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Owen Bright ft. Tekno “Follow” [Audio]

Owen Bright has since settled in and is already shooting for the stars in Nigeria as he looks to make his mark over here. His previous singles has being critically acclaimed, and he is now out with something for the ladies and the dance floors from Nigeria to Europe and beyond. The new fire is titled FOLLOW Ft Africa superstar Tekno.

‘Follow’ brings an upbeat melody and rhythmic sound to form an addictive tune that is bound to become a fan favorite. The jam is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, and all other music platforms.

Download and Enjoy

Fanlink https://owenbrightfeattekno.fanlink.to/follow

Owen Bright

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Social Media has been one of the best way of keeping in contact with your fans as an artiste; it is also a platform where fans connect with their favourite artistes. From HI5, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Social Media has proven to be a must get tool for artistes. Although all of them are engaging, Instagram lately has been quite effective with fans getting to see the cool and not so cool pictures of their favourite artistes. Have a look on why you should be on Instagram and how you can get the best out of Instagram as an artiste.

Getting Started—an Effective Profile

Here’s the first counterintuitive rule. Increasing your fan base via Instagram is 20% of having 20 to 30 great pictures and 80% searching hashtags. You don’t necessarily need to post photographs every hour of the day to grow your account. In fact, that won’t help new fans discover you at all. A few pictures (say 2 – 3) is enough for the day.

Content Breakdown

There’s no hard science to a lot of this but I would make sure your profile consists of about 50% music-related photos (a picture of you on stage performing or while in the studio recording, your new album cover, shots from the road), 40% personal photos (random pictures of you either eating or chilling at the beach)

Target your Demographic

Who do you want to get your name and music in front of? Apparently an audience in your immediate environment. The more specific and niche the better. Usually people who are listening to and hash tagging smaller, up-and-coming artists are the ones who will take a chance on your music. Also target brands interested in you; you get to show them how social able you are.

Reaching Out

Now that you’ve chosen 5-10 hashtags you want to target, let’s get into what targeting actually means. Hit the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the app. Then in the search bar, type in your first hashtag (make sure your set to hashtags, not users). Hit search and voilà! Everyone who has ever uploaded a photo and included that hashtag will appear.

Follow, Like, Comment Technique

The most effective way of getting potential new fans to check you out is to like their photos, comment on them, and follow their accounts. This gets tricky because of Instagram’s spam censors which will ban your account temporarily if you violate the maximum amount of each action.

What to Expect

There are a lot of variables to this equation. How good your pictures are, how non-spammy your comments are, how willing your target demo is to check out new music from you. But in general the average return follow rate is between 10%-30%. That means if you follow 1,000 you will get 100 to 300 who will follow you back. And in those numbers is where the magic occurs.



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