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Simple Ways to Increase Your YouTube Fanbase and Get More Views Organically

YouTube has become a huge promotional tool for musicians, being the number one search engine for music. Whether you’re using YouTube for the purpose of music marketing, monetization, or both, the number of YouTube views acquired has proven to be an important metric that cannot be ignored. Now, how can you boost the number of views you’re getting on videos without breaking the bank? Here are a few tips to help boost your YouTube views organically:

Use Organic Searchable Titles:

If you want your video to be ranked higher in search engines, you must make sure the title of the video is clear and includes keywords that people are looking for. Keywords are words that directly relate to the content of your video but are also highly searchable. Therefore, place your most searchable and important keywords in the midst of the video (Title, description, tags, hashtags etc) to stand strong within your niche.

Use attractive thumbnails:

Having a thumbnail for your video that catches the attention of potential viewers is also important. This can be achieved with a high-resolution image that honestly depicts what the viewer can expect when watching your video. A misleading thumbnail has a greater chance of making people click away from your content shortly after beginning the video and we definitely don’t want that.

Collaborate with other artist or content creators:

With Collaboration comes Cross-promotion. As a musician, one of the best ways to cross-promote is by collaborating with other artists or content creators. In doing so, you are able to pull in new audiences that you may not reach otherwise. You can collaborate by featuring other artists/content creators in your music or video content as this gives you an open door to connect with their audiences/fans just as it gives them the same access to yours.

Share your video everywhere:

In sharing your video, you should be using every medium available to you. Social media platforms are responsible for a large number of videos going viral. YouTube has also made it incredibly easy to share videos on these platforms with the click of a button. Use them!

Encourage viewers to share your videos:

Having a Call-to-Action at the end of your video, within your description, and in social sharing is a highly effective way to get new viewers and current followers to share your video content. By telling viewers to simply like, subscribe, or share you are directly interacting with them and doing so improves your chances of getting personal with your fanbase, hence, more views.

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Thinking of Making Music For Movies and Commercials? Read This First…

Thinking of Making Music For Movies and Commercials? Read This First…

As a recording artist who intends to expand your career by getting into more commercial aspects of music making, one of your foremost observation will be that not all songs are equally acceptable or usable. You’d also find that some songs enjoy more patronage and are often used in movies and commercials, even though they may not be as popular or ‘sweet’ as your own song. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched; these songs serve the purpose that they are being used for in that, they have the potential to add more depth and meaning to whatever script they are meant to support. Here are some tips on what makes your music usable for movies and commercials;

Good Sound Production:

Your songs must enjoy top-quality production. i.e. must be well-mixed and mastered. The sound quality must be indisputable. If your music sounds like it was made in your bedroom, no one will care enough to use it for anything.

Build your Catalog and Diversify:    

The larger your catalog, the more opportunities you’ll have for successfully placing your music. Also, the more varied your catalog is in style, the more opportunities you’ll have for successfully placing your music.

If Possible, Create Multiple Versions of your Content:

Whether you write vocal songs or instrumental tracks, you can always increase the value of your catalog, and the opportunities for placements, by creating multiple versions of each song. By muting the vocals, a vocal song can instantly generate an instrumental track.

The tone of the song:

Again, most of such songs have an identifiable mood or vibe that pulls you in by the very first line of the song; the song conjures up a particular emotion or vibe immediately to the listeners. Identify your tone and build on it.

Get A Publishing Deal:

It’s very important to get a publishing deal in order to be able to exploit and really enjoy monetary gains from your record(s). Although publishing hasn’t really gained grounds in this part of the world, you can get money from publishing through the likes of FM Music Publishing here in Nigeria.

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Brand Reputation


In this age of the new media, it is extremely important for you as an artist to pay close attention to your brand and your entire online reputation. What people think and are saying about you is crucial, so you need to point them to where they can find correct and meaningful information about your brand, hence, your personal website.

We are in the digital age and as a musician, if you do not have a website it is high time you do.

With it, you can keep your fans updated with your latest songs, tour dates, performance schedule and sales of merchandise. All this put together if done properly can be used to shapen the perception of your target audience to your benefit and also help you acquire new fans based your positive online reputation.

