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Monday Music Sense

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Thinking of Making Music For Movies and Commercials? Read This First…

Thinking of Making Music For Movies and Commercials? Read This First…

As a recording artist who intends to expand your career by getting into more commercial aspects of music making, one of your foremost observation will be that not all songs are equally acceptable or usable. You’d also find that some songs enjoy more patronage and are often used in movies and commercials, even though they may not be as popular or ‘sweet’ as your own song. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; these songs serve the purpose that they are being used for in that, they have the potential to add more depth and meaning to whatever script they are meant to support. Here are some tips on what makes your music usable for movies and commercials;

Good Sound Production:

Your songs must enjoy top-quality production. i.e. must be well-mixed and mastered. The sound quality must be indisputable. If your music sounds like it was made in your bedroom, no one will care enough to use it for anything.

Build your Catalog and Diversify:    

The larger your catalog, the more opportunities you’ll have for successfully placing your music. Also, the more varied your catalog is in style, the more opportunities you’ll have for successfully placing your music.

If Possible, Create Multiple Versions of your Content:

Whether you write vocal songs or instrumental tracks, you can always increase the value of your catalog, and the opportunities for placements, by creating multiple versions of each song. By muting the vocals, a vocal song can instantly generate an instrumental track.

The tone of the song:

Again, most of such songs have an identifiable mood or vibe that pulls you in by the very first line of the song; the song conjures up a particular emotion or vibe immediately to the listeners. Identify your tone and build on it.

Get A Publishing Deal:

It’s very important to get a publishing deal in order to be able to exploit and really enjoy monetary gains from your record(s). Although publishing hasn’t really gained grounds in this part of the world, you can get money from publishing through the likes of FM Music Publishing here in Nigeria.

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Music Sense Monday

Music Sense Monday: More Tips and Strategies on Music & Music Business in General

On this week’s Music Sense Monday, we would be highlighting a few more tips that would give you a chance to succeed as a musician and in today’s Music Business.

Artist Management.

Management is an integral part of an artists’ career that must be well considered by the artist. As an upcoming artist, there are several managerial models you could consider and one of such is self-management. Self-Management is always a valid option to consider in the formatives stages of establishing your career as a musician. A lot can be learned by taking on jobs of securing gigs, getting publicity, planning tours, dealing with personal and public issues, media and other management activities which could also be beneficial to your own career. However, be warned that it could be a daunting task to achieve (managing yourself as a musician). Hence, its advised to get a manager when the need calls for it. One of the most important roles of a manager is to secure deals, gigs, shows, and sponsorship for their clients. This is why you should choose well connected and respected managers. From your own little experience as your own manager, you should be able to choose a management team that will reflect your business ideal and represents you in any business dealings.

Learn How to Write Your Songs (or Source for Good Songs).

One of the most important processes of making music is getting the song (either by writing or buying). We live in a time where music is made however the way the musician feels like. These days, you find that many of the songs are very shallow in content and depth. Some have labeled their kind of music as ‘Freestyles’, that notwithstanding, it’s important to make songs with powerful lyrics that will stand out for its originality, dynamics, creativity, and message. You’d find that most of the original songs out there are either repeated ideas from other musicians, not too far an idea from an original or the songs pass no clear message. As a musician, you should challenge yourself. Take time to write or source for good music content.
Design some good looking promotional materials.

Your promotional materials are equally as important to your success as a musician. How well your promotional materials are could either make or mar your music career. Designing and writing promotional materials such as; bios, press releases, cover art, photos etc. could contribute to getting great offers and deals, as well as promote your career. The idea is to make your promotional materials as informative, attractive, compelling as possible. It’s also important to take time to research who to send the materials to and to ask each potential recipient what type of information they would like to have sent to them. It’s good not to overwhelm your recipient with too much information.

Take advice only from people who have talked the talk and walked the walk.

For every industry, there usually are do’s and don’ts to achieve success. That, however, isn’t the case in the music industry. Here, the industry practitioners are not restricted to certain do’s and don’ts. There are however best practices which come mostly from the experience of building your own career. i.e. learning from your own mistakes, interactions in and with industry practitioners, companies and organizations and other core values. One of the most valid of your interactions in the industry should be with people who have pioneered, set the pace and created trends in the industry. Be sure your contacts know what they are doing and are masters of the art in the industry. Only then will you be able to learn all you intend to learn from their bosom