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EmmaNyra, the first lady of Triple MG, releases her video for her smashing single “For My Matter” long anticipated by fans and which is worth the wait as the video meets up to all expectations, from the dance steps to her sexiness. 

The video was directed by Director TK in a mansion within Richmond, Surrey UK. This video takes a different approach, as it oozes sex  appeal. From the lyrics to the styling this video depicts the sexy, sultry, yet soft side to EmmaNyra. This video was inspired by true life events as played out in the video.

EmmaNyra was styled by her very own stylist Chyna Bee, in several risqué pieces, as well as short dresses with sexy cut-outs. The video simply oozes sexiness

Watch out for more amazing hits from EmmaNyra as she wraps off 2014 in a grand style with “For My Matter” and it will surely be a great 2015 for her music career.







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Recently, YouTube introduced Music Key, a music streaming service that the video hosting company had been hinting for at least a couple of years. The company has experimented with revenue models and music industry partnerships to leverage its huge library of music videos since its 2005 acquisition by Google – including a partnership with Universal Music Group’s video platform Vevo back in 2009. There’s a bit of confusion (from both musicians and fans) about what YouTube Music Key actually is and how it’s different from Google Play, Spotify, and other music steaming services. Here’s what you need to know.

How does Music Key work?

Music Key is just one element of YouTube’s new focus on making the service easier to use for music discovery and listening. You may have noticed a new, dedicated “music” tab featured on the YouTube homepage. Much like the rest of YouTube, the new music section allows users to watch, listen to and create playlists, as well as get recommendations for new videos. Additionally, Music Key makes it possible to do a few things that traditionally made YouTube less than ideal for music listening:

You can now play music in the background on mobile devices. That is, YouTube no longer stops playing when you switch tabs to browse or text on your phone.

You can download music for offline listening. You can now create and save a music playlist to enjoy during those times you’re WiFi-free.
You can skip ads (for most content). Music Key allows users to go ad-free for much of its content, though apparently there’s no guarantee that all of YouTube’s music-related video content (and there are millions of videos out there) will load ad-free through Music Key.

How can I sign up for Music Key?

At the time of this writing, Music Key is in beta and invites have already been sent to most Google Play subscribers and a few lucky users who have downloaded the latest version of YouTube. It’s still unclear who (outside of Google Play subscribers) is included in the beta roll-out, but you can also sign up to be included on a waiting list.

Right now, YouTube has shared the beta with its so-called “biggest music fans,” but states that subscriptions will be made available through a promotional trial in the near future (probably early next year) for $7.99 per month. Post-promotion, the subscription will be $9.99 per month. When launched, YouTube Music Key will be available in the United States, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom.
It’s also important to note that a Music Key subscription also includes a subscription to Google Play Music and its 30 million-plus songs and, eventually, the ability to watch YouTube videos within the Google Play Music app.
So is it worth it? Maybe. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time listening to music on YouTube, then the convenience may be worth the investment.

How can musicians get involved in Music Key – and how much do we get paid?

Here’s the million-dollar question, so to speak. YouTube hasn’t yet been terribly transparent about how indie musicians can make their music formally available through Music Key. Distribution companies like FreeMe Digital have recently promoted partnerships with Music Key, so it seems that musicians will require some kind of formal arrangement with a digital distribution entity to get set up with Music Key, at least for the moment.

As for payment, it’s unclear what percentage of royalties musicians stand to make from Music Key. As with most music streaming services, the math behind the royalties process remains somewhat of a mystery, but a February 2014 Billboard article notes that YouTube paid out $1 billion in royalties to the music industry “over the past several years,” so that’s worth considering when attempting to shop around for a streaming service to partner with.

YouTube has long been a source of new music discovery for younger music fans. In 2012, Nielsen Music 360 reported that 64 percent of teens surveyed cited YouTube as their main source to discover new music. We’ve seen YouTube’s role in launching the careers of pop artists like Justin Bieber and One Direction, both of whom had thousands of YouTube fans and millions of views before being played on Top 40 radio. All of this is worth considering when making the decision to make your music available on Music Key. Good luck!