These helpful tips will help you ensure that your music webspace gets the attention it deserves.

A Bio

As an artist, you need a bio where your fans and follower can go to when they need to know more about your personality and a bio would also help to counter every wrong information that may have been given about you.

News Section

A news section should be where you have the trending and latest news about you and your music career. The news section on your website can also be your event page which would want to make it easy for fans to see when and where your next show(s) or musical event is coming up. A news section would help you do this.

Good images and videos

No matter the genre of musician you are, your audience must experience every aspect of your artistry from the jam session to the recording process, live shows and other moments between you and your crewmates. Choose from different players as they are easy to add to your site and make sure you make use of the highest resolution pictures and video possible so that your audience can focus on your performance.

Music Player

A music player is really important especially as an independent record label or musician that’s just starting up. If you want as many people as possible to listen to your music you need to make it easy for them to do so. There are many options here. One of the simplest options will be to use a music hosting platform, such as Spotify, Apple music, Itunes or Soundcloud.

Shop page

Making money in music can be very challenging. That is the more reason why you need to take advantage of every opportunity you have to bring in revenue for your act. Your website is a great place to sell your music.

Social Media

The next thing to remember to include is social links. These links make it easy for your visitors to find your social media accounts and follow you. An ideal place for these links is in the header or footer of your website.


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On today’s Music Sense Monday, we’ll be discussing ‘Networking’ and some tips that can improve your networking experience as an artist. Networking is the art of interacting with others in a bid to start and develop professional or social relationships. Networking helps to foster healthy and profitable relationships and can also expose you to career-changing opportunities originally beyond your reach. Networking is an art that must be mastered in other to stand a chance to succeed in such a competitive space.

Here are a few tips you can implement easily to tune up your networking abilities:

Attend Events with Intention(s): Networking within the music industry begins with both intention and initiative. Attend events and fora where industry top shots and like-minds will be present. Also, you just don’t attend for the sake of it, attend with the intention to meet and establish networks. Interact with industry professionals, you never can tell when and how that interaction would be helpful. Fundamentally, putting yourself out there is key but it’s never enough. The purpose of your outreach must be clear so at the end of every event you can measure/evaluate the outing to determine if it was successful or a complete waste of time.

Approach & Communicate properly: Your manner of approach and communication, many times, determine if you’d be taken seriously or not. Be sure to approach and communicate politely. Also, begin your conversations with genuine talk and clear communication.

Know your Brand: Your whole music career is your brand; who you are, what you stand for, who you stand for, and why are you doing what you do. Agents, managers, or promoters might ask these questions differently. Be direct, and speak with confidence.

Know When to End a Conversation: Don’t just prolong your conversations unnecessarily; you stand a high chance of being perceived as boring in so doing. Be smart enough to know when and how to navigate your conversations in the desired direction, learn to read their body language, and be sensitive to know when to end it when the conversation starts to wind down.

Music industry networking is where professionalism meets practice and action; the more you practice, you better you get at it.

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YouTube is currently the leading platform for almost all kind of video content; be it vlogging, video sharing, and video marketing. Some other platforms have recently stepped into the video platform game but are still far away from making the kind of impact that YouTube has made over the years.

Subscribers are critical to your success on YouTube. Getting subscribers to your YouTube channel is important because they usually spend more time watching your channel than viewers who aren’t subscribed – and even better when they have Notifications turned on, as this gives them an alert whenever you post something new.

Here are a few tips you can implement to grow your subscribers:

  1. The first thing to take note of when aiming to increase subscribers is making a good plan on what your YouTube video channel is going to be about. This might involve you planning the structure of the type of content you want to be putting out, identifying your targeted audience and planning to write your script based on their understanding.
  2. Use your content to engage with your audience. If you want to create an engaging content, it has to be informative or entertaining, or else your subscribers might start to fall off as a result of your inability to engage with them. A content that works best is a content that is both informative and entertaining.
  3. Optimize your content to attract new subscribers to your target audience. Optimize your titles, be distinguishable, give your videos “offbeat” names and generate curiosity if possible. Being distinguishable is a very important aspect to success on YouTube.
  4. Relate with your loyal fans. When your fans know that you care about them, they will care about you. Interact with your audience, and listen to their requests in the comments section of your videos. It is true that you may face certain backlashes and anger in your comments section, but brush it off with elegance and listen to your loyal fan base. The benefit always outweighs the drawback.


