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A channel assessment is a method of analysis that can save you time and help you plan a roadmap for growing a YouTube channel. In preparation for the assessment, think about the channel’s journey on YouTube. At a high level, reflect upon what has been going well and what hasn’t. Note whether there have been any big changes to the channel strategy since its inception and how those changes impacted growth.

A channel assessment includes qualitative and quantitative aspects. For robust metrics, YouTube offers an array of online tools, including Y0uTube Analytics, which is a convenient “dashboard” for understanding channel performance.

Shall we take a step back and assess the current state of our YouTube Channels?

STEP 1 – Ask
How do you maximize viewership?
Which of your contents is causing changes i.e elicits favourable reactions, get watched the most and keep viewers’ attention?

STEP 2 – Measure
How do subscribers affect watch time?
How have you grown in the last 30days, 90days and 365days?

STEP 3 – Calls-To-Action (CTA)
How effective is your verbal and visual calls-to-action?
Example: If your latest video series is gaining fewer subscribers, check the verbal and visual calls to action. You can also review comments to gauge how well your audience likes the content.
Your channel trailer and description should invite viewers to subscribe. Your trailer should highlight the diversity of content available.

Consistently monitoring improvements and responding to performance changes can help you sustain your growth pattern. While there’s no exact formula for finding success on YouTube, many channels have been able to accelerate their growth through strategic improvements. In addition to having content that viewers want to watch, channels can thrive by analyzing and optimizing their performance.

A regular channel assessment is like a medical checkup for your channel. Always ensure the work you’re putting in is yielding the results you want to see.

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Simply put, a Vlog is a “Video Blog”.
If you’re thinking of starting out as a vlogger on YouTube or you have already begun the journey but need tips on how to be better at it, keep reading.  Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Set your goals
You need to be very clear on why you’re starting out as a vlogger. What will your videos be about?
Will people be able to relate to an extent, what your videos depict?
What exactly is it that you hope to accomplish with your YouTube channel?  Are you trying to spread awareness?
Before you get started on your vlog channel, it’s important that you define your vlogging goals. That way you’ll be able to create a realistic vlogging schedule to help you accomplish and fulfil those goals for your YouTube channel.

2. Understand your Vlog Audience
Who are you trying to reach out to?  Who is the target audience for your YouTube channel? Before you start filming your vlogs, it’s important that you have a pretty clear understanding of just who you’re trying to appeal to.
Are you trying to communicate with sports fans? Experienced technology or beauty enthusiasts? Small business owners? Research your viewers’ interests to help make vlogs on relevant topics for your channel’s audience.

3. Be Consistent
Consistency can never be overemphasized. Consistency helps you to always stay on track with your YouTube channel, give your viewers a level of expectation as to when they can expect a new vlog upload (and as a result, you’ll feel responsible to meet those expectations) and also assist in enhancing your “brand”.

4. Be current with your content.
Make sure that what you’re uploading is always the most current information possible, whether it is your own opinion or a study that’s been conducted in your particular industry or niche. Not being current could definitely work against your content. Viewers want information that is helpful and up to date. You can always use end-screens and cards to link older videos to updated ones.

5. Always be Yourself. 
Above all else, you need to be yourself. In order for your YouTube channel to be authentic and seem authentic, you need to present values and ideas that represent who you – or your brand – are. Never be afraid to inject some of your own personality into any vlog that you put on YouTube, and above all else, make sure that all of your vlogs maintain a consistent and reliable tone.

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YouTube Music

The YouTube Music App which has been redundant for a while now has been revamped and is ready to be relaunched today the 22nd of May.

YouTube Music is a mobile app developed by YouTube that provides a tailored interface for music streaming, allowing users to browse through music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations. After months of testing and teasing, YouTube will relaunch its streaming platform today, Tuesday (May 22) with multiple subscription price points alongside an entry-level, ad-supported version.

The new service, YouTube Music, comes with an array of tools to take on Spotify, Apple Music and other established subscription platforms, and promises thousands of playlists, millions of licensed songs, albums and artist radio, video and its own “reimagined” mobile app and desktop players.

On May 17, 2018, YouTube announced a new version of the YouTube Music app, which will include a desktop player and redesigned mobile app, more dynamic recommendations based on various factors, and use of Google artificial intelligence technology to search songs based on lyrics and descriptions.