Source: Hypebot

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See below the most recent richest artistes in the world and their net worth….

Rank/Name/Age/Net Worth 

1 Madonna Ciccone 56 – $800 million

2 Paul McCartney 72 – $660 million

3 Andre Romelle Young (Dr. Dre) 49 – $650 million

4 Sean John Combs (Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy) 45 – $640 million

5 Celine Dion 46 – $630 million

6 Paul David Hewson (Bono) 54 – $590 million

7 Mariah Carey 44  – $520million

8 Shawn Corey Carter (Jay-Z, Hova, Jigga) 45 – $510 million

9 Sir Elton Hercules John 67 – $450 million

10 Beyoncé Knowles-Carter 33 – $440 million


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The Oranmiyan Hall of Lagos Airport Hotel bustled to no end on Tuesday 16th December, 2014 as several musicians of different generations stormed the COSON (Copyright Society of Nigeria)‘s Extraordinary General Meeting.

The musicians, young and old, gathered to approve the distribution of the sum of N90,000,000 to music industry right holders across Nigeria. Following the approval, the distribution commenced immediately. Delivering his address at the event, COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji announced that the sum of N90,000,000 (Ninety Million Naira) is an 80% increase on the sum of N50,000,000 (Fifty Million Naira) which the society distributed in 2013.

Speaking on the society’s plans to significantly increase its distributable income, Okoroji called on the Federal Government to hasten the implementation of the Copyright Levy Scheme saying it is crucial to the survival of the music industry in Nigeria.
Present at the meeting was the Director General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC) represented by the Lagos Zonal Manager of the commission, Chris Nkwocha and chairman of the newly-registered Audio Visual Rights Society (AVRS), Mahmood Ali-Balogun. ‎Entertainers at the event include the iconic Dan Maraya Jos, Chris Ajilo, Laolu Akins, Majek Fashek, OJB Jezreel, Azeezat, Black O’ Rice, Kenny St Brown and others.

This is the 4th consecutive time since its approval in 2010 that COSON has lived up to its mandate in ensuring that right owners are adequately compensated with what is due.

Source: The Net

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Paris based Deezer which recently launched in the US has added a new feature to its music streaming service; offering users the ability to read lyrics while listening to streaming music. With a global significant monthly active users of 16 million and 6 million paid subscribers in over 180 countries. Deezer’s move is in direct competition with other platforms who seem to avoid creating such feature because of the additional costs
Partnering with LyricFind, the service comes in two different modes viz: Sing-a-Song which allows listeners sing along to synchronized lyrics with words automatically highlighted in time with the song and Score Mode which provides the song-sheet on a single screen.
Speaking on the partnership, LyricFind CEO Darryl Balantine says “Our team of transcribers have been capturing and time-stamping lyrics literally for years, We are excited to be launching this with a brand that is as international as we are. This is a huge day for music fans.


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The 2015 Grammy Hall of Fame inductees has been released. This year’s 27 inductees brings the grand total of Hall of Fame titles to 987. A special member committee who nominate inductees from a group of recordings from at least 25 years ago with particular qualitative or historical significance. The Hall of Fame titles are on display at the Grammy Museum in downtown Los Angeles.

Recording Academy prexy and CEO Neil Portnow addressed this year’s inductees, saying, “This year’s Grammy Hall Of Fame entries not only represent a diverse collection of influential and historically significant recordings but also reflect the changing climate of music through the decades. These memorable, inspiring and iconic recordings are proudly added to our growing catalog — knowing that they have become a part of our musical, social, and cultural history.

