YouTube Vlogging For Beginners

YouTube Vlogging For Beginners

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Simply put, a Vlog is a “Video Blog”.
If you’re thinking of starting out as a vlogger on YouTube or you have already begun the journey but need tips on how to be better at it, keep reading.  Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Set your goals
You need to be very clear on why you’re starting out as a vlogger. What will your videos be about?
Will people be able to relate to an extent, what your videos depict?
What exactly is it that you hope to accomplish with your YouTube channel?  Are you trying to spread awareness?
Before you get started on your vlog channel, it’s important that you define your vlogging goals. That way you’ll be able to create a realistic vlogging schedule to help you accomplish and fulfil those goals for your YouTube channel.

2. Understand your Vlog Audience
Who are you trying to reach out to?  Who is the target audience for your YouTube channel? Before you start filming your vlogs, it’s important that you have a pretty clear understanding of just who you’re trying to appeal to.
Are you trying to communicate with sports fans? Experienced technology or beauty enthusiasts? Small business owners? Research your viewers’ interests to help make vlogs on relevant topics for your channel’s audience.

3. Be Consistent
Consistency can never be overemphasized. Consistency helps you to always stay on track with your YouTube channel, give your viewers a level of expectation as to when they can expect a new vlog upload (and as a result, you’ll feel responsible to meet those expectations) and also assist in enhancing your “brand”.

4. Be current with your content.
Make sure that what you’re uploading is always the most current information possible, whether it is your own opinion or a study that’s been conducted in your particular industry or niche. Not being current could definitely work against your content. Viewers want information that is helpful and up to date. You can always use end-screens and cards to link older videos to updated ones.

5. Always be Yourself. 
Above all else, you need to be yourself. In order for your YouTube channel to be authentic and seem authentic, you need to present values and ideas that represent who you – or your brand – are. Never be afraid to inject some of your own personality into any vlog that you put on YouTube, and above all else, make sure that all of your vlogs maintain a consistent and reliable tone.