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With the rapid growth in the use of social media for product marketing, one need not explain the benefits of engaging in that activity. It is easy to argue that Instagram is the best and most used social media marketing platform, while others might prefer YouTube; yet still, there are those that would opt for Facebook over the others. We say, concentrate your efforts and affections on the one you love. If it’s Twitter, use it. If Facebook, then sticks to it. Our focus here, however, is Twitter and its benefits/advantages for artists and musicians.

It’s no news that Twitter, in recent times, has declined in usage. However, its worthy of note that it still remains relevant as a marketing platform. Twitter still has hundreds of millions of active monthly users which is still a large market to exploit. As a musician, not all users know or have heard about your music – in fact, chances are majority haven’t. Here are a few things Twitter offer that other social media platforms don’t:

  • Post Links Without Hurting Your Reach: Instagram won’t let you put linkable URLs in your captions only on your profile bio. Facebook rarely allow your posts if they contain URLs, especially off-platform links. Twitter allows you to put as many links as you want without tampering with your post and its reach. Also, Twitter grants you access to those external links with no obstructions, and if any, wouldn’t matter so much.
  • Encourages Conversations / more Engagements: Instagram only allows pictorial posts but there are times when all you want to do is write and engaged more with your fans. Facebook allows both pictorial and written post, however, there are limits to the engagements you can get on your posts. Twitter places no limit to your post engagements, whether written or pictorial. You could make hashtags so as to help fans engage with a particular trend or post. It’s a platform that encourages conversations and more engagements with fans and followers.
  • Allows for Support to others: As a musician, its advised to show support to other artists when they make new releases or achieve a win in their endeavors and also to appreciate your fans for their support and loyalty. You might be reluctant to do so on Facebook or Instagram if it hurts the reach of other important posts you need to make that day but on Twitter, there are no barriers. You can tweet, retweet, reply, and like things whenever you want. When there’s no cost to being a supporter of others’ work, generosity follows. Although there are many trolls and Social Media savages on there, Twitter can be a really supportive place as well.

We might have shared just a few of the many things you can benefit from Twitter but you can be sure there are many more. Care to weigh in? Drop it in the comment section.

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IGTV: What You Need To Know


As a way to celebrate its recent 1 billion user milestone, Instagram has launched its own video application known as “Instagram TV” or IGTV for short. This app is a platform for content creators to share their contents with their audience. Of course, it can be utilized for both personal and commercial purposes.

Some of the unique features of the app include the ability for users to upload long-form videos (up to one hour) that don’t disappear even after 24 hours. This affords users enough time for their audience to see their content(s) as well as more room for expression and creativity. Secondly, videos are uploaded in full screen and vertical formats i.e. fit perfectly to smartphone screens. Also, the app starts playing videos the second the app is opened – just like an actual television but with the option of ‘video search’. It is worthy of note that all IGTV accounts are linked to a corresponding Instagram account meaning that all your Instagram followers can view your IGTV channel directly.

USAGE: It could be used from your Instagram account or you could download the IGTV app. To get started with your Instagram app, ensure the Instagram app on your smartphone is updated. On the top right corner of the app, you’d see the IGTV avatar, click on it. From there, click on the ‘Settings’ symbol and create your channel. Once your channel is created, you can go back to the home page and upload your first video. To use IGTV directly from the dedicated app, first, you need to download the IGTV app from the App Store or from Google Play. Sign up to the IGTV app (if you’re already logged in to your native Instagram account it will automatically use your profile). Click on the settings gear icon in the right-hand corner, and then click “create channel”. Once you create the channel, you are in.

MONETIZATION: Currently, ads are not showing on the app. However, possibilities for monetization shouldn’t be ruled out. Keep an eye out for potential opportunities.

ADDED TIPS: When uploading, your video should be full screen, vertical and between 15 seconds -1-hour long. You have the capability to add a ‘Swipe Up’ call-to-action and include custom thumbnails. Your videos should be in Mp4 format and the thumbnail/image file type should be in JPG format. You can watch your videos from either your Instagram account or from the IGTV app.

There are benefits musicians and content creators can enjoy on the IGTV app. It affords musicians/content creators the opportunity to share teaser videos, music videos, behind-the-scenes, performance footage and more. Once you select your content, you have the ability to edit the title and description and decide whether or not you’d like it to be visible on your other social platforms.


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Music & Social Media


The influence of social media in today’s music industry cannot be overemphasized. As we know, it has made some and marred others. It is for this purpose that we highlight a few tips on how to handle your music and social media.

UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE: The social media isn’t just a place to flaunt your wealth or keep up appearances. It is also a place to understand and engage your listeners, fans and music lovers in general. It is your responsibility to understand your audience and satisfy their musical cravings. One vital reason for analysis is to understand the interests, demography, age and other relevant information about your fans. The information gotten should influence your music and spur you to meet the demands of your audience. There are several tools to aid this pursuit. The more you utilize these tools, the better you understand your audience.

