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Music Sense - Stage performance


The ability to deliver an unforgettable stage performance as a music artist is one of the most fundamental, yet technical, ways to appeal to your audience (fans) and leave a lasting impression in the hearts of music lovers. As fundamental as it is, many music artists haven’t learnt the rudiments of stage, much more, gain mastery over the art/act.

To deliver your best stage performance yet, there are a few things that are worth practicing. These are:

PREPARE: As a music artist, you must always prepare before you go on any stage to perform. On the stage, anything and everything can happen to disrupt your performance. This means that you have to be aware of everything happening on the stage and how to manage it. However, the ability to manage your stage is not learnt during your performance, it is learnt during your preparations. What better way to prepare for a stage performance than during rehearsals? Rehearsals affords you the opportunity to master your materials, manage your stage presence and perfect your craft. Keep rehearsing and practicing. It gets better the more you do so.

ENEGIZE: Another attribute to harness is the ability to put in Energy. Now, energy here doesn’t mean that you go to the gym to pump your muscles and then, flex it on the stage (even though that’s still important) but it’s about your vibe or aura. As a performer, you must transmit the emotions and energy from the music to the audience. Let them feel the energy. It makes your performance appealing and compelling.

DELIVER: As a stage performer, you must be careful about the energy you release. Sometimes, the energy you transmit might not be right for the audience. i.e negative energy. Sometimes, you aren’t in the right frame of mind before going up on stage, you must be sure to release all the negative emotions and energy before going up on stage. If it takes for you to meditate, do so. If it takes for you to pray, pray; take a bottle of wine, do so. Whatever it takes, do it so that you won’t release the negative energy to your audience.

MOTIVATE: You must also learn to encourage and motivate your audience while performing. If it’s that you want them to dance, you could start dancing yourself and call on them to join you. If it’s to sing along, you could encourage them by telling the instrumentalist to reduce their instruments. It helps them get more involved in your craft.

REVIEW AND REFINE: After your performance, take some time off to review your performance with your team. You could request for a video footage. Observe your mistakes and work on it by rehearsing. It helps your performance become more refined.

Practicing these highlighted items will help you improve your performance. The more you practice, the better you become. Do these and see that all your stage performances are unforgettable.