The full 2015 Grammy Hall of Fame Inductees are as follows: 

Vertigo (1974)

The 4 Seasons
(Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio)
Vee-Jay (1962)

Bob Dylan
Columbia (1975)

Sonny Rollins
RCA Victor (1962)

Harry Belafonte
RCA Victor (1956)

(Benny Anderson, Stig Anderson, Björn Ulvaeus)
Atlantic (1976)

Neil Young
Reprise (1972)

Hank Williams And His Drifting Cowboys
(Hank Williams)
Sterling (1947)

Bobby Fuller Four
(Sonny Curtis)
Mustang (1965)

“Fats” Waller, His Rhythm And His Orchestra
(“Fats” Waller)
Bluebird/RCA (1942)

John Prine
Atlantic (1971)

(Nile Rodgers, Bernard Edwards)
Atlantic (1978)

Sex Pistols
Warner Bros. (1977)

Bonnie Raitt
Capitol (1989)

Fontella Bass
(Raynard Miner, Carl Smith)
Checker (1965)

Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys
(Bob Wills)
Vocalion (1939)

Alice Cooper
(Alice Cooper, Michael Bruce, Glen Buxton, Dennis Dunaway, Neil Smith)
Warner Bros. (1972)

Ornette Coleman
Atlantic (1959)

The Dominoes
(Billy Ward, Rose Marks)
Federal (1951)

Leonard Cohen
Columbia (1967)

Sly And The Family Stone
Epic (1969)

Willie Nelson
Columbia (1978)

Fisk Jubilee Singers
(Wallis Willis)
Victor (1909)

Paul Robeson
(Wallis Willis)
Victor (1926)

Aaron Neville
(George Davis, Lee Diamond)
Par Lo (1966)

Otis Redding
(Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly, Harry M. Woods)
Volt (1966)

Lou Reed
(Lou Reed)
RCA Victor (1972)



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One important aspect of an artiste career involves intense and properly planned out publicity, most emerging artistes and even some established artistes have been unfortunate prey to many unprofessional publicity services and always end up with complains. In choosing a publicist for yourself  as an artiste, be certain to get one with vast knowledge and a professional. Here’s a little help on which five publicists to avoid completely.

1. The coveragepromising publicist

It’s all a sales pitch. Listen, unless we’ve got some top secret, probably illegal, back-end payroll thing happening with so-and-so writer and such-and-such publication, we simply can’t guarantee you coverage. I’m pretty sure that was the first rule of PR learned both in school and on the job. “But that publicist just got their client in Rolling Stone! They said I’m next!” Not quite.

No matter how amazing we are at our jobs, nor what coverage we got last week, nor how charming or cute we are, none of us can actually force anyone to write about you. Our job is to present you to the media in the best light possible, and then it’s truly a matter of crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. When shopping for a publicist, ask what outlets he or she might pitch you too, and what his or her plan of attack might look like.

2. The jerk publicist

Somewhere along the line we got this brilliant idea that artiste representation is supposed to be tough and mean, as if jerks get the job done better. Let me tell you, kindness and being a cool hang goes a long way. Choose a publicist who’s a nice person, someone you could comfortably see yourself having a cup of coffee or a beer with on a regular basis. Follow your instincts. If you’re not comfortable around him or her, chances are the press isn’t either. Your publicist is someone you’ll hopefully be working intimately with for an extended period of time; even if coverage is never guaranteed, shouldn’t this, at the very least, be a pleasant and enjoyable experience for you? If you’re planning on forking over money for a campaign, it’s okay to first ask for a few hang sessions or phone calls.

3. The out oftouch publicist

You know – the one who doesn’t have a Twitter account, or whose Facebook page has 100 “likes,” or has some horrible looking website, or has never heard of Hype Machine, or still uses a BlackBerry. Or maybe this person is so off the deep end that he or she uses the term “The FaceTube.” Whatever level he or she is at, this person is either too old, too complacent, or (pardon my bluntness) too stupid for you to work with. We’re talking about your publicist here – the person who will help present you to the public and the press. If he or she is out of touch with how to communicate with people today, it will absolutely reflect upon you.

