YouTube Music: Revamped and Ready to Roll

YouTube Music: Revamped and Ready to Roll

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YouTube Music

The YouTube Music App which has been redundant for a while now has been revamped and is ready to be relaunched today the 22nd of May.

YouTube Music is a mobile app developed by YouTube that provides a tailored interface for music streaming, allowing users to browse through music videos on YouTube based on genres, playlists, and recommendations. After months of testing and teasing, YouTube will relaunch its streaming platform today, Tuesday (May 22) with multiple subscription price points alongside an entry-level, ad-supported version.

The new service, YouTube Music, comes with an array of tools to take on Spotify, Apple Music and other established subscription platforms, and promises thousands of playlists, millions of licensed songs, albums and artist radio, video and its own “reimagined” mobile app and desktop players.

On May 17, 2018, YouTube announced a new version of the YouTube Music app, which will include a desktop player and redesigned mobile app, more dynamic recommendations based on various factors, and use of Google artificial intelligence technology to search songs based on lyrics and descriptions.

The features include allowing users to browse and stream all music-oriented videos on YouTube. The availability of music includes many of the releases from mainstream artists and extends to any video categorized as music on the YouTube service.

For now, YouTube Music will roll out in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea, with Canada and a raft of European countries (including France, the U.K., Germany and Spain) coming online shortly after.

YouTube Inc. signage displayed at the YouTube Space LA venue in Los Angeles.

The YouTube Music ad-supported product is free to users but can be upgraded to YouTube Premium (formerly YouTube Red) for US$9.99 a month. The premium service will enable users to switch to an audio-only mode that can play in the background while the application is not in use. This offers background listening and downloads, without any annoying ads. Subscribers to Google Play Music can migrate to a YouTube Music Premium membership under their existing monthly plan. “Nothing will change,” notes YouTube. “You’ll still be able to access all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always.” In time, Google Play Music will be phased out, according to reports.

The launch of YouTube Music comes after a flurry of activity at the streaming giant, which on Wednesday revealed it would provide artist credits to more than half a billion videos on its platform, and which last week announced changes to several of its global charts, including for top songs, top artists and top music videos.