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How to go about your musical video the right way.

It is amazing to see many musical video channels springing up in Nigeria with emerging artistes taking them as options against the conventional channels such as SoundCity, Hip TV, Nigezie and the likes. After recording/distributing an audio, the next step is usually a follow up video with the sole aim of causing more awareness about the track and the artiste. Emerging artistes are usually excited about this as they get the chance to tell their growing fans to watch them on TV; most of them, due to the excitement get carried away and end up with failed video projects. In setting up a musical video as an emerging artiste, be sure to follow these highlighted steps below:

  1. Run a background research on who you intend hiring.

Before setting out to hire a video director for your video project, be sure to do a background check on him/her. The essence of running a background check is for you to understand how he/she operates – MO, delivery time, history of set fights and all that. Having a good knowledge of him/her puts you in a good position to decide whether to proceed with the project or seek the services of another director.

  1. Proceed with a signed contract.

After contacting a video director you feel best to interpret your audio, you are always given a price range with different options. The options varies from studio-based shoot, outside set, some requires luxury settings where you probably need exotic cars or a magnificent building. Usually, you are being offered the choice of paying for all logistics or you provide some of them to reduce the fees of the director. Make it a point of duty to have a documented terms of agreement for any of your agreed terms. Having a signed contract before commencing on the video project ensure both parties understands each other’s obligations towards the project.

  1. Set realistic goals. 

Having realistic goals is a sure way to go with your video project. How possible do you and the director intend to achieve that awesome shots within a time frame? Take time to discuss the concept of the video with the director; do you think the money you provided would be sufficient enough for the concept you and the director developed? Are you sure you would be certain to incur part of the logistics? If you aren’t sure, that possibly can be a day spoiler for you because you might not get a refund from the director. Draw up a realistic plan ahead of the project and be sure to consider the possibility of each item on the plan.

  1. Be prepared with other options.

Technically, you shouldn’t be bothered about getting options as regards the video. Where you should consider having options should be with storage of the final cut for the video. Have different storage devices for your final cut. You wouldn’t want a situation where you lost the video and the director is not reachable. Storing it online (Google drive or dropbox), external hard drives, original flash are some of the places you can keep your video safe.

  1. Have enough rest before the shoot date.

The saying “Health is wealth” is quite applicable here. Having enough rest gets you more relaxed and doesn’t make you look stressed out during the shoot. The shoot itself would get you stressed out and you sure don’t want to get extra stressed. To get rest before the shoot, make sure you have every other thing planned taken care of at least one week before the shoot enabling you have enough time to rest.

  1. Patience is key

After the video, obviously you should be excited to see the final editing. If the time stipulated in the contract paper is not yet exceeded, do not bug the director with unnecessary calls; occasionally you can call to ask how the project is going but don’t make it too frequent. Regularly calling might put him/her under pressure. Have a little patience and certainly you should have the video within the stipulated time frame. Should he/she fail to deliver within the agreed date (which is very unlikely to happen seeing you guys have a signed agreement and no one wants legal cases on their businesses), then you can make it a duty to buzz his phone and if that doesn’t work, seek legal services (this should be a last resort).

  1. Set aside a budget for promotion!

Yes! You have an awesome video! But how do you intend getting people to watch the video? Setting aside a good budget for promotion should be importantly considered. Do understand that these music channels are business oriented, also consider yourself as a business and you should be all about promotions. Having an awesome video is laudable enough, getting people to watch is the ultimate.



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Last night, entertainers and industry personalities convened at the Eko Hotel & Suites to witness the 2014 edition of the Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA). The award ceremony which is one of the most respected and consistent event in Nigeria paid hosts to artistes and industry top shots who were all gorgeously dressed.

