New Music Alert: Leroi Okonny in My Reality [Audio]

New Music Alert: Leroi Okonny in My Reality [Audio]

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Leroi Okonny

Leroi Okonny – My Reality

Leroi Okonny is from the Southern part of Nigeria, Rivers State. He is a Musician, Motivational Speaker and Host, The R’tunes Show who loves to help people become better versions of themselves. My Reality is Leroi Okonny’s first pep talk broadcast album as he declares to have several uncategorized episodes yet to be released.

While detailing his thoughts in the audios that he calls episodes, his optimistic and enthusiastic outlook on life has immensely aided in creating the empowering and uplifting album, full of inspiration. This audio broadcast undeniably is geared to inspire, motivate and transform.

For more information, please contact Leroi Okonny via E-mail;
[email protected], Instagram: @leroi.okonny, Facebook: Leroi Okonny