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New Music Release: Tips & Strategies

New Music Release: Tips & Strategies

There’s a lot more to put into releasing a song than just getting your songs on iTunes, SoundCloud, Music plus, Boomplay or Spotify. As relevant as these services are, there are a lot of things they won’t do for you or your career such as; getting streams and downloads on your new music, growing your followings and fan engagement and how your music release can help you grow your career. Here are a few tips and strategies to implement to achieve the aforementioned:

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF iTUNES PRE-SALE: On iTunes, you could run track or album pre-sale for up to a month before the day of release. One of the benefits of iTunes pre-sale is that it allows customers to download one track right away and then, download the full album on the release day. So think about what song will be most enticing. It’s definitely worth exploring.

RELEASE RADIO SINGLES:  Even though its usage is fast fading away, Radio stations are still a good place to release and promote your music. The reach and audience radio stations offer are almost unlimited, at least within that territory. The idea here is to create sustained exposure to the song over a short period of time. There are radio promoters you could patronize to release and promote your music (bear in mind that they could be expensive).

RELEASE BONUS TRACKS: A bonus track is a piece of music which has been included as an extra on your album or music compilation. This gives you the opportunity to feature some extra content to boost sales. Live recordings, alternate mix, unreleased tracks, acoustic versions and all other musical expressions are areas you can consider exploring. The bonus tracks will appeal to a wider audience and extend your reach.

RELEASE MUSIC VIDEOS: It’s been observed that fans relate more with visual content than audio. You should capitalize on that bias and make music videos for your songs. Music videos get fans to relate more to your music, especially when it ‘makes sense’. YouTube, among many others, is a good platform to upload your videos. Your video might not be a high budget; you could make a lyrical video or still, use your artwork with the song playing in the background. You could also upload on Facebook or even, premiere on a reputable blog or television network. So long as there is a graphical or visual representation of your music.

Here are just a few tips that have proven positive for many. Do you have other tips and strategies that will aid a new music release? drop in our comment section.

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Music Business


Today, we’ll be highlighting some tips and dishing out some basic knowledge about the music business.

The music industry feeds on promotions: It very important to promote your songs, videos or shows, else no one will patronize, it’s as simple as that.

The industry is large enough to accommodate everyone: There is no need to compete with anyone for fans or more, there is enough room for everyone. Make the right effort.

You need to be certain about walking the path: You need to ask yourself; why music? The passion to sing or for good sound isn’t enough. Music and its business is a lifestyle that doesn’t stop once you are off the limelight. You’ve got to be sure of your reasons for choosing to enter into the music business.

Seek Help and Support: The music path could be very long and lonely. You need to surround yourself with people you can find solace in and draw motivation from, especially in bad times.

On Fame: Don’t let fame be the driving force. Most often, you work your way to the top. If fame were to be your primary motivation, you’d easily get discouraged and lose hope on your hustle. See fame as something that will come eventually, after the right hustle and effort has been put in.

Record Deals: Don’t do music because you want to get signed. Make impact first, every other thing shall come after.

There is no right or wrong: In the music business, there is no one way to achieve success. Keep practicing your informed beliefs, before long you’d score major wins.

Follow the 50/50 rule: 50% of your time should be put into music art and creation while the other 50% should be put into the music business. Also, 50% of your money should be invested in your art while the other 50% should be invested in the promotion.

Targeted Audience: Its advised you target your audience, no matter how little they might be. Once you have won their hearts, you can then begin to grow the numbers. Don’t focus on haters or negativity. Stay positive!


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IGTV: What You Need To Know


As a way to celebrate its recent 1 billion user milestone, Instagram has launched its own video application known as “Instagram TV” or IGTV for short. This app is a platform for content creators to share their contents with their audience. Of course, it can be utilized for both personal and commercial purposes.

Some of the unique features of the app include the ability for users to upload long-form videos (up to one hour) that don’t disappear even after 24 hours. This affords users enough time for their audience to see their content(s) as well as more room for expression and creativity. Secondly, videos are uploaded in full screen and vertical formats i.e. fit perfectly to smartphone screens. Also, the app starts playing videos the second the app is opened – just like an actual television but with the option of ‘video search’. It is worthy of note that all IGTV accounts are linked to a corresponding Instagram account meaning that all your Instagram followers can view your IGTV channel directly.

