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Kamal - Chadda Chawqi

Kamal – Chadda Chawqi

The Label Vazy Music announces the release of the highly anticipated and long-awaited single of his artist Kamal, the song titled is Chadda Chawqi, “a heartbreaking love” produced by the Mr. Vazy the record is set to be released on May 20th 2019 on all digital platforms. This song is a poem of love written by Sheikh Ibrahima Niass to his master Sheikh Ahmad Tijān. He reveals his love to his master who tears his heart as it is indicated by the tilted CHADDA CHAWQI  which means “a heartbreaking love”. Feelings of sorrow, sadness and melancholy are noted in this poem. This poem is taken from his book Jāmiu Jawāmi’u

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Yung Buffer - I'm Ready To Go

Yung Buffer – I’m Ready To Go

I am a musician well known as Yung Buffer born and hailed in Enugu State Nigeria from the family of Mr and Mrs Wilfred Onuh.I was born in the 16th of July 1989 at umuida in igbo ezeh north local government area Enugu State Nigeria. I attended St Thomas primary school umuida and community high school umuida in igbo ezeh north local government area in Enugu State Nigeria but currently residing in Ogun State Nigeria. In January 2004 I became a servant to chief and Lolo Ambrose Ogbu with 8 years agreement of which ended in December 2011 while I was settled in January 2012 with the sum of 300,000 hundred thousand naira, i opened a shop and began to hustle on my own. In the middle of 2014 things became completely complicated with me which almost drag me back to the village but a good friend of mine who’s name is Jeremiah Mba eventually came to my rescue and gave me a helping hand to live happily again. While staying with him I became a motorcyclist, from motorcyclist to laborer, but when I was a servant to Chief Ambrose I usually have the dream of becoming a musician which I developed it and grow up with it as well by joining the choir at Holy Trinity Catholic Church at Idiroko ipokia local government area of Ogun State, so there I stated composing songs while I’m still serving my master. I recorded my first track (Like a boss) at maxibeats production,  mix and mastered by Shakargbum and also promoted by Maxibeats production while my second track (Light) was produced by Neduction production and Rich More B and also (I’m ready to go) which is coming out on 27th of May 2019 was produced by Shakargbum. I am a musician today is not because that people are making it from the industry, capital NO, I join the industry today because it has been my dream ever since I was small and I have been living it pretty well. I am not just a musician but an R&B singer, songwriter, rapper and performer as well as motivator. Kindly check out my new single ”I’m ready to go” which is coming out on 27th of May 2019. I thank the good Lord who made my dream come true and also big thanks to you all who has been supporting my music may God bless you all #amen.

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Mandredzino x Mr. Nascent - Gangster Lead

Mandredzino x Mr. Nascent – Gangster Lead

Alex Bobby .K. @Mandredzino is now a household name in the Nigerian Entertainment industry, He had his first Professional shot in 2018 after releasing #Bumbum Base which enough of accolade via the rejuvenated approach on the product works in which major artists took tempo from
He’s been currently managed By Dreams Empire Gang and has been able to record a couple of songs like #Policy and the latest works is a joint collaboration with uprising Raggae sensation @Mr Nascent 

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Evokaycee - Mama Erigom

Evokaycee – Mama Erigom

Evokaycee is that kind of dude that rose from grass to grace. He grew up in Abule Ijesha , Yaba Lagos. He is humble, loyal, gothic, soft, weird, and a lovely person. The song & video is a true story of his life. He featured his true Mum, family and friends from his hood in Abule Ijesha.

He also featured the ghetto house where his mum raised them. Evokaycee is signed to Danasty INC Records. “Mama Erigom” is dedicated to all the married and single MOTHERS out there. “Mama Erigom” is Igbo & can be translated in Naija as “Mama I don chop up” Evokaycee is a legend in progress!

Get connected to Evokaycee on: Twitter | Instagram:- @evokaycee Video Director:- Unlimited LA; IG- @unlimitedla Video Stylist:- Angelic Touch; IG- @deangelictouchstylist . Song was produced by Evokaycee, but Mix & Mastered by Promix.