How to Get 1000 Subscribers in 2018

How to Get 1000 Subscribers in 2018

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How to get 1000 Subscribers

Growing your YouTube Channel from zero to 1000 subscribers won’t happen quickly if you don’t know what to focus on. It is no longer news that YouTube now requires a channel to have at least 1000 Subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months to enable monetization.

Here are 10 ways for you to gain 1,000 subscribers fast on YouTube in 2018:

  1. Create Contents Your Audience Wants To Watch
    Viewers will subscribe if you constantly upload valuable contents. Create an avatar of the idea of viewers you want to attract; this means that you have to identify their age, interests and problems. When you’re creating a video, imagine you are having a conversation with an actual person so that your contents come across naturally.
  2. Identify The Correct Search Terms
    People are continually entering their search queries into Google or YouTube. Therefore, enter your main keyword into the YouTube Search box to get a list of phrases. Create a video for each phrase and use the phrase in the title, description and tags of your video, because it will be the most relevant for your particular video and also increase the chances of your video ranking well in the search engine.
  3. Use YouTube AnalyTics
    Identify the top videos on your channel that are generating the most subscribers. Go to YouTube Analytics > Subscribers > YouTube Watch Page. Look at the titles of the top videos and create videos similar to those.

    Analytics for Subscribers

    Also, take a look at your “Traffic Sources”. Go to YouTube Analytics > Traffic Sources. Click on the Suggested Videos and YouTube Search links, look at the videos that appear in both lists and create videos that are similar to the ones that appear but use different contents.

    Traffic Sources Analytics

  4. Optimize Your Channel Homepage
    Do you know that when you publish a new video, the majority of the traffic comes from your channel homepage rather than the video watch page, therefore, you need to optimize your channel homepage to turn first-time visitors into subscribers. To do this,
    – Create an attractive channel banner that tells visitors exactly what your channel is all about within the first few seconds of visiting your channel.
    – Create a customized channel trailer as well as a strong call-to-action (CTA) that tells people to subscribe to your channel.
    – Add playlists to the sections on your channel. This will help viewers go into your contents more deeply and keep them watching more videos

    Homepage Sections

  5. Create Engaging Videos
    The longer someone stays watching your videos or successive videos, the higher your chances of YouTube promoting your videos on other people’s channels based on the viewing experience and will also increase their chances of ranking high in the search results. The first 10 seconds of your video should grab people’s attention.

    Audience Retention

    For example, begin your video by asking a question then let the rest of your video include points that support your introduction.
    Make sure you end the video with a strong call to action that tells them to subscribe using a good “Subscribe” graphic. Also, utilize end-screens and cards to link to related videos and playlists. Keep your viewers engaged throughout your video.

  6. Create Clickable Thumbnails
    Your thumbnail is the first impression your viewers have of your video before they decide to click and watch. When designing your thumbnail, ensure you use the most catchy still-shot of yourself or video and bold text with contrasting colours. Make sure the picture on your thumbnail corresponds with the text on it.

    Video Thumbnail

  7. Viewer Interaction
    Since subscribers are people who generate the most views to your future videos, build a relationship with them by replying to their comments. Ask them to connect with you outside of YouTube on your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram so that they feel like they are a part of your day-to-day life. Also, subscribe to the channels of your subscribers if they have theirs to show your support.
  8. Add a Subscribe Watermark
    A subscribe watermark enables you to add the subscribe link to your channel across all the videos on your channel. You can also create a subscribe pop-up link and add to your banner, description, social media sites and websites.

    Branding Watermark

  9. Increase Upload Frequency
    Increasing your publishing frequency triggers the YouTube algorithm. This makes sense because you have more videos working for you. So, if you upload once a week, try to do it 2 or 3 times a week.
  10. Collaborations
    The great benefit of collaborations if that you expose your contents to another audience rather than your own. As you increase the number of collaborations, so will your audience grow. Also, as the channels you collaborated with grow, so will your exposure to more people.BONUS TIP
    Avoid asking “Sub4Sub” as it is against YouTube’s regulation and it could lead to the termination of your channel.

    I wish you all the best as you begin to incorporate these tips!