UPLOAD REGULARLY: Regular posts or uploads is also advised for musicians. This helps to keep your audience engaged and stay in tune with the latest, as it relates to you. It is advised that majority of your posts should be relevant to your music career. Example of such posts is your music snippets, video teasers, behind the scene clips, studio sessions etc. You could also come up with a plan on how you want to engage the social media. Also, be sure of your spellings and word compositions. Many have lost their audience because of such mistakes.

MAKE VISUAL POSTS: Again, it is very important to make visual posts. Research has shown that many, on social media, tend to engage more with a visual post more than plaintexts. Plain texts could feel really scanty; hence, the use of visual contents. In cases where you lack visual content, you could make up for it with a few pictures or clips from favorite moments in your private life.

PLAN FREEBEES: This is another way to engage your social media audience. Most often, music lovers feel appreciated when their favorite musician or artiste reward their loyalty. You could organize that the person with the most likes or views of a cover of your song will be rewarded. It could be monetarily, be in form of a reward. i.e. a free ticket to your next show, a timeout with you etc. Be creative about it and be sure that what you plan will keep your audience engaged. 

ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: Engage or, better put – interact with your fans. It’s not enough to post and post and post. It will serve you well to interact with them every now and then. You could organize ‘Question and Answer’ session. You could comment on some of their posts or still, ask them for their suggestion on matters. All these will make them feel relevant and implicatively, spur them to move with you. Also, be sure not to engage in arguments or disrespect anyone, respect their individual positions on a matter.

Practicing these tips will put you a step closer to that fan support you have always desired. Be sure to practice these.

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Take Charge of Your Instagram Following

With 500 million active users, Instagram is a great visual social media platform to build your online community. Instagram allows you to give your fans a peek into your world through your photos and videos. While funny memes, quotes, and viral videos may get attention, building a community of fans for you and your music requires the right strategies. Here are six tips to grow your fan base on Instagram.

Instagram Following

1. Tell your story
Think of your Instagram feed as your personal online magazine. Use your photos and videos to visually tell your story. Pick main content themes that show who you are as an artist, and build a consistent feed. Some example of content themes are performing, recording, your musical interests, fashion/style, and religion/spirituality.

2. Decide on the overall look of your photos
When someone visits your profile, your first nine photos should have a consistent look. Decide if you want your Instagram feed to feature photos with an array of bold, eye-catching colors or if you want your photos to have a more minimalist, monochromatic look. You also need decide to whether you want your photos to have cool undertones or warm undertones.

Use a photo-editing app like VSCOCam to edit your photos to match your theme.

3. Post consistently
Along with having a consistent theme, you also need to be consistent in your posting. Consistency is key in building your followers over time. Sporadic posting could actually cause you to lose followers.

Post to your page one to three times a day to build your following. Create some of your posts and schedule them ahead of time with apps such as Hootsuite and Later to stay on top of your social game.

4. Use the right hashtags
Think of hashtags that both represent your brand and what your fans are searching for on Instagram. Use an analytics tool such as Iconosquare to see which hashtags are popular among your fans. Switch out your hashtags every few months to keep them fresh and correlate with your fans’ interests.

5. Spark engagement
You have to give in order to receive likes and comments on your Instagram content. Ask your followers questions, and post call-to-action photos to engage them. Like other people’s photos, and leave genuine comments on their content. Commit to engaging with a specific number of people per week to grow your following.

6. Post at the right times
In order to receive the most engagement, you must post your content at the right times. Post your content morning, afternoon, and evening to reach your fans in different time zones. Use Iconosquare to analyze when your followers are online. Study your followers’ behavior for at least a month and make adjustments to your posting times based on your findings.

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Channel O Awards certainly has come and gone and to everyone who attended, the event as usual was full of glamour and grandeur. From the outfits worn by artistes to the awards presentation and performances, the night was indeed full of fun. Although with all that being said, there was a big surprise for the night – our very own Davido who was nominated in five different categories ended up with no awards for the night. Yes it seems too unfortunate for Davido not picking up at least an award but Davido has by far had a very successful year 2014 clinching other notable and internationally recognized awards including BET (Best International Act – Africa), NEA, MTV Africa Music Awards (Best Artiste of the year and Best Male), NEA (Artiste of the year) and Affrima Awards (Artiste of the year)

Reacting, Davido posted a video on Instagram and said Shout out to team Davido, we didn’t win yesterday, it happens, but trust me we are coming back harder and harder. I love you guys for all the support.Airing his opinion, Don Jazzy insisted Davido should have gotten one award atleast.

We wish him all the best next year. Certainly next year would see him coming bigger and harder.

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Social Media has been one of the best way of keeping in contact with your fans as an artiste; it is also a platform where fans connect with their favourite artistes. From HI5, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Social Media has proven to be a must get tool for artistes. Although all of them are engaging, Instagram lately has been quite effective with fans getting to see the cool and not so cool pictures of their favourite artistes. Have a look on why you should be on Instagram and how you can get the best out of Instagram as an artiste.