USAGE: It could be used from your Instagram account or you could download the IGTV app. To get started with your Instagram app, ensure the Instagram app on your smartphone is updated. On the top right corner of the app, you’d see the IGTV avatar, click on it. From there, click on the ‘Settings’ symbol and create your channel. Once your channel is created, you can go back to the home page and upload your first video. To use IGTV directly from the dedicated app, first, you need to download the IGTV app from the App Store or from Google Play. Sign up to the IGTV app (if you’re already logged in to your native Instagram account it will automatically use your profile). Click on the settings gear icon in the right-hand corner, and then click “create channel”. Once you create the channel, you are in.

MONETIZATION: Currently, ads are not showing on the app. However, possibilities for monetization shouldn’t be ruled out. Keep an eye out for potential opportunities.

ADDED TIPS: When uploading, your video should be full screen, vertical and between 15 seconds -1-hour long. You have the capability to add a ‘Swipe Up’ call-to-action and include custom thumbnails. Your videos should be in Mp4 format and the thumbnail/image file type should be in JPG format. You can watch your videos from either your Instagram account or from the IGTV app.

There are benefits musicians and content creators can enjoy on the IGTV app. It affords musicians/content creators the opportunity to share teaser videos, music videos, behind-the-scenes, performance footage and more. Once you select your content, you have the ability to edit the title and description and decide whether or not you’d like it to be visible on your other social platforms.


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Brand Awareness


With the rapid growth and diversification happening in the music business and industry, the need for ‘Branding’ and ‘Brand Awareness’ for musicians has become a necessity to grow and maintain relevance in the industry. It has been observed that artists that are particular and deliberate about their brand awareness tend to surpass and outlast those who don’t.

A brand is an identity, personality or image attached to a product. It is the idea, image or impression the consumers have about a product, service or even, a person. Brand Awareness, on the other hand, is the extent to which the brand is recognized by potential customers. Brand awareness is important because it helps your brand stand out from competition(s), grow an audience more effectively, and generate more leads.

As a musician, you should be aware of yourself, your message and the mode to which you intend to communicate that message -primarily through music- to the world. Many have attempted several ways to create awareness for their brands, especially through the social media. These attempts haven’t proven futile. Here are a few tips to implement in order to enhance your brand awareness:

  • Start by asking yourself some vital questions such as; what makes me unique? What do I offer? Is my offer of more value than what others offer?… As soon as you are able to answer these questions correctly and gained clarity about your brand, you proceed to present your brand to the world.
  • Ensure you are active on social media, it is a good place to market your brand and services to your consumers. Also, ensure that there is a uniformity in your message across all your social media accounts.
  • Don’t feel too comfortable with your audience reach per time, make it a point of duty to always extend your reach and grow your audience. The more and diversified your audience, the better for your brand. There are various tools on social media that are available to achieve these. It is advised that your audience shouldn’t be limited to social media. There are other campaigns that you could launch that will aid your brand awareness, outside the social media.
  • In cases of competition with other brands, find what makes yours different and better. Grow it and stick to it. Let it be that your consumers know the benefits they stand to gain when they stick with you.
  • More importantly, be true to yourself. Don’t give the wrong impressions about yourself. Also, don’t offer what you can’t follow through with. As soon as your consumers find that you aren’t able to deliver, it puts a dent in your brand.


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Music & Social Media


The influence of social media in today’s music industry cannot be overemphasized. As we know, it has made some and marred others. It is for this purpose that we highlight a few tips on how to handle your music and social media.

UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE: The social media isn’t just a place to flaunt your wealth or keep up appearances. It is also a place to understand and engage your listeners, fans and music lovers in general. It is your responsibility to understand your audience and satisfy their musical cravings. One vital reason for analysis is to understand the interests, demography, age and other relevant information about your fans. The information gotten should influence your music and spur you to meet the demands of your audience. There are several tools to aid this pursuit. The more you utilize these tools, the better you understand your audience.

UPLOAD REGULARLY: Regular posts or uploads is also advised for musicians. This helps to keep your audience engaged and stay in tune with the latest, as it relates to you. It is advised that majority of your posts should be relevant to your music career. Example of such posts is your music snippets, video teasers, behind the scene clips, studio sessions etc. You could also come up with a plan on how you want to engage the social media. Also, be sure of your spellings and word compositions. Many have lost their audience because of such mistakes.