Highlight of the event was the performance of Harrysong aka Mr. Songz who proved his vocal and performing skills as one of Nigeria’s best talented musicians. The stage also graced performances from 2Baba and Skales. Winners of the night includes: Harrysong, MC Galaxy, Sammie Okposo, Tha Suspekt, Mya K, Joel and Oristefemi amongst others. Freeme Digital presents you exclusive pictures from the event.

nmva2014_event_1   nmva2014_event_3


nmva2014_event_4   nmva2014_event_7


nmva2014_event_12   nmva2014_event_13


nmva2014_event_15   nmva2014_event_16


nmva2014_event_18   nmva2014_event_22


nmva2014_event_27   nmva2014_event_29


nmva2014_event_41   nmva2014_event_49


nmva2014_event_25   nmva2014_event_42


nmva2014_event_24   nmva2014_event_36


nmva2014_event_10   nmva2014_event_20


nmva2014_event_11   nmva2014_event_19

















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With the appreciation of African music globally, Freeme Digital is out with a collection of great Afro-Beat sounds in its new playlist called #EssentialAfrobeats. The playlist features 36 of Africa’s greatest tunes and it’s sure to get you vibing this festive period





Be among the first to pre-order this massive 36 tracker specially selected Afro Beats classics and enjoy the festive season in style. Now you can place your order HERE on iTunes.


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Group singing sensation, Unik Brodaz, premiere the video to their hit single “Pick My Call”. A typical Afrobeat jam, the video features the 3 brothers who are signed to Kinu Records in their usual style of rocking matching outfits with one of them acting a brief storyline where he has problems with his girlfriend. Directed by XYZ, the video also displays a couple of energetic dance scenes that are bound to get you moving. Check it out





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Here’s the video to Eazy South Music artiste, Zafi’s single, “Give It To Me”. The video, recorded over the slow-themed Afropop tune, features a host of scenes with a couple of pretty girls, flashy cars, and some mafia-styled game of poker.  Directed by Godfather Productions, the highly colourful video would keep you replaying. Check it out






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In preparations for the Yuletide, Nigerian queen of Soul music, releases the video to her recently released single, “Coco Baby”. With a feature from award winning Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz, the Godfather Productions directed video is a highly colorful flick set on a beach with a couple of young, good looking men, and women dancing and swaying to the Afrobeat tune. With a laid back feel and touch to it, you’ll see that once is really not enough to watch this video! Song was produced by E-Kelly Beats.





Coco baby resized


Waje – Coco Baby on Soundcloud



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A revolution is soon to erupt within the music industry globally and Nigeria should be ready to partake in it.YouTube’s importance as a distribution channel and discovery platform of musical contents is undeniable. Most of the top viewed videos on YouTube are mostly that of artistes and record label channels. Recently, YouTube made its strong connection to the music industry and the listening habits of their users official; they launched a separate music streaming channel along with a beta version of their own music subscription service.

YouTube Music home page, similar to the home page, shows users the music videos recommended for them, along with the most popular music videos and playlists by genres. YouTube Official blog also promised full-length albums in high quality to be uploaded through YouTube Music for users’ listening pleasure. The page can be accessed through a web browser, as well as on YouTube’s mobile app for both Android and iPhone.

However, users wishing to enjoy free tunes on YouTube will run into a familiar inconvenience—advertisements, an expected trade-off for the video network to afford streaming rights for high-quality audio.

For those wishing to have an uninterrupted music-listening experience, YouTube has launched a beta version of a paid music subscription service called YouTube Music Key. A starting monthly fee of $7.99 (expected to rise to $9.99) guarantees users an ad-free listening experience, along with offline access and a subscription to Google Play Store. Sadly, YouTube Music Key beta is only available to the network’s “biggest music fans” by invite only, as stated on the official blog, with the wider service later.

What Your Business Can Learn from YouTube’s Evolution as A Social Channel

Here are three lessons brands can take from the rise of YouTube as a music platform:

1. Young audiences can define a market

A survey conducted in 2012 shows YouTube as the most popular source of music for teenagers, with older media like radio and CDs trailing behind. For social media and online marketing, user engagement is everything. A critical mass of users signing up or leaving your service for your competitor can make or break your brand. And the one user group social media analysts watch the most are teenagers: their love of Instagram made the networks’ user base double in less than a year, and their preference for social media as a source of news put newsrooms around the world in a panic for their future. Behaviors and habits of the young and broke often shape a market, so don’t ignore the needs of a younger customer. Teens can make a single target employee into a social media sensation overnight, so you should not ignore their needs and interests in your online marketing efforts.

