharing others’ content and tag them for extra cross-promotional benefits and replying to anything positive. Would help create more awareness for your brand.



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It is true that there are musicians out there whose music is so compelling and instantly connects with such a massive audience that the story behind the song doesn’t matter. But that’s probably for A-list musicians that have paid their dues in time. As a growing musician, you need to have a story to tell with your music. The truth of the matter is that if you want to take a proactive approach to get attention for your music, you have to think about this kind of stuff: what do you want to be remembered for? who are your fans? what are they craving? who are the game changers in your genre and what are they doing? Etc


Whether you are looking for some press or simply to connect on a deeper level with your fans, your story matters.

Here are some simple steps that can help you gain attention for your music fast:

  1. The press and your fans want to know what makes you stand out, what makes you unique. Your awesome voice and catchy melodies might not be enough to make you stand out from the rest because there’s a lot of those out there. Your tremendous talent combined with an underlying story behind your drive might just be your game changer. Use it.


  1. The good news about combining storytelling with your music is that the stories are already there. All you have to do is develop the narrative. Think through your creative process so that nothing takes you by surprise. In doing this, you will discover is that you have a way to present your music with context.


  1. Conversation with the audience entails not just the creative process but is also an invitation for them to understand more about your art and performance. When this happens, members of your audience get to see things sometimes beyond what you present.


Although your subject of discussion might be subtle, they’re an excellent way to add an extra layer of emotional depth and richness to your story – all you need to do is find the perfect piece.





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Some Factors That Can Hold-Back Your Success In The Music Industry


Achieving success in the industry is dependent on many factors. Of course, It is not just about putting out good music or surrounding yourself with people with great music knowledge. There are countless reasons that can hold-back your success in the music industry, among which are;


It has been observed that one of the greatest problems with indie artists is Fear. Fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being accepted among many others… It should be known that fear steals confidence, kills time, frustrates the life right out of you and kills your greatest dreams and intentions. So, you have to overcome fear – both on the inside and outside.


For many indie artists, this has been their most frequent dialogue. There is no dispute that there might not be enough money to run the music cycle, that shouldn’t dissuade you from putting in efforts in making music. Our counsel is this; don’t just dwell in the ‘I don’t have enough money’ phase, keep grinding and making more opportunities for yourself.


Musicians can be very anxious and sensitive, even to the details. Just like fear, anxiety, if not properly managed, could be costly to your success in the industry. Although, there are some advantages to being anxious, however, there are some downsides to this. One of such is that; it can keep you from getting your best work out. It’s of great essence to keep such anxiety under check.


We all know being successful doesn’t come overnight, but there is something about expectations that drive even the least expected artist forward. You are going to have unrealistic expectations as they are part of human nature. Just set your sight on the real goal of making the best music you can and get a team of people around you who believe in you.

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Chike Martins - ‎Hymns From the Soul

Chike Martins – ‎Hymns From the Soul

Chike Martins is a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist with the passion to change the world with his music. He is currently studying music at the University of Lagos. He just released his debut album titled ‘Hymns from the soul’ ; a ten track, instrumental album containing soul, pop, rock, reggae and afro-fusion. According to him, he is just getting started.Sign.Strode Africa.



Click Here To Listen…

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    Obichi - A3 Gospel

    Michael W. Smith – Here I Am to Worship: Obichi’s Medley | A3 Gospel [S01 EP18]

    Meet the delectable Obichi as she renders a medley of soul-lifting gospel numbers on this episode of A3 Gospel sessions with FreeMe TV.

    Songs performed:

    Amazing God by Obichi

    Made a Way by Travis Greene

    Here I am to Worship by Michael W. Smith

    Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video: http://bit.ly/NeverMissFreemeTV

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    Music Business

    More Music Business Tips That can ‘UP’ Your Game in the Music Industry

    Merely getting by in the “music game” these days is not enough to stay relevant, to achieve true success, you have to be willing to switch it up and stay on top of your game. To this, we will be sharing a few tips that can help you stay relevant in today’s music industry from some of the greatest in the field.

