New Music: Kolorado – Lagos 2 Malay (Official EP)

New Music: Kolorado – Lagos 2 Malay (Official EP)

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Kolorado - Lagos 2 Malay

kolorado – Lagos 2 Malay

After the release of ‘Joy’, ‘King of the Jungle’, ‘Samba’ and ‘Reload’, you would think that musician and songwriter ‘Kolorado’ might think about slowing down, but that’s just not the case. Kolorado continues to perform more than 100 shows a year and drives close to 50,000 miles getting to them. He is one of the most durable and beloved singers on the folk music scene today.

Kolorado, who is the CEO of Kolorado Muzik Group, was born in Lagos, Nigeria on July 12, 1988, and started his music career at the age of  6 years old. He is good at playing pianos and also guitar.

Kolorado has five recordings to his credit and has written over 5 songs, many of which have been recorded by the likes of XtraSound, Ploops, and the rest. His music is sung at campfires and folk music gatherings, in homes and big clubs, radios, streets, all around the country and worldwide.  Songs like “Reload,” “Samba,” “King of the Jungle,” and “Joy,” have become club music hits songs. Magnito once described Kolorado as “a modern-day D’ Banj, while his fans and other people think in some cases, he shares a resemblance with the popular Music Superstar Davido. His music will be around a hundred years from now. 

On stage, Kolorado is an intimate, compelling performer, out of the big scene of the today’s music, encouraging his audience to sing with him on his chorus songs. He will mix in traditional tunes with his own contemporary big ballads. His humorous tales of life on the road and observations of everyday people provide an entertaining blend of story and song.

“I have always wanted to bring something of value to people with my songs. I think that is important, to try to write beyond myself, to write to the great things that we all experience in our lives.” For Kolorado, that is what Hip Hop music is all about–a music rich in the human experience and spirit.

Kolorado is about to launch a recorded EP with Nine(9) hits track produced by XtraSound and Ploops, The EP is tilted ‘Lagos to Malay’. His EP tracks are on all digital and all music promoting blog nation and worldwide. Kolorado has done numerous radio and television appearances and, also performed in many big concerts.”

You can follow Kolorado on Instagram – @Koloradomuzik, Facebook – Koloradomuzik, Twitter – @Koloradomuzik1.