2. Put your customer’s needs first and profits will follow

Despite the copyright battles and numerous opportunities to monetize on their active users, YouTube remained free to use. And now, some say that if a fraction of YouTube Music users converts to the paid streaming service, YouTube Music Key, the service will quickly outperform veterans such as Spotify and Rdio in the field. Nothing good is free for long, but you have to prove your worth to your clients before introducing a charge for your products or services. YouTube’s music offering is well-positioned to demonstrate how a free platform model can generate real profits.

3. Never underestimate Google

The 2006 acquisition of a one-year-old YouTube was one of Google’s biggest buys at the time. Now the video-sharing services reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network, according to YouTube’s official blog. If you’re in the streaming music business, you learned firsthand not to underestimate the search giant’s power. For good measure, maybe also brush up on your SEO knowledge and update your Google + profiles. And while you’re at it, why not learn a thing or two from Google’s new marketing training app, Google Primer.


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Hennessey Artistry presents some behind the scene photos gearing to release of the visuals to one of the great collaboration of 2014, Dance Go (Eau de Vie) done by two of Africa’s great acts – 2Baba and Wizkid. Shot on set in South Africa by talented and prolific director Kemi Adetiba, the video is sure to be amazing judging by the concept seen from the photos. See some photos below:

















DanceGo-BTS3   31


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Best Tips to Get Your Artwork Right

An album represents the creative aspect of your music career. After investing valuable time and money in recording, producing, mixing and mastering, it is quite important to package the end product – usually an EP, Compilation or an Album- in the best of attractive ways for delivery to the outside world. The album art is a representation of tracks in the album to most listeners and the artwork would serve as a reference each time any track is played.Communicating the right artwork is a necessity.

In this digital era, artwork designing is being refined unlike the past when CDs are just placed in any design. Highlighted below are tips you should consider when designing your artwork for either a single, EP, Compilation or an Album.

1. Don’t print lyrics unless you have sufficient space

If the space is not sufficient enough do not include lyrics to the tracks rather take advantage of the internet by posting them up on your website and copying the URL on the album packaging. Standard album artwork must have album credits, copyright info, booking details included and should be made visible. Trying to crowd the artwork with all these details and the lyrics would end up making the fonts small and likely invisible which is a big NO.

2. Don’t include social media URLs

Including social media URLs on your artwork comes with its own flaws. Remember when MySpace was the order of the day? But now we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the order of the day and who knows really, they too might just become oldskool; instead include your personal website which would forever represent you in present day instances.

3. See your artwork as a thumbnail

The majority of people who encounter your album will do so online. They’ll see a smaller version of the artwork on digital music platforms like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, or on review sites and blogs. Often it will appear as small as a thumbnail. Before you commit to an album cover design, shrink it way down. Does it still capture your attention? If so, you’ve got a winner. If not, try a different approach for your album cover.

4. Get your fans to interact with you online

Putting your website address in your CD booklet is fine (and you totally should do that, of course), but if you can offer a little something extra, you’ll increase the chances that someone who bought your album will go online and check out your site. Make sure the text in your album art mentions that visitors to your website will get access to an exclusive download, essay, PDF, etc.

5. Album covers with faces get more attention

Having your face on your artwork tend to attract more attention to it than when you have an abstract image. If you would be using your face on the art cover, make your eyes visible (take off shades or glasses), there is a psychological effect of having people see your eyes on your artwork, it attracts them by making them connect intuitively to the design. In case you aren’t using your face, make your design striking and original; the design should convey something about your musical style or your personal beliefs.