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It is true that there are musicians out there whose music is so compelling and instantly connects with such a massive audience that the story behind the song doesn’t matter. But that’s probably for A-list musicians that have paid their dues in time. As a growing musician, you need to have a story to tell with your music. The truth of the matter is that if you want to take a proactive approach to get attention for your music, you have to think about this kind of stuff: what do you want to be remembered for? who are your fans? what are they craving? who are the game changers in your genre and what are they doing? Etc


Whether you are looking for some press or simply to connect on a deeper level with your fans, your story matters.

Here are some simple steps that can help you gain attention for your music fast:

  1. The press and your fans want to know what makes you stand out, what makes you unique. Your awesome voice and catchy melodies might not be enough to make you stand out from the rest because there’s a lot of those out there. Your tremendous talent combined with an underlying story behind your drive might just be your game changer. Use it.


  1. The good news about combining storytelling with your music is that the stories are already there. All you have to do is develop the narrative. Think through your creative process so that nothing takes you by surprise. In doing this, you will discover is that you have a way to present your music with context.


  1. Conversation with the audience entails not just the creative process but is also an invitation for them to understand more about your art and performance. When this happens, members of your audience get to see things sometimes beyond what you present.


Although your subject of discussion might be subtle, they’re an excellent way to add an extra layer of emotional depth and richness to your story – all you need to do is find the perfect piece.





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Be More Than a Musician…and more: Musician Marketing Strategies Worth Considering

Be More Than a Musician…and more: Musician Marketing Strategies Worth Considering

 All thanks to the internet, there are now endless ways to promote your music in this day and age. The variety in channels allows you to experiment and run a creativity test on yourself by trying new things, which is key to successfully promoting your music in today’s music industry. Marketing your music is essential if you want to get your name out there and actually start making money from your musical talent. Here are some channels to exploit in marketing your music:

Focus a large part of your time on Gigging

Gigging is one of the very important activities every musician should be doing, it is not only good for creating awareness for your brand but can also be monetized in different ways to help build a strong relationship with your audience. Some of the best gigs you can do are events which have other acts in your genres are also playing at. Gigging is good for gaining new fans and making money in the music industry.

Be more than a Musician

By being more than a musician, it means doing everything you can to get yourself out there and be in front of a targeted audience because this will give you more exposure for your music as possible, also do things that are not directly related to promoting yourself as a musician but will still get new targeted eyes to your music.

Reach out to Music Blogs

Promoting your music isn’t just about sharing it with your fans. If you also want to reach out to a new audience and convert them to fans, music blogs are a great way to do that. Bloggers are always looking for fresh, clean content so reaching out to them is a good way to help market yourself and your music.

Collaborate with other Musicians

Collaboration is often overlooked as an aspect of music promotion, it is a great way to get your music in front of a new group of people who follow your fan base exponentially.

Your music marketing strategy should be something you redefine over time, so don’t get frustrated trying to get to get these things together as some of them may take time to come, but the will surely help.


A lot of people already know what you are as a musician, you should also be able to let people know what it feels like relating to you when you are not onstage performing. People should be able to tell the difference from you as a musician and living your normal daily life outside of music.

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Some Factors That Can Hold-Back Your Success In The Music Industry


Achieving success in the industry is dependent on many factors. Of course, It is not just about putting out good music or surrounding yourself with people with great music knowledge. There are countless reasons that can hold-back your success in the music industry, among which are;


It has been observed that one of the greatest problems with indie artists is Fear. Fear of failing, fear of not being good enough, fear of not being accepted among many others… It should be known that fear steals confidence, kills time, frustrates the life right out of you and kills your greatest dreams and intentions. So, you have to overcome fear – both on the inside and outside.


For many indie artists, this has been their most frequent dialogue. There is no dispute that there might not be enough money to run the music cycle, that shouldn’t dissuade you from putting in efforts in making music. Our counsel is this; don’t just dwell in the ‘I don’t have enough money’ phase, keep grinding and making more opportunities for yourself.


Musicians can be very anxious and sensitive, even to the details. Just like fear, anxiety, if not properly managed, could be costly to your success in the industry. Although, there are some advantages to being anxious, however, there are some downsides to this. One of such is that; it can keep you from getting your best work out. It’s of great essence to keep such anxiety under check.


We all know being successful doesn’t come overnight, but there is something about expectations that drive even the least expected artist forward. You are going to have unrealistic expectations as they are part of human nature. Just set your sight on the real goal of making the best music you can and get a team of people around you who believe in you.

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Social Media Rules Of Engagement

Get Personal” …Some Amazing Tips That Can Blow Up Your Social Media Endeavors.’

How do you generate engagement on a social network as an artist? What’s the best tactic to use in other to generate conversations? As a musician, you have to understand the importance of engaging your fans on social media and the crucial role it plays in getting more attention to your music. Finding the actual post or content type that generates the most engagement online can be tricky sometimes but according to the popular saying, however, “the more, the merrier”.. the more you can put up content that brings people together for a conversation, the better for your social media reputation.

Even though there is no pre-existing science to getting this done, here are some tested principles that should be adhered to in other to keep your social media alive and active.

  1. Don’t waste valuable space on your social media profile. This applies to all the artist page you have, including your personal accounts, and any platform that gives you added exposure. Your “Header Image” is the first thing people see when they view your profile, this is a free advertising space and you should make it count.
  2. Be strong in your branding: You need to think about and make research on what other brands and bands are doing. Take your time to dive into what worked for others, and then use that as an outline to customize your own music and message.
  3. Obtain common usernames for your social accounts. Help your fans by making it easier to find you on social media and this can only be possible by using names that are easy for people to have access to.
  4. Blend your brand with pop culture and current events.
  5. Get personal. It is a scary thing to open up on social media, but your brand is you so don’t be afraid to show that to your fans, and trust that it will attract the right set of people to you.

It is important to know what your fans want and what would keep them glued to you, merging that together with the above tips will definitely increase your chances of a loyal fan base and help you keep a close relationship with them.

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The ability of musicians to keep a healthy relationship and connect with their fans is one of the things that keep them going and progressing in the music industry. Fans love it when they are able to have a direct communication once in a while with the artists they support. As a musician, being successful on social media means being smart and being able to connect with your fans in such a way that they feel like they have a glimpse of your personal life. Generally speaking, there are a bunch of insensitive and rude people on social media and so maneuvering through the platforms can be confusing and difficult sometimes.

Here are some golden rules to help you build a healthy social media relationship with your fans:

Do not Buy Followers

As an artist, you need to keep your followers real, when you put up a post and get 50 likes from “30,000 followers” people tend to perceive you as “lame” on social media. Buying followers end up hurting your brand and online reputation in the long run. Your brand is your voice and you must protect it in every way you can. Keep your follower’s organic.

Stay Informed

It is quite helpful sometimes to start useful discussions and conversations [around trending topics. It can be [around a new release by an artist you like, a big piece of news in the music world or an issue you feel strongly about. This can help build a channel of communication that your fans can easily reach you with.

 Don’t Forget about your Profile

Social media platforms aren’t automatic success machines, before you lunch your project on any platform, make sure you can sustain it. Being successful on social media takes time and hard work, and consistency is key to maintaining momentum. Don’t expect your first post to take you to stardom; your posts are resources that have to be used properly to achieve your desired result. Stay dedicated to your brand and message for best results.

Do Unto Others

When you’ve got a big event coming up, you naturally want to plug it on social media as much as possible. In doing this, be sure to take breaks from self-promotion and put up useful information relevant to your fans which you probably have no vested interest or stake in. Remember, one good turn, deserve another.

Recommending someone else’s event or a new project can be refreshing for anyone who needs that information and of course, it raises the odds that others will do the same for you. This helps build a sense of community, which in the long run is far more important to everyone’s success than any individual event.