MAKE VISUAL POSTS: Again, it is very important to make visual posts. Research has shown that many, on social media, tend to engage more with a visual post more than plaintexts. Plain texts could feel really scanty; hence, the use of visual contents. In cases where you lack visual content, you could make up for it with a few pictures or clips from favorite moments in your private life.

PLAN FREEBEES: This is another way to engage your social media audience. Most often, music lovers feel appreciated when their favorite musician or artiste reward their loyalty. You could organize that the person with the most likes or views of a cover of your song will be rewarded. It could be monetarily, be in form of a reward. i.e. a free ticket to your next show, a timeout with you etc. Be creative about it and be sure that what you plan will keep your audience engaged. 

ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Engage or, better put – interact with your fans. It’s not enough to post and post and post. It will serve you well to interact with them every now and then. You could organize ‘Question and Answer’ session. You could comment on some of their posts or still, ask them for their suggestion on matters. All these will make them feel relevant and implicatively, spur them to move with you. Also, be sure not to engage in arguments or disrespect anyone, respect their individual positions on a matter.

Practicing these tips will put you a step closer to that fan support you have always desired. Be sure to practice these.

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Make Music Lagos

We’ve got great news for all lovers of good music in the city of Lagos! The Make Music Lagos organizing team lead by Showgear (a leading Nigerian retailer of audio-visual gear and musical instruments) and its organizing partners (Alien Nation, Darliza Makeovers, IPC Events, StyleVille and The Audio Age Company) have announced the event line-up for Make Music Lagos 2018. The announcement was made at a press conference in Lagos on the 4th of June 2018.

Make Music Lagos is the Lagos edition of Make Music Day, a festival of free live music hosted in more than 120 countries all over the world to commemorate World Music Day under the guidance of the US-based Make Music Alliance.

The 2018 edition makes it the 3 rd consecutive edition of Make Music Lagos festival that has been hosted in the city Lagos. The 1 st edition in was hosted in 2016; it consisted of 3 concerts and performances by Bez, Cobhams Asuquo, Tosin Martins, Olufunmi, Wura Samba, Johnny Drille, Pita, Wole Oni, Lagos Mainland Choir etc. The 2 nd edition was hosted in 2017 and it consisted of 3 new music initiatives (Mass Appeal, Learn to Play & Street Studio), and 12 concerts with notable performances from King Sunny Ade, Daddy Showkey, Adewale Ayuba, Omawumi, BEZ, Sound Sultan, Morayo Music and Folabi Nuel.

The 2018 edition of Make Music Lagos promises a bumper slate of events across the month of June and it kicks off with the Mass Appeal, which is a live performance by a diverse group of instrumentalists and bands playing to the 2018 MML Theme Song composed by Alternate Sound, at the newly opened JJT (Johnson Jakande Tinubu) Park in Alausa.

Mass Appeal is hosted in collaboration with the Lagos Parks and Recreation Agency (LASPARK).

The Learn to Play events, a music instruments teaching initiative, runs from the 19th to 21st of June at Lagos State Education District 1, Agege and on World Music Day (Thursday 21st June) at Ikeja City Mall and Domino’s Pizza locations in Yaba and Lekki (Admiralty 2) from noon to 2 pm.

The Learn to DJ events, a teaching initiative that gives aspiring DJs the opportunity to learn from DJ Jimmy Jatt, DJ Nana, DJ Magnum and other leading DJs, takes place on World Music Day (Thursday 21st June) at Ikeja City Mall from 2pm to 5pm and the University of Lagos (UNILAG) from 2 pm to 4 pm.

The Street Studio, a freestyle music production initiative, takes place on World Music Day (Thursday 21 st June) at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) from noon to 2 pm and Domino’s Pizza locations in Yaba and Lekki (Admiralty 2) from 2 pm to 4 pm. Hosting the Street Studio events this year are the following leading Nigerian producers: VC Perez, Fliptyce, Olaitan Dada and PSykes.