The features include allowing users to browse and stream all music-oriented videos on YouTube. The availability of music includes many of the releases from mainstream artists and extends to any video categorized as music on the YouTube service.

For now, YouTube Music will roll out in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea, with Canada and a raft of European countries (including France, the U.K., Germany and Spain) coming online shortly after.

YouTube Inc. signage displayed at the YouTube Space LA venue in Los Angeles.

The YouTube Music ad-supported product is free to users but can be upgraded to YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) for US$9.99 a month. The premium service will enable users to switch to an audio-only mode that can play in the background while the application is not in use. This offers background listening and downloads, without any annoying ads. Subscribers to Google Play Music can migrate to a YouTube Music Premium membership under their existing monthly plan. “Nothing will change,” notes YouTube. “You’ll still be able to access all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always.” In time, Google Play Music will be phased out, according to reports.

The launch of YouTube Music comes after a flurry of activity at the streaming giant, which on Wednesday revealed it would provide artist credits to more than half a billion videos on its platform, and which last week announced changes to several of its global charts, including for top songs, top artists and top music videos.

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YouTube Studio is the new home for everything you need to grow your channel, interact with your audience and make money as a creator.

By the way, you will see fewer features than you used to in the Creator Studio Classic, so you might need to use the creator studio once in a while for other things, but over time, you should begin to see more features added to the YouTube Studio.

YouTube studio dashboard

The image above shows the videos page of the YouTube Studio, the main overview of your contents. YouTube has made it easier to interact with your videos. So, you can edit, delete, download and get the link to your video by clicking on the 3 dots that appear beside the video title when you hover your cursor on it.

You can edit your video’s title and description without leaving the page. By clicking on a particular video’s thumbnail (see below), you will be able to see all the information (over a period) about that video, the analytics and comments.

Video Information

The Analytics section gives you a view of your video’s overall health. Note that the analytics page is dynamic as YouTube will be rolling out more features over time.

Features like end-screens and cards are only available in the creator studio for now, so by clicking on Missing Features, you will be able to access these features.

To make YouTube Studio your default experience, click on “Set as default studio” on the menu.

For a rundown of what the features of YouTube Studio offer, check here.

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When you start out on YouTube, your primary focus is always on your contents but over time, you will discover (if you haven’t) that titles and descriptions have an effective role to play in how your videos get the traction they need on the YouTube platform.

Good titles and descriptions draw in your audience. So, how do you go about coming up with really compelling titles and descriptions?

  1. Make Titles That Catch People’s Attention
    Many times, most creators come up with their video titles after they have created their videos. However, the reverse should be the case.
    Your video’s title ought to be a pointer for how you will direct your video. With so many people talking about the same thing you want to talk about, it is only fair that you think of a suitable, catchy title before planning to shoot your video.
    DISCLAIMER – More subscribers doesn’t guarantee more views.
    So, you need to convince your own subscribers to watch every new video you make, and a catchy title is a key aspect to influencing people to make this decision.

    A good title has these two characteristics:
    – It is Searchable
    – It is attractive.
    A searchable title is common enough that when people search for something on Google or YouTube, your video comes up as one of the suggestions.
    An attractive title is interesting enough to make people click on your video when they see it on their timeline.

    Lists are also important as they keep your viewers watching longer, so try doing videos that contain lists e.g “Top 5 countries to Visit in the Summer” or “10 tips on how to invest your money”.

  2. Write Accurate and Relevant Descriptions
    It is worth spending some time writing descriptions for your videos for at least two reasons:
    – User Experience
    Users can read what your video is about before watching it, which can determine their decision to click on your video.
    – Search Results
    YouTube’s systems are getting much better at understanding what your videos are all about but titles and descriptions are still super important. Using keywords to describe your content can increase the possibility of your videos being found in the YouTube search results.

    Always employing YouTube’s best practices in your creative journey goes a long way in ensuring your growth on the YouTube Platform.

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Let’s discuss how Playlists, subtitles and end-screens can help you drive more views on your YouTube Channel so that you can stand out.