No matter what your social media strategy is, the one thing you can do to maintain steady growth is by providing GREAT CONTENT consistently because no amount of exposure will help if there is no great content to keep your fans engaged on your socials. Great content brings them back for more, always.


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Music Money

Music Money: All you need to know about cashing out from your music

As far as the music business is concerned, there is no better motivation in it than raking in the ‘Music Money’ for your hard work. While some earn their own music money from performing at gigs and live shows, others are still earning money solely from physical record sales. However, only a few are aware of some “hidden” sources, where a lot more money is made.

Remember, one of the foremost consideration for musicians is to always put out great content, and in the name of Hustling, many artist careers have nosedived due to their steady release of below par content. For you to stand a chance to make money from your music, your content must be exceptionally good. Our advice is this; take your time to make great content – you can’t underestimate the opportunities one good content can bring you.

Here are some opportunities you can exploit to cash out in the music business:

Music Distribution: Gone are the days where music distribution was dependent on Record labels and ‘Alaba boys’. We are in a digital era where getting your music on streaming platforms such as; Spotify, BoomPlay, iTunes, Musicplus, YouTube and the likes are now the surest way to getting your music available to your fans, regardless of their physical location. There are several advantages digital distribution offers, one of such is the ability to earn money, via music streaming and royalties. Other advantages are the playlist features it offers as well as a platform to grow and promote your music. The process might seem tedious hence the need for licensed distribution companies such as Freeme Digital. You can sign up at to get your song(s) on all digital platforms like that.

Endorsements / Sponsorship: This refers to when an artist is signed as a brand ambassador for a particular brand/product for the purpose of leveraging on the popularity of the artist to create awareness and drive more sales for the product. Such brands could leverage your music i.e. use it as a soundtrack or even your persona. Placements are gotten through music supervisors, agents or managers – as the case may be.

Merchandising: This is a sure way for artists to make money, not only from their music but from their brands. The idea is; fans want something that comes from or is attached to their favorite artists, something that isn’t offered on a digital streaming platform – something tangible that can be felt. Notable examples are; branded shirts, shoes, cups, scarf etc. Such initiatives/undertaking give you as an artist another platform to earn, asides from your music.

Obviously, there are other ways to cash out from music business but we hope these tips will enlighten your mind and strengthen your “hustle” till we share more of such tips to help you milk your cash-cow.

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YouTube Monetization

YouTube Monetization: An Insight into its Approach and Features

One of the major factors in the business of selling music today is the ability to generate income off your product or content via several channels. Our focus here is on ‘How you can monetize your Content on YouTube’.

Recent stats show that the number of people generating a 5-figure revenue from YouTube has gone up about 5% while those earning 6-figures has increased to over 40%. This gives YouTube bragging rights as a worthy business platform, where content creators can effectively generate and monetize their content. Here are a few ways to monetize your content on YouTube:

Independent Monetization

This is an independent channel of monetizing some aspect of your content through the ‘Partner Program’, without the inputs of a middleman. The revenue generated from your content will, however, be split between you and YouTube according to the stipulated rev. share. The criteria for Independent Monetization include;

  • Your channel must reach 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers
  • Google AdSense: You must have signed up for Google AdSense. This allows YouTube to pay your royalties
  • YouTube Monetization Settings: You must adjust your YouTube monetization settings to enable the ads you want running on your content and the type of content it should run on
  • Follow and Obey all YouTube Partners’ Policies patiently, while waiting to be approved

Content ID Policies

This is a digital “fingerprinting” system that YouTube content creators can use to identify and manage their COPYRIGHTED content across the YouTube platform. This ensures that your COPYRIGHTED content isn’t illegally used and monetized. If identified, the Content ID ensures that you get a royalty from such uploads. The simplest way to identify and manage your content is by working with a YouTube Certified Content Aggregators (such as FREEME DIGITAL of course).

YouTube Red

This is a paid YouTube Streaming Subscription Service that provides advert-free video streaming to its customers. It offers access to music, series, and movies, all without adverts. For now, it is exclusive to some countries and isn’t accessible to a global audience. Once again, working with a distributor allows you quickly and easily get your content on YouTube red as well as collect the appropriate royalties when it is available.