A total of fourteen (14) concerts will also be hosted on World Music Day (Thursday 21st June) the MML team in collaboration with its venue partners: Bogobiri, Freedom Park, Hard Rock Café, Ikeja City Mall, MUSON Centre, University of Lagos (UNILAG), and Domino’s Pizza/Cold Stone locations in FESTAC, Oko Oba, Ogudu, Ikorodu, Surulere, Victoria Island (Ajose Adeogun), Ajah and Lekki Phase One (Admiralty).

The Lagos Shutdown which is the finale event for the 2018 celebrations comes up on Sunday the 24th of June at the Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island from 4 pm to 10 pm. Confirmed for the Lagos Shutdown are the following artists: from Waje, Johnny Drille, Praiz and Vector. More confirmations from A-list artists are expected in the days leading up to the event. The Lagos Shutdown is hosted in collaboration with the MML venue partner, Lagos Parks and Recreation Agency (LASPARK).

Adeola Akinyemi, Showgear COO and the MML Organizing Team Chair, had this to say, “It is with great joy that we roll out the activities for Make Music Lagos 2018. The support this year from the government and public shows our collective commitment to music as an art and a great contributor to the development of our city, Lagos. We encourage every Lagosian to be part of the celebrations.”

Media partners announced so far for Make Music Lagos 2018 are African Movie Channel, Bella Naija, Lagos State Signage and Advertisement Agency (LASAA) and The Guardian. The 2018 edition of Make Music Lagos is endorsed by the Lagos State Government.

For a comprehensive list of performers, venues, events and other MML news/info, please stay connected via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MakeMusicLagos, and visit the MML website at www.makemusiclagos.org.ng.

And as it is the global practice of Make Music Day, ALL EVENTS ARE FREE. Meaning that you do not pay to attend or perform at any of the events. It is open to all without any strings attached. However, all performers and attendees at select events need to preregister.

Make Music Lagos is made possible by the generous support and cash donations from the Organizing, Venue, Media, Technical and Sponsoring Partners. To become a partner: [email protected] | 0903 774 8852 / 0903 774 8860.

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Music Blogs


Here are a few tips on getting your music on blogs:


When emailing your music to blogs, make sure you have the correct email address. Also, ensure all the necessary mail properties are intact, in order to avoid your message is sent to the mail spam or is outrightly blocked.

Cover Art

The Cover Art of your music is very important to Music blogs. Not every and any cover art is upload able. There are certain guidelines and requirements that must be met. For more on the cover art guidelines, Click Here…


When sending your content, it is advised to send the streaming links of your song instead of sending the mp3 format. This will aid the monetization of your music. Click here to monetize your content…

Press Release

This is an official statement of what you are sending. i.e music, video, advert e.t.c. It’s an avenue to give a description of what the music or anything you are sending.  Ensure your press release is as brief and straight to the point as it can be.

Be ahead of the Schedule

It is also very vital to contact the blogs way before the scheduled date of your musical event. Sending your publications few hours to the event will imply a lack of organization from your end and as such, many blogs, especially the blue chips, could disregard your entries.

Also, ensure you send follow up emails to the blogs, notifying the blogs of the number of days, weeks leading up to the event. However, it is important to stress that you shouldn’t be a PEST to the blogs. It is fine to communicate your interests and expectation but not to a point when it gets over bearing for the blog. Make sure you know the blog and develop a healthy relationship with them. It makes your work with them easier.

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The first point of contact of the music listeners to a new song is the cover art. It has been observed that, if the cover art does not look appealing to the listener, he/she most likely would not listen to the song as against when the art is very appealing. Worse off are the digital platforms who provide online and streaming services; as failure to comply with their guidelines can mean that your music won’t be uploaded to their platform.

Many are not aware that there are guiding rules that are in place guiding the cover arts of music. It is however important to state that the general rule guiding the cover art is that all cover arts must be unique in itself, depicting the message of the music. Here are some points to keep in check when making a cover art for your music:

  • No Information Mismatch: The information on the cover art must match with the information attached to your music i.e artist name, title of single or album.
  • There shouldn’t be record label information on the cover art.
  • Parental advisory warnings are not necessary, so far there is the ‘explicit content’ tag on the cover art.
  • Artist name abbreviation: When abbreviating your name, ensure you abbreviate the name completely and not just a part of the name.
  • If you are featuring another artist on the track, ensure there are no information mismatch on the cover art.
  • Avoid copyright and trademark infringement. You don’t put the logo of a company or brand you have no affiliations with on your cover art without express permission.
  • The use of the tag ‘original’ for songs covers are unnecessary.
  • Avoid using watermarked images.
  • Avoid stretching your images aspect ratio. This causes image blurriness.
  • Avoid up-scaling your low-res image to a larger size.
  • Avoid excessive and irrelevant text on your cover art.
  • Avoid including your contact info, pornographic images, violent images, racist signs or logos etc.

