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“I’ve tried other routes for distributing my music online – I’ve partnered with alternate digital distributors and more traditional physical distributors – but I keep returning to Freeme Digital. They not only deliver on everything they promise, but they go above and beyond to help get my music additional exposure. I’m thankful to Freeme Digital for making it so easy to get my music to my fans”.
Olamide, Rapper


“We are very grateful to Freeme Digital because they opened the doors to a hundred possibilities around the world in local and international markets. Freeme Digital is the most complete tool for marketing your music around the world in a professional, practical and friendly fashion.”
P-Square, Musicians


“My experience with Freeme Digital has been nothing short of exceptional. They understand the Nigerian music industry and they are such a great partner to have in your corner. Carry on Freeme Digital!”
Phyno, Rapper








1. Sign up and create an account

This is easy! Registering takes less than a minute, and you can even do it on your mobile device.


2. Select and create a distribution release

Let us know what you want to release then either send to us via Dropbox or physical format or use our simple release manager to build your perfect distribution package. Need any help? Just ask.

  • Upload 30 tracks at once
  • WAVs or MP3s

3. We collect, and distribute your content across multiple channels

We’ll get your music into iTunes, Apple Music, MTN Music +, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Beats, Deezer, Rdio, YouTube Music Key, Shazam and up to 50+ other stores & streaming services.


4. Receive payment and release reports

Its important to see the rewards of your hardwork so we ensure you get payment on time as well as detailed monthly music sales Logs from our store partners to help you make informed business decisions


We strive to create the most innovative tools, offer the best services, forge the most promising partnerships, all in an effort to make music distribution really easy for artists and labels while maintaining 100% control over the process.

You can choose your pricing, give music away for free, select which stores and territories for your music distribution, and sell your music online directly to your fans on Facebook, your own website, and on Freeme Digital. lt’s up to you.


We’re an iTunes Preferred Partner

As one of iTunes’ select preferred partners in the world, Freeme Digital ensures quick deliveries and more feature opportunities.

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Marketing Support - Sell more music

Every week we promote artists and pitch stores to prominently place new releases. We consider a variety of factors when promoting an album, including editorial preferences, sales performance, recent media coverage, and fan engagement data.

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Keep 100% of your music ownership rights

When you use Freeme Digital, you keep 100% of your master recording ownership, copyrights, and merchandise rights.


Detailed Analytics and Monthly Reporting

Understand your sales and identify trends to optimize your release strategy. Royalty reports are updated monthly and you can withdraw funds anytime.


Pre-orders and Instant Gratification

Promote your pre-orders on iTunes and select up to 3 tracks for instant download.


Video Monetization and Channel Management

Make the most out of your YouTube & VEVO strategy.