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Album Exposure


Ever since the internet came into existence – or let’s say became popular, – limitless possibilities have been opened to artists in terms of promoting your music. The days of printing CDs to sell in stores/by the roadside are gradually coming to an end, and many, many artists are strictly putting their music online knowing that they can reach millions more than copies of their CDs ever could.

However, no matter how versed you – as an artist – are with using the internet, there’s little to no point in putting your songs/albums online if you don’t promote your works and make sure you get the right people and your core fans to patronize you. Let’s take a look at some basic strategies you could be using to promote your music right now.

1. Promote Your Music Live

Although the world is going digital, the need for face-to-face and live interactions with your fans cannot be overemphasized. Think about it, why do you think many A-list musicians still do ‘album listening’ parties, have gigs, and the likes? It’s because they know the value of connecting with fans live. This is a very good way to promote your songs, albums, and many of the works you’ve done. Something as little as playing a new song off your upcoming album at a gig can get many people to buy the track when it comes out. Because the people who attended the gig will vouch for you that the song is actually lit, which will spur others to buy your songs/albums.

2. Use Social Media to Promote Your Music

Of the 7.2 billion people on this planet, 2 billion are active users on Facebook, 328 million are active monthly on Twitter, 200 million users snap away on Snapchat, etc. Now, if you as an artist aren’t tapping into this, then you are clearly sitting down on a long thing. Social media’s influence on the growth of album/music sales can’t be overemphasized because if a normal person isn’t on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (at least) then the person doesn’t exist in this world… talk less of you – a musician – who wants to promote your song.

“No matter how many followers you have, you can’t eat a tweet. Get New Artist Model and learn how to turn traffic – into fans – into money.” – Dave Kusek

3. Reach out to Music Blogs

If you want to promote your music/albums, one of the best ways to do so is by reaching out to music blogs. Trust me, they definitely have the audiences that you and possibly your social media following may not have.

Also, there is the need for you to grow by reaching new audiences every day so as to convert them into core stans. Bloggers are always looking for fresh, new content, and the cool thing is, there are a ton of smaller blogs that are totally within your reach as an indie artist. And the real beauty is, if your music is put up on a blog, it’s 100% sure to be seen by people who already like your genre of music!

4. Collabo with Other Musicians

Featuring an artist is a great way to get your songs bought/heard by new people entirely. Let’s look at the two hottest musicians in Nigeria at the moment; Wizkid and Davido. I doubt there’s any collabo they will do right now that wouldn’t sell for the artist. When you do a collabo, the featured will also promote the song/album to his own fans. That means more sales for you, more new fans, and above all, more revenue. The key point here is to make sure you choose to work with artists in a similar genre or with a similar fan base as yours.

Now, all these things and more are all at your fingertips when you use a distribution and promotion company like FreeMe Digital to get your music out there to your core fans. With over 1 billion shared views on YouTube, and a Facebook and Twitter following that will rival the gods themselves, you are sure to get the best value of your money. Also having one of the top music blogs, FreeMe Digital also has a solid relationship with the top music blogs and also has an email marketing list that is guaranteed to help bolster sales of your songs/albums when used.

This article originally appeared on vibe.ng

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Son Of Merlin


September 2016 saw the release of SonOfMeRLiN voL 1., a project that debuted 7 tracks with a cover of Jcole’s LOVEYOURs as the opener. The EP also featured what later became an anthem in the south, the smash hit “TsunamiRELOADED”. (Son Of Merlin Vol.1)

John Networq, now widely referred to as “SonOfMeRLiN” is set to drop his sophomore EP SonOfMeRLiN voL2 which is a 10 track collection with features including Gen Pype, LA, BoyBreed, SpotLess, and Minz. There is a song for everyone on this project as John Networq expresses his beliefs, struggles, hopes, aspirations and most importantly his lyrical depth in this project. It’s so easy.

This is the Champions League of EPs dropping March 1st 2018, however, you can pre-order now on iTunes.

Follow John Networq on all Social Media platforms @JohnNetworq for exclusive news and updates as they come.

Son Of Merlin

Son Of Merlin

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Cobhams’ Debut Album Already Making Waves:

Musical maestro and production genius Cobhams Asuquo is pure proof that truly, impossible is nothing. Although visually-impaired, Cobhams is able to count achievements to which many people can only aspire, and over the weekend he added yet another feather to his already-decorated hat.

Cobhams has spent the last 5 years carefully creating and curating the album, pushing back the release till he felt the timing was perfect. He named the project ‘For You’ for undisclosed reasons, but we like to think that it is because the album is dedicated to his many admiring and supportive fans.

It is clear that all this hard-work will definitely pay off, as fans are already singing praises and applauding the project.

The 14-track masterpiece is his debut album as a performing artiste, and is expected to be seriously lauded as it features several industry heavyweights including Grammy-Award winner Aaron Lindsey, and other talented artistes.

On Sunday March 12th, an exclusive release concert was held in Lagos to mark the official release of the album, and saw very many stars and industry giants in attendance.

The album is currently available on  iTunes, Apple Music, MTN Music Plus, Spotify, Amazon Music or Google Play, and physical copies will be released from March 19th.



See tracklist below:

1. Make Our Hearts
2. Here It Is
3. Highly Lifted (feat. Aaron Lindsey)
4. No One (feat. Nosa)
5. Oh How I love (feat. Claire Hendershot)
6. Let Your Kingdom Come
7. For You
8. More Of You
9. Glorious Deliverer
10. Here I Am
11. Ordinary People
12. Eyin Sa
13. Praise To The Lord (feat. Claire Hendershot)
14. Angels All Round



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It looks like the #Mavins are truly on a mission this year. Right after the much celebrated signing of 4 new acts to the Supreme Mavin Dynasty, ‘Omolope’ has dropped his much-anticipated debut album title ‘Belloved’.

Already, the album is garnering great reviews from Bellovers and others alike, and even received an endorsement from Africa’s Starboy, Wizkid and many other A-listers.

The album boasts of 11 tracks, and was co-produced by Don Jazzy, Altims, Baby Fresh, Cobhams and many other great producers. The Mavins have even been kind enough to release the album for Free Downloads!


  1. Korede
  2. Oh Baybe (Hermosa)
  3. Repete
  4. Butterfly
  5. Let Him Go
  6. My People
  7. If You Smile
  8. Young Presido
  9. Favorite Song
  10. Good Time ft Bellovers
  11. Ese Baba

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Godwin
  2. Romantic
  3. Do Like That

Click for FREE DOWNLOAD: https://goo.gl/jxPpKb