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    KolaSoul | A3 Sessions

    KolaSoul – A3 Sessions

    KolaSoul gives us a soul serenade on the 30th episode of A3 Sessions. The singer starts off with Ed Sheeran’s song, Perfect followed by his own songs R and Baby Maker and Damilohun.
    We hope you enjoy his session and remember to drop your comments and share.

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    Ema Onigah

    No, he is not Sakordie! They Call Him Ema Onigah

    Our 9th feature on ZoneOut Sessions, Season 4, is one of Nigeria’s dopest lyricists on the rise, Ema Onigah. Find out why we named him “The One-Touch Lyricist”.

    Now dey wanna know d occupation dat b giving me d money and d fame dat i b getting every now and then.
    So maybe u can know d kind of person dat i be, so wen i tell dat im Mr.onetouch, u go wan b my friend.
    Charlie I no b obidi, charlie I no b sarkodie, but I go b d niggah wey your ghana bae go wan dey friend!

    Remember to vote “Dope or Not Dope”.

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    Sorple Explodes Lyrically on ZoneOut Sessions

    Wordplay time!
    The Intellectual Bully, Sorple, lyrically explodes on this episode of ZoneOut Sessions.

    If you featured me, when I’m done, they’d think I featured you.
    Do it three times in a row, hat trick on you.
    You so dumb I’m getting bored cus I’m tired of tricking yo.
    Cus tho your pride is outta this world,
    Your sense is middle school.

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    Jarell lends his voice to this episode of A3 Sessions. The singer immediately captivates us with his distinct voice as he performs a medley that is sure to keep you watching until the very end.

    Songs Performed
    Own Song – Many Years Ago
    Own Song – Abuja
    Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry, Be Happy

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    Meyar Stamps His Signature on this Session of A3

    It is still the season of love and pretty boy Meyar has set many hearts aflutter with this impressive performance. He does a set that includes Jeremiah Gyang’s ‘Comforter’ ft Asa, Tatiana Manaois’s ‘Helplessly’ and his own composition ‘Only You’. The combination of his sweetly soothing voice and model-quality face are sure to leave a very dreamy smile on your face!

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    We kickstart ZoneOut Sessions Season 4 with K-Sly.

    The rapper’s lyrics all point at one thing – Knowledge.
    ~Excerpts~ from K-Sly on ZOneOut Sessions Season 4
    It’s okay to fall sometimes, pick up yourself re-strategize and relaunch attack. And watch your success give your haters a heart attack.
    Don’t cut ’em slacks. If you try to reach out they never holla back.
    But when the table turns they go on Twitter for a follow back.

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    Mani Lapussh

    Mani Lapussh Takes us on a Wild Ride on A3 Sessions [Video]

    Brace yourself: this is an experience we’re sure you’ve never had! FreeMe Tv features new-kid-on-the-block and fast-rising vocalist Mani Lapussh on A3 Sessions. The singer is determined to proved that he is nothing like the normal, and does an impressive job of that with his performance of 2Baba’s ‘True love’, Tekno’s ‘Samantha’, his own hit song ‘Party Hard’ and make sure you keep an eye out for the special extra he tacked on at the very end! Do you think he is worthy of the accolades? Click to find out!