Getting Started—an Effective Profile

Here’s the first counterintuitive rule. Increasing your fan base via Instagram is 20% of having 20 to 30 great pictures and 80% searching hashtags. You don’t necessarily need to post photographs every hour of the day to grow your account. In fact, that won’t help new fans discover you at all. A few pictures (say 2 – 3) is enough for the day.

Content Breakdown

There’s no hard science to a lot of this but I would make sure your profile consists of about 50% music-related photos (a picture of you on stage performing or while in the studio recording, your new album cover, shots from the road), 40% personal photos (random pictures of you either eating or chilling at the beach)

Target your Demographic

Who do you want to get your name and music in front of? Apparently an audience in your immediate environment. The more specific and niche the better. Usually people who are listening to and hash tagging smaller, up-and-coming artists are the ones who will take a chance on your music. Also target brands interested in you; you get to show them how social able you are.

Reaching Out

Now that you’ve chosen 5-10 hashtags you want to target, let’s get into what targeting actually means. Hit the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the app. Then in the search bar, type in your first hashtag (make sure your set to hashtags, not users). Hit search and voilà! Everyone who has ever uploaded a photo and included that hashtag will appear.

Follow, Like, Comment Technique

The most effective way of getting potential new fans to check you out is to like their photos, comment on them, and follow their accounts. This gets tricky because of Instagram’s spam censors which will ban your account temporarily if you violate the maximum amount of each action.

What to Expect

There are a lot of variables to this equation. How good your pictures are, how non-spammy your comments are, how willing your target demo is to check out new music from you. But in general the average return follow rate is between 10%-30%. That means if you follow 1,000 you will get 100 to 300 who will follow you back. And in those numbers is where the magic occurs.



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A revolution is soon to erupt within the music industry globally and Nigeria should be ready to partake in it.YouTube’s importance as a distribution channel and discovery platform of musical contents is undeniable. Most of the top viewed videos on YouTube are mostly that of artistes and record label channels. Recently, YouTube made its strong connection to the music industry and the listening habits of their users official; they launched a separate music streaming channel along with a beta version of their own music subscription service.

YouTube Music home page, similar to the home page, shows users the music videos recommended for them, along with the most popular music videos and playlists by genres. YouTube Official blog also promised full-length albums in high quality to be uploaded through YouTube Music for users’ listening pleasure. The page can be accessed through a web browser, as well as on YouTube’s mobile app for both Android and iPhone.

However, users wishing to enjoy free tunes on YouTube will run into a familiar inconvenience—advertisements, an expected trade-off for the video network to afford streaming rights for high-quality audio.

For those wishing to have an uninterrupted music-listening experience, YouTube has launched a beta version of a paid music subscription service called YouTube Music Key. A starting monthly fee of $7.99 (expected to rise to $9.99) guarantees users an ad-free listening experience, along with offline access and a subscription to Google Play Store. Sadly, YouTube Music Key beta is only available to the network’s “biggest music fans” by invite only, as stated on the official blog, with the wider service later.

What Your Business Can Learn from YouTube’s Evolution as A Social Channel

Here are three lessons brands can take from the rise of YouTube as a music platform:

1. Young audiences can define a market

A survey conducted in 2012 shows YouTube as the most popular source of music for teenagers, with older media like radio and CDs trailing behind. For social media and online marketing, user engagement is everything. A critical mass of users signing up or leaving your service for your competitor can make or break your brand. And the one user group social media analysts watch the most are teenagers: their love of Instagram made the networks’ user base double in less than a year, and their preference for social media as a source of news put newsrooms around the world in a panic for their future. Behaviors and habits of the young and broke often shape a market, so don’t ignore the needs of a younger customer. Teens can make a single target employee into a social media sensation overnight, so you should not ignore their needs and interests in your online marketing efforts.

2. Put your customer’s needs first and profits will follow

Despite the copyright battles and numerous opportunities to monetize on their active users, YouTube remained free to use. And now, some say that if a fraction of YouTube Music users converts to the paid streaming service, YouTube Music Key, the service will quickly outperform veterans such as Spotify and Rdio in the field. Nothing good is free for long, but you have to prove your worth to your clients before introducing a charge for your products or services. YouTube’s music offering is well-positioned to demonstrate how a free platform model can generate real profits.

3. Never underestimate Google

The 2006 acquisition of a one-year-old YouTube was one of Google’s biggest buys at the time. Now the video-sharing services reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network, according to YouTube’s official blog. If you’re in the streaming music business, you learned firsthand not to underestimate the search giant’s power. For good measure, maybe also brush up on your SEO knowledge and update your Google + profiles. And while you’re at it, why not learn a thing or two from Google’s new marketing training app, Google Primer.


Excerpts from: www.hypebot.com