It’s important to note here that there are no rules guiding ‘Word Casing’ so you are at liberty to use whatever case-mix as you see fit. You can also use the same image for all you release, so far the text on the cover art differs.

If you have an image without text, that’s fine as long as you don’t use it for another release. It’s also okay to include your social media handles on your artwork so long as you don’t mention the names of these social media platforms.

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Curators have a specific need in mind when looking for songs to put on their playlists and your song must meet that need to stand a chance.

For your song to make the listeners playlist, it has to be play-worthy, in that, it must satisfy the need of your listeners as well as leave them wanting more. However, getting your song to be added to the playlist isn’t just about making good music or promoting the sound through all channels, there are certain technicalities that can aid your song and make it more playlist friendly. It is along this line that we shall briefly discuss certain fundamentals to achieving this.

As an artist, you should have it in mind for your music to have playlist features i.e. short and straight to the point. Take for instance, to make a radio playlist, certain edits are done. The process of making those ‘edits’ could be burdensome; hence, the radio stations leave the song off their playlist. Having shorter versions of the song is good, especially for radio listeners, who are not as patient to listen to the whole song.

It is important here to state clearly that this is not to dissuade the creativity of artistes or restrict their musical expression, what we have discussed thus far is for the sake of musical playlists.

In editing your song, you should consider the following:

  • Song Length: Make sure the length of your edited song does not exceed 4 minutes. It might begin to bore your listeners after the 4-minutes mark.
  • Song Intro & Outro: Ensure this does not exceed 15 seconds. Make it captivating and exciting.
  • Song Structure: Be sure to communicate what the song is about with a captivating hook or vocals. Keep your listeners in the groove of what you are singing.

Ensure to grab the attention of your audience with the intro such that they’re not eager to skip your song. In doing this, the song must have a fantastic intro and the body of the song should lure them in for more.

The song should be able to sustain the attention of listeners, pass the 30-seconds mark, on a music streaming platform. Anything less will mean the song wasn’t streamed, hence, reducing your chances of making money off the song.

In a nutshell, it is important for musicians to make their songs playlist-friendly. The implication of this is that it positions you in good light within the radar of music curators.


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Let me begin by stating that, what is going to be briefly discussed in this write-up is not something that you have never heard before, it is to serve as a reminder for those things you have heard or learnt at on time or the other during the course of your musical careers. That said, it is advised that these points shouldn’t be taken likely at all.

  1. Your Music is Valid Right Now

Many artists trouble themselves with thoughts on how to be the next big thing; on strategies they must execute to be successful and become global icons, sign major record deals and perform at a world stage. Also, there are others who, not only, use fellow artists as a standard to measure their success, but also duplicate their success blueprint and operate with it. The truth is, as pivotal as these can be to your career, they might make you less appreciative of your little victories and the baby steps you’re taking towards the big picture.

Regardless of your zeal and pursuit for success, learn to celebrate and appreciate your successes, no matter how little they might be. You don’t have to wait for the big dream to be actualized before you celebrate your small victories, it is in those small victories that the legitimacy of your music lies, your small but strategic victories.


  1. Work! Work! Work!

As a musical artist, dreaming about where you want to be in your career isn’t enough. You have to work at it. Working at it might not be so easy or comfortable, you just have to put in the work. You’ve got to work smart also. That’s why you need a team that can formulate and execute strategies for you. Remember to set for yourself small, specific and achievable goals that are in-line with your dreams and will put you closer to it.


  1. Be part of a Community

Join yourself to a community of like-minded artists. Artists who share similar dreams, have like passions and are willing to pay the price for success. This helps you feel more valuable and it is good for feedback, especially from those who do similar things as you. The feeling of being encouraged, constructively criticized and understood helps you get better as an artiste and also helps you produce better content consistently.