4. The major label publicist

These folks are badass! They do an amazing job for major label artistes. But most are totally clueless when it comes to indie artistes because it’s a completely different ballgame. Sure, sometimes it translates to a few cool pieces that an indie publicist might not as easily snag, but ultimately, it’s all a very expensive wash. Great indie PR is about growing your career over time, not just one hot second. You can pay through the roof just to say you’re on the same roster as some gigantic artist, but chances are that even with the best publicists, you’ll get minimal press coverage and minimal attention. Or, you can choose to work with an indie publicist who understands the indie scene, who can roll out with you to help you to figure out a solid plan of attack for your entire career, and who’s likely making you his or her 24/7 priority during your campaign. Ultimately, it’s about choosing to be a tuna in the indie pond, versus a guppy in the major pond.

5. The publicist who agrees to work with you before listening to your music

Maybe you’ve done your research and you’re absolutely certain this is one you want to work with (meaning they’re definitely not any of the above types). But wait – how does the publicist feel about you? Has he or she spent time listening to your album? Does he or she have an understanding of your entire catalog? Great publicists know you and your project inside and out. They’re your advocates – and, in some cases, your therapist, girlfriend, or best friend, too.

The press is a group of brilliant people, and they know when publicists are full of B.S. So it’s imperative that your publicist can genuinely get behind you and your music, and both of you will only know that once he or she has actually spent time listening. If a publicist says yes to you before that, take your music elsewhere, or expect to be one of many artists on his or her roster who’s tossed into a system of impersonal pitching with less than desirable results. At the end of the day, this is, of course, a business for publicists, but it’s also your art, your baby; take the time to put it in good hands.



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Just few days after the release of his last single, “Anything”, Made Men Music Group star, Tekno, premieres the official video to the track. Directed by TeeKay, the video is characterized by high resolution pictures of the artiste first at a game of pool then to a rooftop where you’ll see him flirting with a couple of fit and sexy girls. Short of nothing you’d expect from a Made Men Music Group video, the flick is one you’d watch again and again.







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Oats Entertainment presents a three tracker EP titled #TheUnveiling from its signee, OGEH. Ogeh born Ogechi Adiele is a talented singer and songwriter known for her creativity and versatility which has earned her much respect from fellow colleagues in the entertainment industry.

The three tracks namely: NOBODY, RIGMAROL and AWAY,  produced by DaPiano, Shockin’ Vyb and MUNO respectively is a representation of Ogeh’s style of music which cut across Afro pop, R&B, Soul and Hip Hop. It is worthy of mention to say, Ogeh is an embodiment of talent having pass through several musical platform including Glo Naija Sings and MTN Project Fame.


Ogeh - EP





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Talented singer, SolidStar is out with the visual to his Timaya assisted track titled “My Body”, the audio which has been gaining massive radio plays is a dancehall-reggae infused song. Directed by prolific director, Aje Filmworks, the video starred Solidstar in a distressed situation with a lady and Timaya who seemingly offered to rescue him ended up being in the same situation with him. With cameo appearance from his south-south brothers which includes Yung6ix, Mr. 2Kay and Doray, the video is exciting and interesting to watch.







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Fast rising indigenous rapper Freaky Jazz is out with a new tune titled “My Niggaz” just after the release of his smashing album “Love, Hustle and Pain”. The track which can be likened to Drake’s Worst Behaviour is a dedication to all his pals showing him support. This track also shows Freaky Jazz’s versatility and creativity.  Listen to this great piece and love it.

SoundCloud Link:

HulkShare Link:

Direct Download:





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Have you ever found yourself mindlessly flipping through a Buzzfield article chock-full of photos and GIF files wondering how on earth such perfect specimens of hilarity are generated from your favorite videos? Thanks to YouTube‘s new GIF creator, you can finally be the genius in the drivers seat. Using the new feature, you can grab clips of a video you’re watching and turn it into a silent mini clip that plays on a loop. AKA – a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). 

Using the GIF tool is easy. Simply sign into YouTube, find the video, hit the share button and select the GIF option. From there, sliders are available to help you select the preferred part of the video for your GIF masterpiece – text can be added above and below at this stage as well. Final results can be emailed, embedded, or shared on various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc.