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Harri Best - Juru

Harri Best – Juru

JURU literally means shake your tail Or dance on interpretation. So the song title is self explanàtory really. It’s strictly one for the dance floors. Here is more to know about the artiste below… Harri Best was born Harry Adewale Adetokunbo Moradeyo in the Uk to Nigerian parents. He studied at the Lagos Baptist Academy secondary school and went on to West Ham college London, where he studied business technology before embarking on a couple of courses in Music management. Like the common cliche, it was apparent from childhood that music was going to play a very important part in his life. Luckily his parents had an amazing and diverse record collection from James Brown to Ebenezer Obey, IK Dairo, Fela Kuti, Victor Uwaifor, Sunny Ade and much more diverse music.

Harry quickly developed a taste for old-school classic music. Along the way, The Jacksons, Prince, Marvin Gaye, Terence Trent Darby to name a few became major influences. Harri while in secondary school started a 3 piece group with some friends and as a teenager released some independently funded singles in the United Kingdom. He also toured some European nations like Sweden, Holland, Germany, Scotland, playing in clubs for a period of years. In later years, he had a hit in Europe with a reply to Olu Maintain’s classic, Yahooze. The song was called “No more Yahooze” and had modest success in Nigeria too. It was the first time Harri delved into Afro Beats, living behind his comfort zone of funk, pop and soul fusion. He has since gone on to release a few Afro beats tunes such as Talantolo,I love you mama Africa. Song release date is 3rd August 2018.

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