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Xclaim - ‎The Journey (Departure Ep)

Xclaim – ‎The Journey

Hi-Frequenzy Entertainment multi-talented artiste Xclaim (Thomas Motashu Ntul) releases his long-awaited EP album titled The Journey: Departure and this is the first of many projects to come.
This EP album is a 6-tracks album with a feel-good, afrobeat tunes and house music featuring tracks like ‘Dance Finish’, ‘Yung Boss’ and ‘Té Amo’, including ‘Evidence’ which he dropped the music video on August 18th.

Xclaim is a Lagos based multi genre music artiste with versatile skill set. He has worked with artistes, some of which includes the former girl band IBAN, Yemisax, Blaq Jerzee (Music Producer/Artist), Dun Deal (Botswana), KEB (South Africa), Lamboginny, Donna Diva, Diwari (Nigerian Idol Contestant), Thelma Okhaz (Nollywood Actress/Singer), Kaha (Heart Robber Crooner), Jay Smart etc.

+234 809 831 7403 or [email protected]

Facebook: iamXclaim Sings
Twitter: @iamxclaim
Instagram: @iamxclaim
Youtube: XclaimVEVO

Facebook: @hifrequenzyent
Twitter: @hifrequenzyent
Instagram: @hifrequenzyent


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Extended Play


Often times, when new releases are spoken of by musicians, they are mostly referring to their new single or the album. Many times, when the fans get the opportunity to speak with their favorite musician, one of the most asked question is; ‘when is the next album coming out?’. However, not much credence is given to EP’s in general. Our focus in this piece is to briefly highlight some of the benefits of releasing Extended Plays (E.P) for musicians.

What is an Extended Play? This often referred to as EP, is a musical record or compilation that contains more than one track but still, isn’t an album. It is often made up of three to eight songs and usually not as capital intensive as an album. Here are some benefits of releasing EP’s as a musician:

less time to record

Recording a new project is never an easy undertaking, especially when the demand for that project is really high. In recording an EP, the process and time aren’t as gruesome and time-consuming as it is with recording an album or a Long Play (LP). The latter sometimes would take weeks and months to record and re-record. One of the benefits of Eps, therefore, is that it affords artist who may already have studio fatigue to record and release, without going through the hectic process of recording and re-recording for months.


Music lovers are ever on demand for a new tune(s) from their favorites. With little or no time for extra-musical activities, the musician is always expected to be working on his new project. This has created an ‘unnecessary’ sense of haste and pressure on musicians to put out albums after albums. As you know, albums are not so easy to make, it could take months to make and the industry runs on a very short lifespan for new releases. One of the benefits of releasing an EP is that it reduces the pressure of releasing albums, back-2-back and it is a great way to appease your fans and music lovers. Releasing EP’s during the intervening periods of your album releases will definitely buy you time to make a good album and yet, satisfy the demand of your fans.


In making an album, there is usually this ‘stereotype’ perspective to how the songs should be made, the arrangement, the content and so on. EPs, on the other hand, are not regimented to a particular style or pattern. It gives absolute room for expression and creativity. You could decide that all the songs on your EP would be live recordings, acoustic recordings, remixes of your past songs, covers and so on. Just know that you are not restricted in your expression.

An Extended Play (EP) is a great project to embark on and it has many advantages over a single release and could be beneficial to introduce your forthcoming album. Take time to consider how you could utilize it to represent your music and your brand.

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Son Of Merlin


September 2016 saw the release of SonOfMeRLiN voL 1., a project that debuted 7 tracks with a cover of Jcole’s LOVEYOURs as the opener. The EP also featured what later became an anthem in the south, the smash hit “TsunamiRELOADED”. (Son Of Merlin Vol.1)

John Networq, now widely referred to as “SonOfMeRLiN” is set to drop his sophomore EP SonOfMeRLiN voL2 which is a 10 track collection with features including Gen Pype, LA, BoyBreed, SpotLess, and Minz. There is a song for everyone on this project as John Networq expresses his beliefs, struggles, hopes, aspirations and most importantly his lyrical depth in this project. It’s so easy.

This is the Champions League of EPs dropping March 1st 2018, however, you can pre-order now on iTunes.

Follow John Networq on all Social Media platforms @JohnNetworq for exclusive news and updates as they come.

Son Of Merlin

Son Of Merlin