  1. Use Playlists to organize your videos
    When people go to your channel and see your playlists, they will immediately have an idea of what topics you discuss and once they click on a video in the playlist, the next video will play automatically and this will keep the viewers engaged which in turn helps build your views and watch time.
    Playlists also help you keep your videos organized so that it’s easier for the viewers to find what it is they are looking for without much hassle.
  2. Use End-screens to guide your viewers
    End-screens give your viewers suggestions on what they can watch next. Here, you can either select a video/playlist or let YouTube do the job for you by selecting which video is “Best for Viewer” or “Most recent upload”. By choosing the right end-screens, you can try to keep your audience watching for much longer.
    NOTE – It’s always better to select a playlist in this case. The goal is to grow watch time and keep your viewers on your channel and in turn the YouTube platform, right?
  3. Diversify Your Audience by Using Subtitles
    Subtitles help people from other parts of the world to understand your contents as well as people with hearing impairment. The YouTube community is a very helpful place to find people who are ready to contribute subtitles to your videos. Just turn on “Community Contributions” and then generate a link in the “Closed Captions” section which you can share with the YouTube Community so that people can contribute subtitles.Ensure you don’t take playlists, end-screens and subtitles for granted as they can be really useful for the growth of your channel’s watch time in the long run.


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A major disaster contained on time!

In the early hours of Thursday, 10th April, the VEVO platform came under attack by hackers who targeted major official artists’ channels, one of which happened to be Luis Fonsi’s.


People began noticing early Thursday morning that music videos from some of the most popular artists in the world — including Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito”, the most-watched video on YouTube Vevo were taken down. The videos were replaced with messages from hackers and eventually were taken offline while Vevo investigated.

Vevo is a video platform that’s owned by the three biggest record companies in the United States: Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

Unlike YouTube where anyone can upload contents to, VEVO is specifically run by administrators who upload videos to the website and the Vevo YouTube channel.

This also isn’t the first time Vevo has been hacked. Vevo was hacked in September 2017, where roughly “3.12TB worth of internal files” were published online, according to Gizmodo. The attack was coordinated by OurMine, the same group behind the BuzzFeed and TechCrunch hacks, as well as that of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

That attack, which targeted the company’s internal documents, didn’t affect YouTube either. “Despacito” is currently the most-watched video on YouTube, with more than 5.02 billion views since its debut in January 2017.

It’s easy to look at Vevo and YouTube as being one company. Vevo accounted for “50 million unique views on YouTube in May 2013, after purchasing a 7 percent stake in the company in the same year, which is why Vevo videos are syndicated on YouTube.

Vevo said in their own statement. “We are working to reinstate all videos affected and our catalogue to be restored to full working order. We are continuing to investigate the source of the breach.”

Many of the videos targeted in the original attack have been re-uploaded to YouTube at this time — including “Despacito.”

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Belly Dance into a trim figure!

If you ever wanted to achieve toned, flat abs from the comfort of your own space but didn’t know a stress-free way to go about it, watch Korra Obidi’s video on how to achieve flat abs through belly dancing.

Belly Dancing

Spice TV hooks up with Korra to bring you an intensive abs burnout. Belly dance workouts are a no adverse impact, completely fun and lovely method to burn belly fat.

Health Tips:
– Drink water regularly.
– Drink tea regularly as it aids in detoxifying your system.

Watch the full video on YouTube

Subscribe to Korra Obidi’s YouTube Channel –

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    Two of the greatest night-walkers in superhero history – Batman and Black Panther – are going toe-to-toe on today’s episode of Let’s Talk.
    Batman and Black Panther are both at the peak of human physical strength, both have high IQs, are filthy rich, and are among the best fighters in comic book history.
    So with both characters preparing to take on each other, who wins? Join Miwan and his guests by watching the video below as they debate on Let’s Talk Batman vs Black Panther.

     Let’s Talk is the number one movie/TV/anime & superhero related podcast.
    Cinemashed is a channel that exists for one purpose only; to satisfy your entertainment appetite and give you premium doses of all things Movies and TV.

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    YouTube Studio Beta

    YouTube Studio Beta


    Just when creators are trying to come to terms with the latest YouTube policies, it seems as if the platform is trying to placate users by coming up with an improved and more detailed version of the Creator Studio they have chosen to name “YouTube Studio”.

    One of the most important tools for creators is the Creator Studio: the hub where you upload videos, manage your channel and grow your community. In June of last year, YouTube announced a new beta version, renamed YouTube Studio. It has been reported that hundreds of thousands of creators have been using the beta and providing invaluable feedback that has been implemented to make YouTube Studio a more efficient, empowering and enjoyable tool for creators. Over the coming weeks, YouTube plans to make YouTube Studio the default experience for many creators (however, you will still have the option to return to the creator studio).

    What Makes YouTube Studio different from the Creator Studio?

    YouTube Studio’s most anticipated features include three new metrics that will give you a better understanding of how your videos perform and an all-new Dashboard that shows you personalized news and information for your channel.

    The three new metrics in YouTube Analytics include Impressions, Impressions click-through rate, and Unique Viewers – that give a deeper understanding of your reach on YouTube. Although these metrics are not currently available to all creators, it is said to be available to everyone in the YouTube Studio and subsequently, the creator studio classic.

    An Impression is counted when a viewer on YouTube sees one of your video thumbnails. Impressions tell you the potential reach of your content on YouTube since each impression is an opportunity to earn a view.

    An impression is counted every time a video thumbnail is shown to someone on It’s important to understand that not every instance where a viewer sees a video thumbnail will count as an impression and that not all views come from thumbnail impressions.

    In cases where impressions are counted, YouTube counts an impression when it can be detected that your thumbnail was visible to a user (e.g., It counts when a thumbnail was shown for more than one second and at least 50% of the thumbnail was visible on the screen).

    Note: Impressions can take longer to be calculated than views, so you may temporarily see zero or a limited number of impressions when looking at your latest upload.

    Impressions click-through rate shows you the percentage of your impressions on YouTube that turned into views. Different factors affect your click-through rate. For example, effective thumbnails and titles that attract your target audience may drive this rate up. This metric can help you make more informed decisions on how to optimize your titles and thumbnails, especially when you look at how this metric changes between past videos.

    Unique viewers show the estimated number of different people who watch your videos over a period of time. Whether they watch on desktop, mobile phone or watched more than one of your videos, that person will count as one unique viewer. You can use this data to compare your audience size to your subscriber base and identify videos that helped reach a wider audience. This information can also help guide your content strategy, and showcase your true reach when discussing brand deals and sponsorships.

    The All-New YouTube Studio Dashboard

    The new dashboard will now provide a snapshot of your latest upload, personalized recommendations, and instant access to news.

    According to YouTube, the new Dashboard will be your “one stop shop” for data, insights and news so you don’t have to spend time searching for it.

    The Dashboard will feature:

    • Video Snapshot: You’ll get a snapshot of how your newest video is performing compared to your previous uploads over the same time period. Previously, you had to pull this data from multiple sources and calculate it on your own.
    • Personalized Recommendations: Here we’ll surface Creator Academy content based on the specific needs of your channel. In the future, we’ll also help you understand why certain videos perform better than others so you can adapt your plans for future videos.
    • News: You shouldn’t have to search for the news; it should come to you. With this feature, you’ll get the latest updates from across YouTube so you can easily stay up to speed on everything that affects the creator community.

    All these changes will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks, so watch out as I continue to bring you updates as well as how best these updates will be of help to your creative process.

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    Watch time Threshold


    Oh No! I’m going to lose monetization on my channel!

    How am I going to make money from my videos? YouTube sucks! These are a few of the outcries from creators whose channels have lost the monetization ability.

    Sequel to my last post on How to get 1000 Subscribers in 2018, I will be sharing with you 7 ways to get 4000 hours of watch time on YouTube.

    1. Trends
      If there is a trending topic in your niche, jump on it right away and discuss it in the video. Use a website like Google Trends, to search for trending topics in your niche.
    2. LiveStreams
      The beauty of going live is that people spend more time on your live videos than your regular videos because there is a lot of interaction going on during your live stream. It is a great way to accumulate watch time quickly.
    3. Collaborations
      Collaboration is a great way to expose your contents to a different audience. As you do more collaborations, you’ll expand your audience, attract more subscribers and generate more watch time hours.
    4. Increase Upload Frequency
      The more you frequently upload new videos, the more watch time and subscribers you will attract. For example, if you upload just once a week, you won’t accumulate more watch time hours nor subscribers.
    5. Increase Audience Retention
      Audience Retention refers to the number of times users remain engaged with your video(s). The longer they stay watching your video, the more watch time you accumulate. If your average audience retention is below 50%, work on improving it. To increase audience retention, ensure that you grab your viewers’ attention in the first 10 seconds by either asking a question or stating clearly what your video is about.
    6. Playlists
      The beauty of playlists is that they contain a series of videos so that people can binge-watch your videos. When a person watches multiples videos in succession, it greatly improves your watch time hours. Ensure you link to your playlists in your end-screen and cards as well as your description and top of your comments.|
    7. Adwords for Video Campaign
      Create ads for your most engaging videos to accumulate watch time hour. Once you run a successful ad, you are not far from achieving the 4000 hours watch time hours.

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    Build a Community on YouTube

    How to get 1000 Subscribers

    Growing your YouTube Channel from zero to 1000 subscribers won’t happen quickly if you don’t know what to focus on. It is no longer news that YouTube now requires a channel to have at least 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months to enable monetization.

    Here are 10 ways for you to gain 1,000 subscribers fast on YouTube in 2018:

    1. Create Contents Your Audience Wants To Watch
      Viewers will subscribe if you constantly upload valuable contents. Create an avatar of the idea of viewers you want to attract; this means that you have to identify their age, interests and problems. When you’re creating a video, imagine you are having a conversation with an actual person so that your contents come across naturally.
    2. Identify The Correct Search Terms
      People are continually entering their search queries into Google or YouTube. Therefore, enter your main keyword into the YouTube Search box to get a list of phrases. Create a video for each phrase and use the phrase in the title, description and tags of your video, because it will be the most relevant for your particular video and also increase the chances of your video ranking well in the search engine.
    3. Use YouTube AnalyTics
      Identify the top videos on your channel that are generating the most subscribers. Go to YouTube Analytics > Subscribers > YouTube Watch Page. Look at the titles of the top videos and create videos similar to those.

      Analytics for Subscribers

      Also, take a look at your “Traffic Sources”. Go to YouTube Analytics > Traffic Sources. Click on the Suggested Videos and YouTube Search links, look at the videos that appear in both lists and create videos that are similar to the ones that appear but use different contents.

      Traffic Sources Analytics

    4. Optimize Your Channel Homepage
      Do you know that when you publish a new video, the majority of the traffic comes from your channel homepage rather than the video watch page, therefore, you need to optimize your channel homepage to turn first-time visitors into subscribers. To do this,
      – Create an attractive channel banner that tells visitors exactly what your channel is all about within the first few seconds of visiting your channel.
      – Create a customized channel trailer as well as a strong call-to-action (CTA) that tells people to subscribe to your channel.
      – Add playlists to the sections on your channel. This will help viewers go into your contents more deeply and keep them watching more videos

      Homepage Sections

    5. Create Engaging Videos
      The longer someone stays watching your videos or successive videos, the higher your chances of YouTube promoting your videos on other people’s channels based on the viewing experience and will also increase their chances of ranking high in the search results. The first 10 seconds of your video should grab people’s attention.

      Audience Retention

      For example, begin your video by asking a question then let the rest of your video include points that support your introduction.
      Make sure you end the video with a strong call to action that tells them to subscribe using a good “Subscribe” graphic. Also, utilize end-screens and cards to link to related videos and playlists. Keep your viewers engaged throughout your video.

    6. Create Clickable Thumbnails
      Your thumbnail is the first impression your viewers have of your video before they decide to click and watch. When designing your thumbnail, ensure you use the most catchy still-shot of yourself or video and bold text with contrasting colours. Make sure the picture on your thumbnail corresponds with the text on it.

      Video Thumbnail

    7. Viewer Interaction
      Since subscribers are people who generate the most views to your future videos, build a relationship with them by replying to their comments. Ask them to connect with you outside of YouTube on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram so that they feel like they are a part of your day-to-day life. Also, subscribe to the channels of your subscribers if they have theirs to show your support.
    8. Add a Subscribe Watermark
      A subscribe watermark enables you to add the subscribe link to your channel across all the videos on your channel. You can also create a subscribe pop-up link and add to your banner, description, social media sites and websites.

      Branding Watermark

    9. Increase Upload Frequency
      Increasing your publishing frequency triggers the YouTube algorithm. This makes sense because you have more videos working for you. So, if you upload once a week, try to do it 2 or 3 times a week.
    10. Collaborations
      The great benefit of collaborations if that you expose your contents to another audience rather than your own. As you increase the number of collaborations, so will your audience grow. Also, as the channels you collaborated with grow, so will your exposure to more people.BONUS TIP
      Avoid asking “Sub4Sub” as it is against YouTube’s regulation and it could lead to the termination of your channel.

      I wish you all the best as you begin to incorporate these tips!