    • Focus on what Works: “We are no longer subject to what was, only to what works. We can honor what came before us, but at the same time, we have to be constantly aware of how fast this new generation moves. The new does not have to be scary and it’s allotted less risky than it ever was. It just looks radically different than it ever did and we have to embrace that. Yesterday’s fans are not coming back and so we should simply stop trying to find them.” – Benji Rogers, CEO, Pledge Music
    • Pay Attention to Details: “Treat everyone that comes into contact with you with as much interest and interact with them as much as you can manage. You will be amazed at how your one extra minute of attention will compound and contribute to your future.”– Ariel Hyatt, President, Cyber PR
    • Business is not about Money: “Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself. Making a company is a great way to improve the world while improving yourself.”
      – Derek Sivers, Founder, CD Baby
    • Your Biggest Challenges aren’t those in the Industry: “Don’t let your perception of who you think you are limit who you can become. Your biggest challenges aren’t those within the industry, they’re the walls you build in front of yourself with limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, fear of the unknown, and having the wrong priorities. Fill your days with an endless pursuit of chasing your passion, taking tiny steps each day to push you progress further, and your persistence will pay its rewards. Exceed expectations, be remarkable… and people will notice.”
      – Brian Thompson, Founder, Thorny Bleeder & The DIY Daily
    • Listen to your Customers, not critics: “Listen to your customers, not your critics. Only invest your efforts into something you enjoy, and don’t outsource anything until you fully understand the principles of that task yourself.” – Lee Parsons, CEO, Ditto Music
    • Follow your own path, not others: “Know your competition but focus on your own product and how it can be best delivered to achieve market fit. Follow your own path and not others, everyone achieves success in different ways. “. – Stan Mcleod, Co-founder, Bandwagon

    This post was originally made on www.ventureharbour.com

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    Music Sense Monday

    Music Sense Monday: More Tips and Strategies on Music & Music Business in General

    On this week’s Music Sense Monday, we would be highlighting a few more tips that would give you a chance to succeed as a musician and in today’s Music Business.

    Artist Management.

    Management is an integral part of an artists’ career that must be well considered by the artist. As an upcoming artist, there are several managerial models you could consider and one of such is self-management. Self-Management is always a valid option to consider in the formatives stages of establishing your career as a musician. A lot can be learned by taking on jobs of securing gigs, getting publicity, planning tours, dealing with personal and public issues, media and other management activities which could also be beneficial to your own career. However, be warned that it could be a daunting task to achieve (managing yourself as a musician). Hence, its advised to get a manager when the need calls for it. One of the most important roles of a manager is to secure deals, gigs, shows, and sponsorship for their clients. This is why you should choose well connected and respected managers. From your own little experience as your own manager, you should be able to choose a management team that will reflect your business ideal and represents you in any business dealings.

    Learn How to Write Your Songs (or Source for Good Songs).

    One of the most important processes of making music is getting the song (either by writing or buying). We live in a time where music is made however the way the musician feels like. These days, you find that many of the songs are very shallow in content and depth. Some have labeled their kind of music as ‘Freestyles’, that notwithstanding, it’s important to make songs with powerful lyrics that will stand out for its originality, dynamics, creativity, and message. You’d find that most of the original songs out there are either repeated ideas from other musicians, not too far an idea from an original or the songs pass no clear message. As a musician, you should challenge yourself. Take time to write or source for good music content.
    Design some good looking promotional materials.

    Your promotional materials are equally as important to your success as a musician. How well your promotional materials are could either make or mar your music career. Designing and writing promotional materials such as; bios, press releases, cover art, photos etc. could contribute to getting great offers and deals, as well as promote your career. The idea is to make your promotional materials as informative, attractive, compelling as possible. It’s also important to take time to research who to send the materials to and to ask each potential recipient what type of information they would like to have sent to them. It’s good not to overwhelm your recipient with too much information.

    Take advice only from people who have talked the talk and walked the walk.

