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While social media continues to dominate the focus of online marketing discussions, there is no question that EMAILS have and will continue to be a fundamental key to successful marketing. Talking about music, a strong email list and email marketing strategy can yield long-term success in ways that are often overlooked by a lot of musicians today.

With your own email list, you have the ability to reach your fans directly to connect and stay in touch, sell music, tickets and more. Email marketing has always been found to be very effective for those who have knowledge about it.

These Steps will Guide Your Email Marketing Endeavours:

Build your Mailing list: It’s important to note that people must opt-in to your mailing list, as is required with any form of marketing that requires permission. One of the most effective ways to build your mailing list is by creating a LEAD MAGNET. This can be tickets to an event you’re hosting, your merchandise or any product that fan won’t hesitate to give up their email addresses for.   The first step in building an effective mailing list is by building a list of everyone who willing gave you their email addresses for one reason or the other.

The frequency of your Newsletter and what to include in it

The goal here is to focus on consistency, that is, how often you think you can send your newsletter on a regular interval. You don’t want to hold onto too much information for too long, as your newsletters will become overwhelming to your fans and likely to be ineffective. What to include in your newsletter solely depends on what you are trying to achieve. Ultimately, ensure to always engage with fans and build loyalty by offering useful/relatable content to your readers.

Captivating Subject Line

No matter the content of your email, if the subject line doesn’t immediately grab attention, the email might NEVER be opened and that great email you worked so hard to put together goes unread. It is important to note here that the subject line and the Body of the email must harmonize if you want your fans to stay intrigued by your newsletter. You don’t want people to open the email, only to be put-off that whatever you promised in the subject line doesn’t actually exist in the email.

Analyzing Data

Marketing is only as good as the goals you’ve set in place, and the best way to tell if you are effectively meeting those goals is to analyze your results. All email marketing platforms give you the “open rate”, “click rate” and other relevant data that can help you gauge the effectiveness of email blasts. Use this data week after week to create a benchmark for yourself and fine-tune your activities… and your email endeavors will soar.