6. Print your artist and album name clearly on the spine

Imagine your CD is sitting on the shelves of a radio station library. Can you find the disc among all those other albums? Many radio DJs are still heavily reliant on CDs and they need to be able to pull your disc off the shelves quickly. It’s for this very reason that many stations don’t even accept albums sent to them in thin sleeve packaging. So if you’re serious about a radio promotion campaigns, you should consider packaging your CDs in digipacks or jewel cases, and then be sure that the writing on the spine is big, bold, and legible enough.



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Music is a business and as such there should be accountability on how finances are spent or made. Money issues have been the major cause of many break up fights between artistes and their managers, largely because there wasn’t a proper sharing template. Signed artistes have hired accountants or the label taking care of their finances but as a new artiste where by the manager is probably a friend or a family member it is important to have a proper stance on finances even though your major priority should be recording, writing songs or getting along with people on social media.

Below is a list on how well to get the better part of your finances and get the most out of music without necessarily throwing away funds.

1. You are a business – Act like one.

Musicians who are truly successful think of themselves as a business. When most musicians get paid in cash, it’s really easy to just pocket the money or end up blowing it up at a Club. This is obviously cool for the artiste who is doing music for the fun of it but if you are considering a career in music then you do need to have a second thought on that.

Having a secure account where all payments or honourariums (no matter how small) go to is a good way to ensure the money stays safe and accounted for. This allow you to resist spending up all your income before dealing with your expenses. A good way to achieve this is to always try to get payments upfront.

2. Save!

Saving is an important way to get your finances checked. After getting any payments, make it a habit of setting aside a certain percentage of the received amount for saving. The importance of saving is to ensure you don’t have to deep into your personal accounts when you have to pay for either a recording, photo shoot or any expenses related to your musical career.

3. Keep track of your earnings

Keeping a good record of your earnings gives you a good idea of how much you are making, what period it’s been made and which region is in high demand for your materials. This enable you to know what period you should be expecting cash and how well you should keep your spending minimal during periods you don’t get bookings.

4. Bootstrapping is a good idea

As an indie artiste, bootstrapping is a good way to grow your career without having limitations due to lack of funds. Waiting for someone to come along and lay a big advance on you might be a huge impossibility because not everybody would be willing to take a risk by investing in you. Start with resources available at your disposal and gradually build with that.

5. Create a Budget

Before embarking on new projects, take time to budget all your expenses beforehand. Make a list for each project and split them up into categories; album artwork fees, photography fees, studio session fees, engineers fee, etc.

Laying up all these costs out would give you a better idea of just how much money you’ll need and allows you prioritize your projects and even assists you also on how to cut down costs. The important thing is to plan ahead and develop a strategy for success.

6. You can’t be wrong with investments

Another good way to stay right with your finances is to invest; investments option varies from investing in musical and recording equipment to real estate. Employing the services of the right people to handle matters like this is also necessary.





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Boj needs no introduction!

The young man over the last few years has built a strong follower ship for himself in various ways from singing hooks for some of the biggest songs, being a member of the DRB Lasgidi movement and releasing his mix tape, #BOTM.

In 2013, Boj made a little history by being the first artist to be nominated twice in the same category at the Headies in the “Best Alternative Song” category.

Boj has spent most of 2014 performing at numerous events mostly in schools all over the country. He has also done a lot of recording and has worked with various artistes & producers like Maleek Berry, Olamide, Dammy Krane, Reminisce, Seyi Shay, Wande Coal & E Kelly to name a few.

He has also been nominated at the Headies again this year in the “Best Alternative Song” for #BOTM.

You can vote for him online, your support would be greatly appreciated.

After this journey, he is ready to release his first official single titled, “Paper”.

Paper was produced by Adey in January 2014.
The song speaks about his journey & struggle so far in the Nigerian music industry so far.
The visuals were shot by Wale Davies and edited by “Shot by Shakes” in Lagos, Nigeria.

Watch the Paper video

Download “Paper”


online (2)



Watch out for a lot of new material from Boj!

Twitter – @bojdrb
Instagram – @bojonthemicrophone

For all Enquiries:
[email protected]

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