How To Stand Out on YouTube (Part 2) – Titles and Descriptions

How To Stand Out on YouTube (Part 2) – Titles and Descriptions

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When you start out on YouTube, your primary focus is always on your contents but over time, you will discover (if you haven’t) that titles and descriptions have an effective role to play in how your videos get the traction they need on the YouTube platform.

Good titles and descriptions draw in your audience. So, how do you go about coming up with really compelling titles and descriptions?

  1. Make Titles That Catch People’s Attention
    Many times, most creators come up with their video titles after they have created their videos. However, the reverse should be the case.
    Your video’s title ought to be a pointer for how you will direct your video. With so many people talking about the same thing you want to talk about, it is only fair that you think of a suitable, catchy title before planning to shoot your video.
    DISCLAIMER – More subscribers doesn’t guarantee more views.
    So, you need to convince your own subscribers to watch every new video you make, and a catchy title is a key aspect to influencing people to make this decision.

    A good title has these two characteristics:
    – It is Searchable
    – It is attractive.
    A searchable title is common enough that when people search for something on Google or YouTube, your video comes up as one of the suggestions.
    An attractive title is interesting enough to make people click on your video when they see it on their timeline.

    Lists are also important as they keep your viewers watching longer, so try doing videos that contain lists e.g “Top 5 countries to Visit in the Summer” or “10 tips on how to invest your money”.

  2. Write Accurate and Relevant Descriptions
    It is worth spending some time writing descriptions for your videos for at least two reasons:
    – User Experience
    Users can read what your video is about before watching it, which can determine their decision to click on your video.
    – Search Results
    YouTube’s systems are getting much better at understanding what your videos are all about but titles and descriptions are still super important. Using keywords to describe your content can increase the possibility of your videos being found in the YouTube search results.

    Always employing YouTube’s best practices in your creative journey goes a long way in ensuring your growth on the YouTube Platform.