    For every industry, there usually are do’s and don’ts to achieve success. That, however, isn’t the case in the music industry. Here, the industry practitioners are not restricted to certain do’s and don’ts. There are however best practices which come mostly from the experience of building your own career. i.e. learning from your own mistakes, interactions in and with industry practitioners, companies and organizations and other core values. One of the most valid of your interactions in the industry should be with people who have pioneered, set the pace and created trends in the industry. Be sure your contacts know what they are doing and are masters of the art in the industry. Only then will you be able to learn all you intend to learn from their bosom

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    New Music Release: Tips & Strategies

    New Music Release: Tips & Strategies

    There’s a lot more to put into releasing a song than just getting your songs on iTunes, SoundCloud, Music plus, Boomplay or Spotify. As relevant as these services are, there are a lot of things they won’t do for you or your career such as; getting streams and downloads on your new music, growing your followings and fan engagement and how your music release can help you grow your career. Here are a few tips and strategies to implement to achieve the aforementioned:

    TAKE ADVANTAGE OF iTUNES PRE-SALE: On iTunes, you could run track or album pre-sale for up to a month before the day of release. One of the benefits of iTunes pre-sale is that it allows customers to download one track right away and then, download the full album on the release day. So think about what song will be most enticing. It’s definitely worth exploring.

    RELEASE RADIO SINGLES:  Even though its usage is fast fading away, Radio stations are still a good place to release and promote your music. The reach and audience radio stations offer are almost unlimited, at least within that territory. The idea here is to create sustained exposure to the song over a short period of time. There are radio promoters you could patronize to release and promote your music (bear in mind that they could be expensive).

    RELEASE BONUS TRACKS: A bonus track is a piece of music which has been included as an extra on your album or music compilation. This gives you the opportunity to feature some extra content to boost sales. Live recordings, alternate mix, unreleased tracks, acoustic versions and all other musical expressions are areas you can consider exploring. The bonus tracks will appeal to a wider audience and extend your reach.

    RELEASE MUSIC VIDEOS: It’s been observed that fans relate more with visual content than audio. You should capitalize on that bias and make music videos for your songs. Music videos get fans to relate more to your music, especially when it ‘makes sense’. YouTube, among many others, is a good platform to upload your videos. Your video might not be a high budget; you could make a lyrical video or still, use your artwork with the song playing in the background. You could also upload on Facebook or even, premiere on a reputable blog or television network. So long as there is a graphical or visual representation of your music.

    Here are just a few tips that have proven positive for many. Do you have other tips and strategies that will aid a new music release? drop in our comment section.

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    Music Business


    Today, we’ll be highlighting some tips and dishing out some basic knowledge about the music business.

    The music industry feeds on promotions: It very important to promote your songs, videos or shows, else no one will patronize, it’s as simple as that.

    The industry is large enough to accommodate everyone: There is no need to compete with anyone for fans or more, there is enough room for everyone. Make the right effort.

    You need to be certain about walking the path: You need to ask yourself; why music? The passion to sing or for good sound isn’t enough. Music and its business is a lifestyle that doesn’t stop once you are off the limelight. You’ve got to be sure of your reasons for choosing to enter into the music business.

    Seek Help and Support: The music path could be very long and lonely. You need to surround yourself with people you can find solace in and draw motivation from, especially in bad times.

    On Fame: Don’t let fame be the driving force. Most often, you work your way to the top. If fame were to be your primary motivation, you’d easily get discouraged and lose hope on your hustle. See fame as something that will come eventually, after the right hustle and effort has been put in.

    Record Deals: Don’t do music because you want to get signed. Make impact first, every other thing shall come after.

    There is no right or wrong: In the music business, there is no one way to achieve success. Keep practicing your informed beliefs, before long you’d score major wins.

    Follow the 50/50 rule: 50% of your time should be put into music art and creation while the other 50% should be put into the music business. Also, 50% of your money should be invested in your art while the other 50% should be invested in the promotion.

    Targeted Audience: Its advised you target your audience, no matter how little they might be. Once you have won their hearts, you can then begin to grow the numbers. Don’t focus on haters or negativity. Stay positive!